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Sunday January 20, 2019
7:30 PM EST

  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:30 PM EST
    Welcome to #teachpos! So glad you could make it. Please tell us your name, title, location and tag a friend or two to join.
  • _on11 Jan 20 @ 7:30 PM EST
    This is Michael A. from #122edchat in Chicago. @SmartLab_tweets #STEM Facilitator. Just found out that I am on my own tonight with some @NHL hockey. Kids paired up and ditched me. #teachpos #bookcamppd
  • StephDill92 Jan 20 @ 7:30 PM EST
    Hi #bookcampPD and #teachpos peeps. Steph Dill, elementary SPED T in Colorado. Joing in to night.
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:31 PM EST
    C'mon @KellyWayne88, join us tonight..we don't have students tomorrow! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:31 PM EST
    Craig from PA. HPE and creator of #teachpos. I’ll tag the usual @ChristineBemis2 and @LevineWrites to join us.
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:31 PM EST
    Hi #teachpos ~ Christine from @Patriots land happily joining you great crew of people 😊 ... hoping @HOWareyousmart & @iluveducating will join us
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:31 PM EST
    #teachpos - Ray, K-8 Math Instructional Coach from Rhode Island. Looking forward to @yesriorg taking over #edChatRI right after this. Hope to see you there!
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:31 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos! My name is Tika, and I teach 26 fabulous second graders and mentor amazing teachers. Excited to be here!
  • mjjohnson1216 Jan 20 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Tonight we begin discussing #TheWildCard and continue next Sunday evening joining with #TeachPos for a joint chat about this book by @hopekingteach @WadeKing7 Hope to see you then too! #BookCampPD
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Hi Steph! Thx for joining. #TeachPos
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  • sgreiner16 Jan 20 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Hey everyone! Scott from mid Michigan. Middle school dean. Looking forward to chatting tonight! Service is in and out but hoping to join as much as possible! #teachpos
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Hey #teachpos! Thanks for the shoutout @ChristineBemis2! Alicia from NC, excited to be here!
  • trishgoosen Jan 20 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Trish, elementary principal in MB. My why is relationships. #teachpos #bookcampPD
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Always great to be here. These discussions offer so much! #teachpos
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  • StephDill92 Jan 20 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Happy to be here Craig. It's been rough going the last couple of weeks. I need some #teachpos tonight!
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • MrsAsztalos Jan 20 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos Melissa, 7th Grade Science, buried in snow and freezing in NY
  • R_CILR Jan 20 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Hi @Shapiro_WTHS and #teachpos! I'm Rebecca from Nevada. Happy Sunday to all of you!
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Hello #bookcamppd! My name is Tika, and I am going to try to chat with 2 amazing chats at the same time (#teachpos). I love the book, Wild Card! I teach 26 fabulous 2nd graders and mentor amazing teachers.
  • LindaEdwardsi Jan 20 @ 7:35 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos Linda Edwards Toronto 🇨🇦
  • KristenSevinsky Jan 20 @ 7:35 PM EST
    Hellooooooooo! Kristen here from PA. I teach 6th grade science, and I’m a little salty that we didn’t get any snow like they said we were!! I love the snow!!! #teachpos
  • KellyWayne88 Jan 20 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Thanks @Mr_ESievert for the invite. I think I’ll check out what #teachpos is all about.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Here is Q#1 #teachpos As always, let’s challenge the status quo! RT👍
  • MrsAsztalos Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    You can have some of ours, over a foot so far and they are predicting lake effect tonight and tomorrow. #teachpos
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  • Teachintjay Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Hi there! #TeachPOS I'm Terry from AL where I teach 4th. I'll tag @hawkinscentral and @spqrmiguel Maybe they'll join in if they're free.
