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Thursday January 25, 2018
12:00 PM EST

  • stefhayley80 Jan 25 @ 2:07 PM EST
    Check out how I used the “Give One, Get One, Move On” strategy as a yoga reflection in P.E.! https://t.co/tF7ubSBRb3 Ss practiced speaking & listening skills in a fun interactive way! @bmaurao @craff #bellinghamps #superSB #tlap #evolutionofpe #kidswellness
  • stefhayley80 Jan 25 @ 4:02 PM EST
    Check out how I used the “Give One, Get One, Move On” strategy as a yoga reflection in P.E.! https://t.co/TQLF3zOdCZ Ss practiced speaking & listening skills in a fun interactive way! @bmaurao @craff5 #bellinghamps #superSB #tlap #evolutionofpe #kidswellness
  • DEConroy Jan 25 @ 4:34 PM EST
    I have enjoyed the interaction between staff from different schools and love seeing pics that I normally would not. I do find that I have a hard time following on my phone. @bmaurao, do you prefer your computer or phone? Any tricks/tips to share besides sorting by # #bellinghamps
  • nsphouston5 Jan 25 @ 6:02 PM EST
    Participating in the Twitter Challenge was fun. I have a closed classroom Twitter account where I post pictures of my class/notes. Now I have a 'professional one' where I can interact with collegues. I love getting fresh ideas. I LOVE a challenge! Thanks Brenda!#bellinghamps
  • lesliepaters Jan 25 @ 6:31 PM EST
    #bellinghamps I just spotted this unique “ball/chair stand” and wanted to share - check out the pool noodle!
  • jeangio77 Jan 25 @ 7:53 PM EST
    I have enjoyed the challenge. I see now that twitter is an easy way to stay connected and share resources. Each night I looked forward to seeing so many colleagues' pictures, comments and recommendations! #bellinghamps
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 25 @ 8:16 PM EST
    Reflecting on this quote as we head into Friday- so many ripples happening with so many amazing educators this week! #bellinghamps #msaachat
  • stefhayley80 Jan 25 @ 9:12 PM EST
    The twitter chal has been a blast!💥 I’ve really enjoyed getting a glimpse into all the incredible impacts going on in all the schools. Proud to be a part of such an amazing district! Hope the sharing continues!🤗 #bellinghamps
  • LCrawford33 Jan 25 @ 9:33 PM EST
    The twitter challenge has allowed me to hear about some awesome things going in in our district, even from colleagues right across the hall who I never have time to touch base with! It was great! Thank you @bmaurao for all of your work and encouragement with this! #bellinghamps
  • RDUVARNEY2018 Jan 25 @ 10:42 PM EST
    The Twitter challenge motivated me to try something new. I enjoyed reading my colleagues tweets. #bellinghamps
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 26 @ 6:00 AM EST
    Day 18 of 18 for the BPS Twitter Challenge! What’s next for you? Refer to this Educator Chat Calendar https://t.co/csVRZSRykl and tweet a chat that you will participate in over the next month. #bellinghamps
  • jeangio77 Jan 26 @ 7:04 AM EST
    There are so many! I will be interested in any recommendations. Here's a few that caught my eye: #pbischat on Tues.and #2ndchat on Wed. #bellinghamps
  • elisa_oreilly Jan 26 @ 8:02 AM EST
    Day 18: What's next? My goal is to try and join in on a tweet chat this month. One that looks like something I'd like to chat about is on Sunday, February 4th that will discuss promoting reading and literacy in the classroom. Looking forward to it! #bellinghamps #titletalk
  • pperryD156 Jan 26 @ 9:03 AM EST
    That's quite the impressive list of upcoming chats! I'll be joining one of the Teach like a Pirate chats and Learn like a Pirate has me curious as well! Still looking for either a grade 8 or Science chat I can join! #bellinghamps
  • pperryD156 Jan 26 @ 9:05 AM EST
    I feel the same as far as using my phone and am looking forward to hearing the tips and feedback about this one #bellinghamps
    In reply to @DEConroy, @bmaurao
  • pperryD156 Jan 26 @ 9:14 AM EST
    I enjoyed the Twitter challenge! Thanks to Brenda I stepped outside my comfort zone and got to try something new (that I would not have tried otherwise) and it has opened up another resource for all kinds of information! #bellinghamps
  • pperryD156 Jan 26 @ 9:18 AM EST
    Thanks, Brenda! Found my science chat!! #bellinghamps
  • DEConroy Jan 26 @ 9:28 AM EST
    That is quite the list to choose from! I will be participating in #edtech on Monday evening and #csk8 on Wednesday evening. Thank you Brenda for organizing this challenge and teaching us all about Twitter. It has been fun, informative and definitely a challenge! #bellinghamps
  • stefhayley80 Jan 26 @ 11:52 AM EST
    #PEchat takes place every other Monday. It’s an amazing opportunity that brings new ideas, opinions, & collaboration to physed. This Monday’s topic is stud motivation. ⚽️🎾🏀 #bellinghamps
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 26 @ 12:00 PM EST
    And the winner of the first ever BPS 18 Day Twitter Challenge is...@lisa_cavossa from South! Congratulations! Here is the proof: https://t.co/jASGTMcaxV #bellinghamps