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The school district chat for the MSD of Wayne Township

Tuesday January 8, 2019
8:00 PM EST

  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Welcome to tonight’s #WeAreWayne Twitter Chat! We will be discussing ways to start a new semester. I’m Melony Boyd, Instructional Coach. I'll be joined by Jennifer Nichols, MCE Principal and Matt Molitor, 6th grade teacher. Let’s start by introducing ourselves! #wearewayne
  • peacockgrd3 Jan 8 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Heather Peacock, MCE grade 3. #WeAreWayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:01 PM EST
    Please don’t forget to use “A's” to respond to “Q’s” and corresponding numbers. (Example: Q1,A1) #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:01 PM EST
    Hello! Lindsay Wey, Title 1 RT, @GardenCityElem 💜 #WeAreWayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:01 PM EST
    Mary Hendricks, Assistant Principal at McClelland Elementary #wearewayne
  • MACBear2019 Jan 8 @ 8:01 PM EST
    MAC the Bear, MCE... #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • TheMrMolitor Jan 8 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Hello! Matt Molitor, 6th Grade Horizons. MCE. #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Jan 8 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Jane Nicholls 4th Grade Mwe #WeAreWayne
  • McClelland_ES Jan 8 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Jennifer Nichols, blessed principal of McClelland Elementary School. #WeareWayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:03 PM EST
    Q1: Let’s start by sharing a picture, gif, or quote that symbolizes your approach to a new semester? #wearewayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Jan 8 @ 8:03 PM EST
    Ghirmay's Alazar Assistant Director of Special Services #wearewayne
  • L_Lee918 Jan 8 @ 8:03 PM EST
    Laura Lee, Instructional Coach for Digital Curriculum #wearewayne
  • mchrisl63 Jan 8 @ 8:03 PM EST
    Hello! I’m Chris Landis, Assistant Principal at Bridgeport. #wearewayne, @BPEKnights
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  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Olivia Dunbar - SSC teacher #wearewayne
  • BoHill24 Jan 8 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Beau Hill AP at GCE #WeareWayne
  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:04 PM EST
  • TheMrMolitor Jan 8 @ 8:04 PM EST
    OMG we're back again.... Trying to hit the ground running and get back 'n sync with everybody.... (ya I know it's the Backstree Boys.) #wearewayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Can’t wait! #wearewayne
  • Erwin13Alicia Jan 8 @ 8:05 PM EST
    Alicia Erwin, SEL coach #WeAreWayne
  • SLPaly Jan 8 @ 8:05 PM EST
    Alyssa White, SLP, Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center here! #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
    a1: Teamwork 2019 #WeareWayne
  • MACBear2019 Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
    Q1,A1: Climbing the “mountain”... #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • L_Lee918 Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
    A1: I like this one. It’s from Gerry Brooks’ Instagram account. #wearewayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
    Love the "gifs and quotes" I notice the teamwork and excitement! Q2: Share a specific activity(academic/social) that you do when starting a new semester? #wearewayne
  • peacockgrd3 Jan 8 @ 8:06 PM EST
  • Erwin13Alicia Jan 8 @ 8:07 PM EST
  • KeithRamsey13 Jan 8 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Keith Ramsey, 6th grade teacher, Bridgeport. #wearewayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • SLPaly Jan 8 @ 8:07 PM EST
    A1: zen as one can be around teenagers #wearewayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • kbymom Jan 8 @ 8:08 PM EST
    Janet Yeager, Occupational Therapist, MCE #wearewayne
  • McClelland_ES Jan 8 @ 8:08 PM EST
    A1. Excited to jump into a new semester with the greatest teachers and staff ever! #WeAreWayne
  • mihine17 Jan 8 @ 8:08 PM EST
    Michelle Hine-4th grade Q1-Read this quote to my class today. Sums up my feels about the new semester. #WeAreWayne
  • BoHill24 Jan 8 @ 8:09 PM EST
  • L_Lee918 Jan 8 @ 8:09 PM EST
    A2: I always liked to do 2 truths and 1 lie. It’s simple, allows kids to share whatever they’d like, and let’s us all learn about each other, too. #wearewayne
  • MACBear2019 Jan 8 @ 8:09 PM EST
    Q2,A2: Greeting my friends as they arrive in the AM so I can see their smiling faces!!! #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • peacockgrd3 Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A2: We are reading “After the Fall”, it’s a story about how Humpty Dumpty worked and worked to gain courage to climb back up the wall. We will work on strategies to gather courage to try after we fall. #WeAreWayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A2: Do a "WHY" activity. We all need to be clear why we are in the education field. #wearewayne
  • Erwin13Alicia Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A2: Every scholar gets a clean slate, every day — and review, review, review procedures! #WeAreWayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    As an administrator, make sure when I see kids in the hallway and in the building, I tell them I am glad they are back and we sure missed them! Greet as many as I can! #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A2: Mindset videos, discussion. Working on team building activities because we are going to need each other and encouragement to finish out the year as it gets more difficult. #WeareWayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
    With 8 days into 2019..... Q3: How do you promote every day as a new day, fresh start, or clean slate with your students? #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:10 PM EST
  • mchrisl63 Jan 8 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A2: Spend time reviewing procedures and expectations. #wearewayne, @BPEKnights
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17, @BPEKnights
  • BoHill24 Jan 8 @ 8:11 PM EST
    Let each child know that I missed them! #WeareWayne