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    A1: One of my most difficult challenges is time - it's so hard to find time to work with all of the Ss and Ts I serve. My calendar is constantly full, which is a great problem to have, but doesn't leave a lot of room for flexibility. #teachpos
  • stephreid1228 Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    My name is Stephanie and I am from North Carolina. I’m excited to feel the positivity! #teachpos
  • gdorn1 Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in this cold evening. #teachpos
  • ThirstyBeesNY Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Hi, everyone! This is Sherri with @ThirstyBeesNY checking in from the Catskills where we're at a "cool" 6 degrees above zero. #TEACHPOS
  • tyarnold18 Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Hey, Tyler from Cincinnati. Hs AP! #teachpos
  • trishgoosen Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    A1. Many As a first year solo admin #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:37 PM EST
    A1: The challenge I've faced the most this year is having colleagues accept my new integrations of behavioral supports #teachpos
  • _on11 Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1: Trying to mix in coursework, in addition to training new people in the Lab. Kids' schedules never seem to get easier, as there are always clubs, organizations, practices and meetings. #teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    Hey #teachpos! Wendy Hankins, 2nd grade, HouTX. Still moving slow, but will try to hang. I’d love to see @Greg_Moffitt @LHBLovesEdu @MsJachymiak @MsJ_Rod_P @russell_sj & @2ndGradeMagic join the chat tonight. Wow...I think it took me 5 minutes to type that.
  • GSmit4Character Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    Gary, former Supt suburban Chicago. Now, I inspire & support Ts in character ed - Intelligence plus character - that is the true goal of education - MLK #teachpos
  • sgreiner16 Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1: Biggest challenge has been adjusting to admin life. Adapting to a new school, new Ts, new Ss has also been a learning curve. #teachpos
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1 @Shapiro_WTHS your first question jumps right to it:) This is the first time I have taught 2nd grade in 18 years so it has been a huge learning curve. Every day is an adventure. #growthmindset #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1 My biggest challenge this year has been trying to find ways to help all my SPED students be successful with very little support (for a variety of reasons.) It has been rough. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:38 PM EST
    #teachpos - A1 - Lots of challenges with a new job as an instructional coach. The difficulty is finding great things, but not being able to implement them yourself, but having to convince others of their value.
  • Bill_Huber_ Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1: Instructional faculty resignations. Principal stepping down. Cultural shifts. Leadership transitions. I could keep going... #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1~ ~avoiding negativity & rising above it ~ #truth 🙏 #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1: started a new intervention in 2nd grade. I'm in the classroom with 25 2nd graders. isnt' really a challenge that is difficult, just different. I'm loving it and it is going to be wonderful! #teachpos
  • MarvinByrd Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1 A big challenge is trying to find ways to equip Teachers to meet the unique needs of each individual student to help them make good decisions in the learning environment. #teachpos
  • Hahne_Elyse Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1 Jumping in late. Elyse in Texas. I started a new social Emotional unit this year and moved districts. It’s been a roller coaster year. #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:39 PM EST
    These people like @Shapiro_WTHS, @_on11, & @iluveducating are the best, especially in a chat like tonight! Check them out! :) #teachpos
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  • Teachintjay Jan 20 @ 7:40 PM EST
    A1: This has been a great year, thus far. I've been challenged a few times by extremely negative messages from a parent, but I try real hard to not let it affect me...most days. #TeachPos
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    Thanks so much for the S/O, pal! Craig & Michael are incredible people to follow, for sure! #teachpos
    In reply to @Mr_ESievert, @KellyWayne88, @Shapiro_WTHS, @_on11
  • ThirstyBeesNY Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: I've been subbing regularly at a local district, and on Friday I was asked to fill in as a long-term sub for the sudden departure of the HS Chemistry teacher. Of course I said, yes, I would be glad to help. The challenge? I'm a certified English teacher!🤪 #teachpos
  • Miss_Drewno Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: I’ve had a hard time reaching some of my toughest students this year, but I’m really starting to get them to trust me and want to learn! #teachpos
  • hayes_melisa Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    Hi #teachpos Melisa from Ohio
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    My thought exactly! I often get a lot of pushback and I d/k if it's because I'm the SPED teacher or younger than most...I just want my ideas to be accepted and not looked over! #teachpos
