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Tuesday November 27, 2018
8:00 PM EST

  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Welcome to the #wearewayne chat! @Mrs__Nicholls and I are hosting! Tonight's topic is numbers/math facts and best practices to get our kids to fluency. Take a second to introduce yourself with a meme/gif of your thoughts on math.
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Glad you are here! Don't forget to use #wearewayne tonight! Jane Nicholls MWE 4th Grade https://t.co/yoaOCz8lMP
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Jessica Greene, 3rd grade at MWE...my gif represents those “ah ha” moments I love to see during our math time! #wearewayne
  • HollyRGentry Nov 27 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Holly Gentry joining in! Elementary Instructional Coach.#WeAreWayne
  • MWEwayne Nov 27 @ 8:03 PM EST
    @jfryeOU #WeAreWayne Let’s make math fun!! From Moira @MWEwayne principal.
  • salzmanclass Nov 27 @ 8:06 PM EST
    Love seeing my students’ minds change every day and their love of Math grow! #wearewayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:06 PM EST
    Big crew tonight! =) Q1 is on the way- remember to use A1, A2, etc and add #wearewayne to all you tweets!
  • McClelland_ES Nov 27 @ 8:07 PM EST
    So proud of the opportunities our teachers provide all scholars! Our Bears work hard to grow and learn every day! #WeAreWayne #Thrive
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Q1 - How are you using number talks/opportunities for computational fluency in your classroom? #wearewayne
  • MWEwayne Nov 27 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Love this!! Kids seeing the light bulb go on.#WeAreWayne
    In reply to @jfryeOU
  • HollyRGentry Nov 27 @ 8:07 PM EST
    #wearewayne. Do I like math? YES!!
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:09 PM EST
    Love seeing all the gifs about math. My daughters are proud that I know how to use them now, lol #wearewayne
  • HollyRGentry Nov 27 @ 8:09 PM EST
    A1: As a coach, I'm supporting teachers as they implement these to increase accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. #WeAreWayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:09 PM EST
    Good evening! Nicole Caulfield, Instructional Coach. @julbright has some strong thoughts about this image! #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1- I use them to extend students learning about a topic we are learning. I use it to push them to the next level by using something they already know and extending it to the next level. #WeAreWayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1 - My students enjoy doing number talks to discuss different ways to mentally solve equations. We also enjoy the computation games that @ryanflessner has shared during PDs. Any way to get kids talking about math is a plus! #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1: I see a lot of teachers using number talks skillfully to surface authentic strategies and help students make connections as they grow to more efficient strategies. #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:11 PM EST
    Such important work you do to support teachers and learners in how to use math talks. #wearewayne
    In reply to @HollyRGentry
  • MWEwayne Nov 27 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A1-I love observing how number talks increase student collaboration. #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:12 PM EST
    Growing efficiency is important, especially as the math gets more complex! #wearewayne
    In reply to @Ncaulfield1
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:12 PM EST
    I have seen huge improvements in my students' fluency and confidence in math through daily number talks! #wearewayne
    In reply to @Ncaulfield1
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A1: I appreciate how number talks let us really focus on the decontextualized math in a collaborative, engaging way. Alternatives like skill practice via worksheets don't engage kids in the same way. #wearewayne
  • angrat2 Nov 27 @ 8:14 PM EST
    I use number talks to get students talking about number patterns and ways to make numbers. #wearewayne
    In reply to @jfryeOU
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:14 PM EST
    Q2 - Number Talks are a quick practice to add to your daily routine.... What are some of the benefits you have seen or have heard about from people doing number talks or daily fact practice? #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:16 PM EST
    Love that you are showing students that numbers are patterns at that age level! So important! #wearewayne
    In reply to @angrat2, @jfryeOU
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:16 PM EST
    Developing routines and procedures is a huge first step...especially if kids haven’t done them before! #wearewayne
    In reply to @salzmanclass
  • MWEwayne Nov 27 @ 8:17 PM EST
    Q2- Teachers share that their students have multiple ways to solve problems. Increases stamina and grit with more difficult problems. #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:17 PM EST
    A2- There is more than one way to skin a cat. It give alternative ways to solve problems. Then students can use which way if understandable to them. They can use the one that is at their fluency level. #WeAreWayne
  • angrat2 Nov 27 @ 8:17 PM EST
    #wearewayne Q2I love seeing the progression of the students growth over time. My kids are beginning to see parts of numbers. They are doing part part whole and don't even know it.
