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#WO2WorldChat is a monthly Twitter conversation for current educators and school leaders that takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:30 PM EST. Diana DaCosta, along with 2 co-moderators from the West Orange Teacher Twitter Taskforce Team will host these monthly chats. #WO2WorldChat's mission is to promote collegiality, collaboration, and professional development beyond the confines of the traditional school day that in turn will promote the success of all students.

Wednesday December 19, 2018
8:30 PM EST

  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:30 PM EST
    I'm @BevTindall @wohslmc librarian. Together with @Counselor_MrsD and @MamaBearTeele , we welcome you to tonight's #WO2WorldChat Let's celebrate students and ignite a spark!
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi! I'm Patrick. I teach choir at RMS. One way I integrate tech is by having Ss use flipgrid to record performance assessments. Right now they are recording solos that they chose, researched, and prepared independently! #WO2WorldChat
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Good evening! My name is Len Ford, and I am a 4th grade ELA/SS teacher at Redwood. I integrate technology daily in language arts through the use of a number of platforms, including Google Classroom, Epic Books, and more! #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi Tweeps! @tyniathomassie Tech Integration Specialist for @woschools grades 7-12 here getting excited for the holidays & for the Dec #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:32 PM EST
    Hi #WO2WorldChat! Excited to be here tonight- I'm Diana DaCosta Tech Integration Specialist for @woschools Ready to #IGNITE a #SPARK tonight & celebrate Ss #WO2world
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:33 PM EST
    Remember our format for tonight's #WO2WorldChat! Use our hashtag and use A1 to respond to Question 1 etc! Let's ROCK this thing #WO2World!
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:36 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat Here ya go! Q1
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 8:36 PM EST
    Hi #wo2worldchat ! I teach #middleschoolart - I integrated technology recently in the classroom with three assignments using @PixlrEdits - here is an Andy Warhol inspired #popart edit from a @RMS_Pride #7thgrader
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:37 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat A1 All my career I have tried to positively reinforce students. There is always something positive to find in any student. Sometimes you have to take the extra time to discover it!
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1 #WO2WorldChat I celebrate my Ts by showing their work to others, by praising their efforts when they push past their hesitation & by sharing out their Ss work; Excitement is CONTAGIOUS! Fan the spark! #sparkteam
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1 I celebrate student success by showing them off and making them feel like celebrities. I share performance clips on social media and have them perform around the school and in their community. This Friday, @ChorusRMS is going to @edison_central6 to perform! #WO2WorldChat
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: I celebrate my students on a daily basis through verbal praise. Additionally, when a student has performed exceptionally well, sometimes I like to email/message/call a parent to celebrate that success. Notes/calls don't always have to be a bad thing! #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 8:37 PM EST
    Hey all Rebecca Giacopelli - Gifted Ed K-5 #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 8:38 PM EST
    A1: one way to celebrate Ss is to share their work - I love using @twitter to share Ss success and share their voice - also a happy email home can go a long way #WO2WorldChat
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:38 PM EST
    Hi!! Diana Ferrera, 5th grade ELA, @MtPleasantWO #WO2WorldChat 🌎❤️📚
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:40 PM EST
    A1: Not in the classroom anymore- but love how my daughter’s first grade teacher uses social media to celebrate students and their work 🎉 #WO2World #wo2worldchat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 8:41 PM EST
    #wo2worldchat A1: I celebrate my students with a special Art Student of the Month -tickets are given to students caught doing good, cleaning up, helping others, consistent work ethic.. it's like a raffle of all the good deeds & the prize is ART SUPPLIES!! Courtesy of my wallet.
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:42 PM EST
    I celebrate my Ss by listening to them and encouraging them!! I hope that I show my Ss everyday how proud I am of them and how important they are to me! #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:42 PM EST
    These calls are the best... just watched a @casas_jimmy talk where he shared how he calls home to teachers' parents to tell them what a great job their children are doing as teachers- what a morale booster! #culturize #WO2WorldChat
    In reply to @Mr_LFord, @casas_jimmy
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:45 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat A2 I enjoy the challenge of getting to know students and what their unique talents are. Sometimes kids surprise you with what they know or their capabilities.