  • GSmit4Character Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: Changing entrenched attitudes on the part of some Ts who question whether it is necessary to teach character. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    We are on a roll already. Somebody has to co-moderate with me. Can’t answer me own questions. Q2 coming up. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Jan 20 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1 I have one student who is a very reluctant learner so my challenge has been trying to engage him and and find ways to get him to learn new skills #teachpos
  • gdorn1 Jan 20 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A1. Stay positive, tuning out the negative. Changes are good. #teachpos
  • R_CILR Jan 20 @ 7:42 PM EST
    Hi, Melisa! #teachpos
    In reply to @hayes_melisa
  • 4XSoccermom Jan 20 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A1 Hello everyone, I'm Angie and I teach 4th grade. My big challenge this year is beating the drum loud enough to be heard to help a student. It's not working yet and that's really bothering me. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Jan 20 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A1: The hardest part for me is figuring out how everything works due to it being my 1st year. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:42 PM EST
    Q2 #TeachPos Keep up the awesome answers😋
  • hayes_melisa Jan 20 @ 7:43 PM EST
    A1. Challenges I face: time, negativity, gossip, but I smile & move on😄#teachpos
  • stephreid1228 Jan 20 @ 7:43 PM EST
    A1: Teaching math after solely teaching ELA for several years (4th grade teacher). I do not yet know how to get kids passionate about math the way I can in reading. #teachpos
  • KellyWayne88 Jan 20 @ 7:43 PM EST
    A1: the biggest challenge this year is finding and maintaining balance between all of my different roles and still finding time for me! #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jan 20 @ 7:43 PM EST
    A2 Still working on the big challenges , but a new SPED T starting on Tuesday should help a lot. I have been doing a lot more individualized instruction, and working 1on1 to help those students to "get it" #Teachpos
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A2: I'm still working to conquer those challenges! I typically have a back-up if someone needs to cancel or postpone a lesson. I'm in a position where I want to work myself out of a job. Once my Ts feel confident creating these exp by themselves, my calendar frees up. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    #teachpos - A2 - I have consulted a lot of people that I know, and people in my PLN to find out how to effect change the best. I found that starting with early adopters and innovators has been the best way to get ideas implemented. Also, using PLC time effectively helps.
  • PegGrafwallner Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    Peg, Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist, let's do #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A2~ ~surrounding myself with trusting, loyal people who support, & avoid sugar coating things ~ I hold these diamonds close 💙 #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A2: While the 2nd graders know me most haven't worked w/ me. I'm spedning the first week setting expectations and the new learning environment. It's like the 1st few weeks of school. Setting rules, expectations, creating anchor charts, practicing. #teachpos
  • tyarnold18 Jan 20 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A1: joining a new team I've had to learn my new role, how I can create my niche, and ensure I'm contributing to the vision & mission. #teachpos
  • Miss_Drewno Jan 20 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A2: I conquer my challenges by staying resilient and using my colleagues for support! #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:45 PM EST
    💕 my fav @Shapiro_WTHS #teachpos
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  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A2: I've conquered some challenges by talking with others about my behavioral integrations who don't work w/ my SPED students. This way they can provide an opinion that is not connected #TeachPOS
  • _on11 Jan 20 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A2: Managing the 24 hours I have to work with is essential. I need to prioritize what is most important and keep moving forward, while remaining in balance with other aspects of life, namely our own kids. #teachpos
  • R_CILR Jan 20 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: I started using the @calm meditation app at the end of November 2018, and I've noticed I'm more present/mindful in all moments, even challenging moments. #teachpos
  • MarvinByrd Jan 20 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2 The most important thing is to remain focused on the vision. This focus leads to specific daily actions meant to chase after the vision. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Jan 20 @ 7:46 PM EST
    I joined because of the amazing @MrsHankinsClass. I am a first year teacher from IL. #teachpos
  • tyarnold18 Jan 20 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: stay positive, ask for feedback, build relationships, and embrace a growth mindset. #teachpos