  • dmurff5 Jan 8 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A2: Highlighting the importance of a fresh start in the new year! Great things are ahead of us! #wearewayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • TheMrMolitor Jan 8 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A2: @Erwin13Alicia recently paid my class a visit as we discussed how we want to be defined. Wrote the words on big index cards, & asked ourselves if we would still be recognized as being "that" without the name tag. We discussed how we did/did not embody that label. #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Jan 8 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A2: Share with students what I've read over break and suggest books that I think they'd like. #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A3: I've seen teachers use Community Circles to promote a fresh start to a new day and create positive conditions for a day of learning. #wearewayne
  • McClelland_ES Jan 8 @ 8:13 PM EST
    I love to welcome everyone back with a delicious breakfast prepared by the Waffle Guy. We use the time for fellowship and to catch up on the events of winter break. It’s a small way to show everyone my appreciation and excitement for the upcoming semester. #WeareWayne
  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A2: Watch Kid President video community circle- they set a personal goal & post it on white board or poster (new concept) #wearewayne
  • dmurff5 Jan 8 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A3: Greeting all students with an enthusiastic “good morning” and giving them a compliment and hug! It’s all about showing them a genuine smile and welcoming them into school without reminding them of past incidents. ❤️#wearewayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    Margo Melson, ELA teacherat CHC #wearewayne A2: We create new goals and focus on our action plans. Also start our 1st civil rights novel.
  • missymom15 Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A3: I think what you say to kids is what they say to themselves. And that it’s also important to greet every student at the door as they enter the classroom with a smile and a “good morning” - clean slate and starts the day off right. #wearewayne
  • mihine17 Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    I use them at the end - good way to reflect, finish our day, and anticipate tomorrow #wearewayne
    In reply to @Ncaulfield1
  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A3: morning message with “We love you. Always ask for help. Adults ask too” #wearewayne
  • peacockgrd3 Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A3: Greet each student with a smile, hug, high 5, or fist bump EVERY day!! If needed a little pep talk to remind students that it IS a new day! #WeareWayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:14 PM EST
    Q3: Encourage, and support students to keep reaching for their goals. Ask questions that are individualized for each student. Work harder and try harder! You can do it!! #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:15 PM EST
    A2: community circle, as well as “scoot” or “rotational thinking” to review procedures & get students up and moving to get back in the groove! #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Jan 8 @ 8:15 PM EST
    A3: Share tradition of the Dine' (Navajo people) of running towards the sun each morning. Each morning, Navajos run east toward the rising sun, a tradition passed down from the oldest generations, Running at dawn, represents new birth. #WeareWayne https://t.co/rOIz3ZXQMq
  • TheMrMolitor Jan 8 @ 8:15 PM EST
    A3: Every day starts with a handshake, a pleasant tone, and an inquiry into how they are doing, how their evening was, etc. Trying to get on another level though.... #wearewayne
  • Erwin13Alicia Jan 8 @ 8:15 PM EST
    A3: Eavh day be intentionality make a positive phone call, message, email home #changethenarrative #WeAreWayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 8 @ 8:16 PM EST
    A3: Our team is in the hallway during passing periods to monitor and I teract with students. It was great today when about ten girls did a group hug with me. It builds great relationships being present. #wearewayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:17 PM EST
    WOW! So many engaging ways that support our scholars. Next question... Q4: How do you help students who are new to your school quickly feel welcome and comfortable? #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:17 PM EST
    A2: I'm a big fan of "the baseball song". In July on a student interest inventory, get each student's favorite song. At the end of the year, play a game with the songs and have students guess who chose which song. Kids like to hear their favorite song. #wearewayne
  • McClelland_ES Jan 8 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A3: Greet students with a smile and high 5’s or hugs and ask how they are doing. Also, recognizing High 5 winners on morning announcements. #wearewayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • Erwin13Alicia Jan 8 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A3: Make in intentional effort each day to call home, send an email, or meet a parent in car rider line just to share something positive #ChangeTheNarrative #WeAreWayne
  • missymom15 Jan 8 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A3: Say to students “Today is THE day that you’re going to..., I just know it!” or just “Today is YOUR day!”: #wearewayne
  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:19 PM EST
    A4: Greet th each time I see them in the hallway or classrooms and ask how their day is going (with a smile 😀) #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:19 PM EST
    A3: common language to start the day, community circle, as well as time to revisit goals to refocus! #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Jan 8 @ 8:20 PM EST
    A3: Offering help continuously every day, even when I was brushed off/ignored/cursed at yesterday. 😂 I've seen students refuse to work all year and suddenly start participating in March. Not ideal, but it's never too late to start! I'll still be here. 😃 #wearewayne
  • peacockgrd3 Jan 8 @ 8:20 PM EST