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: I help students celebrate their uniqueness and individuality by encouraging students to be true to themselves. #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2 For our current solo project I encouraged Ss to choose ANY school appropriate song to research, learn, and perform. I wanted them to have fun and I wanted to learn more about their individual interests! #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2 #wo2worldchat Everyone is already unique; that's God's grace in each of us. I just try to listen, encourage Ss to follow their instincts, trust themselves, point them to resources, inspiration, tools, refine their discipline, so they can let their higher self thrive
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A2: it’s all about CHOICE! Let Ss find their own way and show their true voice- that’s when you see their authentic thinking and uniqueness. I always try to allow for choice in my CR. #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:47 PM EST
    A2: Interview Ss - get to know what makes them tick outside of school and give them opportunities to share their interests with the class or connect them with literature/media that nurtures this interest! #WO2WorldChat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 8:48 PM EST
    A2: I support uniqueness and individuality by validating who they want to be. Defending them when awkward moments arise. These personalities need to be SEEN 👀 #wo2worldchat #wo2world
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:53 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat A3 I get inspired by my colleagues and other #eduhero professionals. I LOVE to learn! And I'm a big time dreamer!
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: My spark is a love for good storytelling. I share this love with my students during language arts in both reading and writing. When teachers get excited about what they're sharing, it's contagious! #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3 My spark is performing! I share my spark with my Ss by providing a variety of authentic performance opportunities and showing them various performances including a trip to NYC for a Bway show! This fall we saw @AnastasiaBway #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3 My spark comes fr seeing creation happen Whether it's making a connection, articulating an idea, the process of capturing inner vision & turning it out is my soul fulfillment. Facilitating that for others & encouraging them to get past pause to DO it is my joy #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 8:54 PM EST
    A3: currently working on social action work w friend and colleague @DFerrera521 we are passionate about this work and the Ss love it and the world benefits #AvenueForChange #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 8:57 PM EST
    A3:My spark is mentoring Ss to use social media responsibly&powerfully like my friend @thelivbits- I get to work w/apilot group of social media ambassadors @WOKellyKids &my son @artfulouie to learn&tinker w/ these kiddos to develop best practice @JCasaTodd @mbfxc #WO2WorldChat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 8:57 PM EST
    A3: Storytelling has always captivated me. "Once upon a time," cue the music, curtains, action! It's for that reason, art history is like reading an artist soap opera. Putting art in the context of drama makes sparks! #WO2WorldChat #wo2world
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: This relates back to my A to Q3, but another thing that I like to do is to try to connect what we are learning about to my students' lives/interests whenever possible. Additionally, I'll throw in a fun fact to try to get students interested in learning more. #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4 I spark contagious learning by introducing my Ss to tiny tidbits of the world of music and theatre in hopes that they will continue to discover new music and shows on their own to find their own true passions. #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4 #wo2worldchat Contagious learning requires the space & time to 'let". Time is one of the most lacking resources in a school day. Sharing ideas, seeking connections, creating in the co. of others doing the same creates a spark that's positive
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:01 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat #A4 I see myself as a conduit. I connect people and books and resources and lessons. It's what I do.
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:01 PM EST
    My spark is watching my Ss react when they realize that their voice matters and they can make a difference!! It’s the feelings that we have as Ss that we remember forever!! Let’s make sure that our Ss’ feelings are positive, encourage ones! #AvenueForChange #wo2worldchat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:03 PM EST
    A4:My favorite thing to do as a classroom teacher was to create #bookfever through a book talk or a read aloud. Creating that demand for extra copies of a book or a wait list was a personal challenge for me #WO2WorldChat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 9:03 PM EST
    A4: I spark contagious learning with topics where Ss' curiosity asks for more, debates for justice, the collective pride in finishing artwork that looks good! My absolute favorite is when Ss find tutorials online & try things on their own. #WO2WorldChat #wo2world
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:04 PM EST
    A4: I spark contagious learning my my allowing Ss to have voice & agency in the classroom. I know what I need to T them but when they chose how to learn it... sparks happen! #WO2WorldChat #AvenueForChange
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 9:06 PM EST
    A4: I try to bring Ss passions into the CC whenever possible and make those connections to the learning. When it’s relevant it’s contagious. - I love @geniushour it’s a great way to share passions #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5 I stay focused and extra sparkly through yoga and meditation. I actually wake up a half hour early to squeeze in a morning meditation. Keeps me sane and focused on my goals. #WO2WorldChat
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:09 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat A5 Love the good cheer of the holiday season and the promise of seeing family and friends! It's hard to focus this week, but it's also hard to be grumpy!