  • ThirstyBeesNY Jan 20 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: Positive attitude and LOTS of studying up on Chemistry this weekend. Thank you, Khan Academy!!! The good news? As an English teacher, I'll be able to pronounce and spell every chemical correctly. 😉 #teachpos
  • sgreiner16 Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2: Keeping a positive attitude, letting my positive energy guide me and being open and flexible to what comes my way. #teachpos
  • 4XSoccermom Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2 I have not...yet. However, I am holding onto the power of yet as I continue working on it. #teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A1: Challenges faced this yr: Professional—Implementing new strategies in my #BlendedLearning class at a fast pace. But well worth outcome. Professional—Health issues & I’m one of those that puts work before health. But I’m getting better at it! Yr rating so far:GOOD #TeachPos
  • MsJachymiak Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2: I conquer my challenges by taking a step back and reflecting. #teachpos
  • Hahne_Elyse Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2 I’ve learned to take a step back. In my social Emotional unit, different strategies for breathing have been helpful for me too. #teachpos
  • PG_pmp Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    @ChristineBemis2 A2: keeping ourself open to learn and move on helps to counter challenging situations #TeachPos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS, @ChristineBemis2
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    The struggle I have is being a SPED teacher, I'm all over the place all day long. How does one build trust so that their values/passions can be followed through? #TeachPos
    In reply to @MarvinByrd
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:47 PM EST
    #teachpos #edchatri
  • hayes_melisa Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    https://t.co/RjnNMd00zh in progress but I continue to.. #teachpos 🤪
  • GSmit4Character Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2: To change a T, a class or a school, you have to change how you behave. If you change how you think, then you will change how you feel and what actions you will take #teachpos
  • JennMBarnes Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A1 My biggest challenge is finding that valuable time to confer often with kids. It's when we connect one-on-one that I get to know my little ones the best. #teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    Think about how powerful this is! Chats really make an impact. Q3 coming up. #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2: With the negative messages I've received from that person, I've remained professional and calm. I attempt to keep an open mind and reflect to make sure I'm doing everything I think I'm doing for the student. #teachpos
  • KristenSevinsky Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2: think about the positive and the lessons to be learned. There are always blessings, even if they are tiny. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:48 PM EST
    Q3 #teachpos Our students can do great things if we expect great things.
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2 I have joined Twitter Chats, read @dbc books, and most importantly built relationships with my kids. #teachpos
  • gdorn1 Jan 20 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2. Working with trusting people whom you can discuss ideas and collaborate with daily. #teachpos
  • LHBLovesEdu Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    I actually just encountered my first difficulty this year and it was lack of communication and a lot of disrespect from one class period. #teachpos
  • sgreiner16 Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A3: Set high expectations and goals and celebrate successes made! Affirm and encourage them celebrate! #teachpos
  • Bill_Huber_ Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A3: Stay diligent and mission focused! If we lose sight of those two we are lost forever. #TeachPos
  • inspirecitizen1 Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    #teachpos A2: Focus on "Am I being helpful? Am I being a loving person? Am I modeling being balanced and healthy?" Something that helps me a lot as well is HALT - if hungry, angry, lonely, or tired, take a breath or come back to a challenge at another time.
  • stephreid1228 Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A2: Still working on conquering, but I try to not put too much pressure on myself or overthink it. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Jan 20 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A3 I listen, offer support and help in any way I can. The kids know I care about them #teachpos
  • tyarnold18 Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    A3: a clear path/plan, a path w/numerous checkpoints, and an ability to learn how & apply reflection. #teachpos
  • LHBLovesEdu Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    A2 By opening up the floor of communication and seeing where everything went wrong! Communication is the key. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    #teachpos - A3 - Success is often defined by not quitting when faced with obstacles. The best thing we can do for students is to be intentional about giving them the skills they need to overcome obstacles and persevere.