    A4: Partner new friend with “veteran” friend, send a welcome postcard home, make sure that our new classmate has all supplies, folders, notebooks, etc set up as soon as they arrive. Of course, lots of talking and welcoming! #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 8 @ 8:20 PM EST
    A4: I always ask about their past school, what faves they have, etc. We always buddy them up with other students for lunch and getting to each class. Our students are very welcoming and that helps too. #wearewayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:20 PM EST
    Q4: I always start with - You are going to love McClelland! I always make a big deal when they tell me who their new teacher is when they are in the office!! I try to make sure that we see the new student sometime throughout the first day! #wearewayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    I enjoy seeing the student's excitement and the excitement of @McClelland_ES Principal when students arrive to receive recognition! #wearewayne
    In reply to @McClelland_ES, @McClelland_ES
  • MACBear2019 Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    Q4,A4: With a bear hug, of course!!! #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17
  • missymom15 Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    Q4: I like the idea of creating a “Welcome” chart paper for the new student where their classmate can sign up for things like “I’ll sit next to you at lunch” or “I’ll play with you at recess” or “I’ll walk out to the buses with you” #wearewayne
  • TheMrMolitor Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    A4: We can make them feel welcome by ensuring they know they've been thought of before they walk through our doors on that first day. Empower them to realize they can contribute and be an active participant from the very get go. Welcoming messages help! #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    Q4: You acknowledge them and make the time to welcome them to the community as a classroom. If we really want students to grow and learn then we need to acclimate them to their learning environment immediately. Top priority. #wearewayne
  • Mrs__Nicholls Jan 8 @ 8:21 PM EST
    A4: Buddy new students up with a few volunteers who are willing to "show them the ropes."#WeareWayne
  • McClelland_ES Jan 8 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A4: Greet them in the front office with a smile and a handshake. Ask them their name and if they know their new teacher’s name. Tell them we are so happy they are here and that they will love the Mac and their new teacher. Talk to their families and welcome them. #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Jan 8 @ 8:23 PM EST
    A4: LUNCH TABLE. Making sure they meet someone who will find them in the cafeteria and lead them to their table is surprisingly powerful. Hopefully, the friendships last. Just think about every teen movie you've ever seen! #wearewayne
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:23 PM EST
    A4: In order to properly welcome a new student, the leg work with community has to start on day 1 with the rest of the class. Create agreements for how new students will be welcomed. #wearewayne
  • L_Lee918 Jan 8 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A4: Have a special classmate check in on your new student by being their “buddy.” They can explain things throughout the day, like procedures or concepts, and invite the new S to sit with them at lunch or play at recess. #wearewayne
  • missymom15 Jan 8 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A4: Have a bag of classroom supplies and materials all ready for a new student. Then they feel like they have all of the things that everyone else has, like they already ‘belong’ #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A4: pair them up with a good buddy to help them feel more welcomed! Provide supplies and have things ready & waiting for them. Make a positive call home after the first day/week! #wearewayne
  • mchrisl63 Jan 8 @ 8:25 PM EST
    I always greet students and staff with a big smile, welcome them back, and talk about their break! #wearewayne @BPEKnights
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17, @BPEKnights
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A4: I'm also thinking we shouldn't start with giving them a quarter's worth of assessments. #wearewayne
  • MelonyBoyd17 Jan 8 @ 8:25 PM EST
    Last question, Q5: Often, at the start of a new year we talk about New Year’s Resolutions and we think of health, diet, and fitness goals. What are your New Year’s Resolutions you have for your class, students, or staff you support? #wearewayne
  • MissGraybosch Jan 8 @ 8:26 PM EST
    We are working hard to take our students to Chicago for a once in a lifetime experience! Please help us out! #wearewayne @chapelglen https://t.co/a8ywQxl96N @TheEllenShow @Oprah
  • Ncaulfield1 Jan 8 @ 8:28 PM EST
    A5: I'm looking for ways to improve my practice and finding some areas of my work to analyze in hopes of finding ways to more effective and efficient on a daily basis. #wearewayne
  • MsODunbar Jan 8 @ 8:28 PM EST
    Really focus our morning group on brain function and health (for students and myself) #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Jan 8 @ 8:28 PM EST
    A5: making sure all my students feel valued and worthy! I want them to set goals and truly believe they can achieve them by putting in the work! #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 8 @ 8:29 PM EST
    A5: My students resolution is to help solve the issue of prison beds based on 3rd grade reading scores. They recently learned about this in the book The Other Wes Moore. Their community service project is how can we change this? #wearewayne
  • marymhendricks Jan 8 @ 8:29 PM EST
    I will continue to support our students and staff by learning right along side of them! If I don’t know the answer, I will find out!! I will give 110% to MCE everyday! #wearewayne #lovemyjob
  • MACBear2019 Jan 8 @ 8:29 PM EST
    Q5, A5: Personal is to try to stay awake. I’m always SO tired this time of year... Professional is to reach out to more McClelland Bear “Cubs” and make them feel special and important. A smile is worth a thousand words. Good night all, back to my cave... Yawn.. #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @MelonyBoyd17