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5 I meditate. Eat well. And treat myself to things like a massage or hair highlights. I sing. Laugh w/ friends #WO2WorldChat
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: I stay focused by reminding myself of all of the exciting celebrations with friends and family toward the end of the month. Not only will it be Christmas, it will be my birthday as well! #WO2WorldChat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: SELF CARE! My challenge now is making the commitment to include yoga in my daily self care practice. Yoga membership is a first for me, but it's the accountability I need to get my money's worth! Rest, breathing, crafts, &plenty of water! #wo2worldchat #wo2world
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 9:10 PM EST
    @dunkindonuts always helps ☕️ and exercise helps keeps my mind at ease #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A5: My new thing this year is to listen to positive affirmations in the form of songs via my "inspiration playlist" on my way to work-It gets me in the right mindset to take on the day! #Culturize #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A6 #wo2worldchat My Q6 answer is similar to Q2. They unwrap their gifts w/ encouragement, inspiration, resources & the space to practice their craft
  • BevTindall - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:16 PM EST
    #WO2WorldChat A6 This is a homemade present from one my students who has "unwrapped her gifts" in the last four years! Brings tears...
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A6 I help students unwrap their gift by allowing them to explore music on their own terms. I try to incorporate as much student choice as possible so Ss can apply the skills we learn in class to music that interests them. #WO2WorldChat
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A6: I help my students unwrap their gift by finding things that they can already do well and building their confidence from there. Once they start to feel confident, amazing things start to happen! #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A6: Be Patient, Lean in and truly listen to kids...give them an outlet,a larger real audience, to share their heart with the world #WO2WorldChat
    • artfulouie Dec 13 @ 9:07 PM EST
      Love it when my art inspires others🥰🎨
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:18 PM EST
    Confidence=Empowerment=Student Agency! #WO2WorldChat
    In reply to @Mr_LFord
  • beccapelli Dec 19 @ 9:18 PM EST
    A6: Allow Ss the space to grow and find their voice - I’m a cheerleader on the side - #KidsCanTeachUs if we let them #AvenueForChange #WO2WorldChat
  • artwithmslopez Dec 19 @ 9:21 PM EST
    A6: I try to give my Ss an opportunity for action, sketch that idea, mix those colors, try it again... Uncertainty is forever, so a safe space for making mistakes is important. Their gift is inside whenever they're ready to open it up & use it. #WO2WorldChat #wo2world
  • SingerEdu Dec 19 @ 9:23 PM EST
    A7 I celebrate joy and cheer with my students by sharing my passions with them and providing them with opportunities to share their passions with me and their classmates. #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Dec 19 @ 9:23 PM EST
    A7 Celebrating joy & good cheer w/ my Ss means singing their praises, amplifying their voice, & giving them access to a wider vision of themselves. #WO2WorldChat
  • Mr_LFord Dec 19 @ 9:23 PM EST
    A7: I celebrate joy and good cheer with my students by teaching them the importance of celebrating the successes of others. It always warms my heart when students celebrate others' successes, and I just happen to overhear it. #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:25 PM EST
    A7: Complementing and building each other up are the expectations in my classroom #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Dec 19 @ 9:29 PM EST
    Another #WO2WorldChat in the books! Thanks for taking time to sign on and celebrate students and ignite a spark. I'm excited for 2019! #Wedidit