  • jonjohnsonart Nov 27 @ 8:17 PM EST
    It's so much more than construction paper corn for them. #kindergarten art is the magic of kids discovering what their hands can create #Thanksgiving #artteacher #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2: While the routines benefit students, they equally benefit teachers! Formative assessment is ongoing throughout. It helps us narrow in on strong and just right teaching points! #wearewayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2 - I have seen my student gain confidence in math. Watching their classmates take risks to explain solutions and seeing there are multiple ways to solve things has been huge! They enjoy explaining and taking ownership of their own strategies as well! #wearewayne
  • angrat2 Nov 27 @ 8:21 PM EST
    A2 #wearewayne math talks help build confidence and risk taking.
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:21 PM EST
    Yes! I like to listen to my students productively "struggle" and work through to see the solutions! It has more of an impact on their understanding! #wearewayne
    In reply to @Ncaulfield1
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:21 PM EST
    A2: The opportunities to tap into the domains of language are also extensive. The listening, talking, reading (other students representations) and writing (our own representations) are good for ALL of our learners. #wearewayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:22 PM EST
    Q3 - How do you or can you emphasize a growth mindset and embrace mistakes during math/fact practice? #wearewayne
  • HollyRGentry Nov 27 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A2: Teachers are really talking about students' increased flexibility and being able to make sense of other students' representations #WeAreWayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:23 PM EST
    A3- We celebrate victories for each student. Just like other subject areas, we are all learning at different rates. #WeAreWayne
  • MWEwayne Nov 27 @ 8:24 PM EST
    I love seeing teachers celebrate effort and small successes. Students are willing to try again. #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Nov 27 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A3: My favorite question to ask during a number talk is "why do you think (student name) said that?". I've noticed it honors the student who has the misconception by saying "it makes sense that you would say that" but also addresses the misconception. #wearewayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A3 - Through number talks/games we start the year modeling how to take risks, how to embrace all answers, and show that there are multiple ways to find solutions. We also talk about how making a mistake and learning from it makes your brain grow bigger! #wearewayne
  • angrat2 Nov 27 @ 8:25 PM EST
    Q3 I accept all answers and write right and wrong answers and then we talk what is the best answer. #wearewayne
  • HollyRGentry Nov 27 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A3: I really like howFlessners have students circle & cross out incorrect thinking. This helps Ss to see where the mistakes were made and that the math doesn't end there. #WeAreWayne
  • SdNealWayne Nov 27 @ 8:25 PM EST
    Q3: Taking the "timed" aspect away from determining student's mastery. #wearewayne
  • jfryeOU Nov 27 @ 8:27 PM EST
    I've really tried to add "does your answer make sense" or "is that a reasonable answer" to our daily math block....it makes kids dig a little deeper before they jump to an answer! #wearewayne
    In reply to @angrat2
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:27 PM EST
    Great idea, Angie! It gets the conversation started on the learning! #wearewayne
    In reply to @angrat2
  • CHC_Mr_Johnson Nov 27 @ 8:28 PM EST
    @chapelhill78 8th grade with the win tonight on the road at @NVMSAthletics. It was a hard fought game by both teams. We travel to Raymond Park on Thursday at 6:30 pm. @CHCGiants #wearewayne #wearefamily
  • Mrs__Nicholls Nov 27 @ 8:29 PM EST
    Asking if the answer is reasonable is so important, especially as the numbers get large in the older grades. #wearewayne
    In reply to @jfryeOU, @angrat2
  • Giantbands Nov 27 @ 8:29 PM EST
    Let's go Lady Giants! @GiantAthletics #WeAreWayne