  • Hahne_Elyse Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    A3 Never lose hope. Keep providing opportunities to learners. Build the relationship first. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    A3: I embrace a growth mindset and encourage my Ss to try and never be afraid to fail because, in my mind, F.A.I.L means first attempt in learning. #teachpos
  • KristenSevinsky Jan 20 @ 7:51 PM EST
    A3: #givethemastinkinpencil Provide equity instead of equality. Communicate often and build relationships early. Make learning process count more than content. Find their strengths and magnify them. Accommodate and build up their weaknesses. #teachpos
  • JennMBarnes Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A2 Each day, I recommit myself to my goal of spending quality time conferring with each S. I connect with my colleagues & talk often about shortcuts in getting other things done so I can keep the big picture. #TeachPos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • StephDill92 Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3: I work to give my Ss the space they need. One of my high flyers is in my 2nd grade group. The other day she moved away from her group I walked over rubbed her shoulder thanked her for taking time for herself and walked away. Within 3 min she was ready to go back. #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3: It's all about helping Ss realize that their growth is not compared to their peers. When we as Ts realize differences/difficulties, we encourage what is feasible by them and push based on what they can do! #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3 Incorporating goal setting and reflection help all students be able to achieve success in some measurable way and to acknowledge what they need to do next. Using growth mindset based feedback also goes a long way to help this. #teachpos
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3: I love them, comfort them, encourage them, and give them a safe place to go when they feel like they can't go anywhere else. For many of my Ss, the media center feels more like home than their home. I'm proud of that and it breaks my heart all at the same time. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    Love all of your answers! They help to make our schools a better place. #Teachpos
  • GSmit4Character Jan 20 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3: Have students believe that they may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but they can control their attitude & how they deal with it. #teachpos
  • LHBLovesEdu Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3 It goes back to communications and building relationships. Admitting when I’m wrong and apologizing and allowing them to do the same so we can continue to grow! 🦋#teachpos
  • KellyWayne88 Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3: Believe in the students, always! Most of our students just need to know that we are in their corner. #teachpos
  • Miss_Drewno Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3: I teach my students the importance of having a growth mindset. Sometimes the odds are against us, but we can always overcome those odds. We must never give up and always believe in ourselves! I always tell them I believe in them as well! #teachpos
  • _on11 Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3: Sometimes being present and letting them know that they have someone in their corner is enough to give them the boost they need to keep on running. When this fails, I am persistent, I follow up, I ask questions, I don't leave until the situation is right. #teachpos
  • 4XSoccermom Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3 I meet my babies where they are and we close gaps one step at a time. I build relationships of trust, safety, and care so that they understand that we're in this together. #teachpos
  • PegGrafwallner Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3 Every teacher has a Mike. You could give him a cup or you could write him up. It's really up to you. #teachpos https://t.co/vjL0TT84fk
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3~ ~I go to bat for them ... ~advocate fearlessly & continuously w/for them ~engage in PD that will help me be the best for them ~simply unconditionally love ❤️them ~2nd chances are an integral part of our classroom #teachpos
  • hayes_melisa Jan 20 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3. By hooking them- Knowing their passions/interests, voice & choice & giving them control! we are a #family ❤️ #teachpos
  • R_CILR Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: With my students, it was important for me to facilitate 1:1 conversations that allowed students to see/recognize the progress they were making in class. #teachpos
  • LHBLovesEdu Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    Greetings, LaTezeon H. Balentine, MS 10th grade English 🦋 #teachpos
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3 My 2nd graders and I talk about the importance of perseverance and a productive struggle. They reflect on it daily. They also understand metacognition. They are thinking about the steps they need to make progress #teachpos
  • ThirstyBeesNY Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: Listen to their concerns, empathize with their needs, give them input/voice/choice in their learning, give them redos and opportunities to learn from mistakes, and - in my case now - encourage them by letting them know we will do the best we can with what we've got. #teachpos
  • trishgoosen Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3. Based on whose definition of that the “odds are against them”? Ss are on their own developmental/success continuum that we to plan for, execute and celebrate their successes #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Jan 20 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: Our Ss do face insurmountable challengesAcademically, socially, and behaviorally I handle with precision, care and relationships in the classroomOther issues may include the school counselor or nurse or other services. Either way, the relationship with the Ss is key #teachpos
  • _on11 Jan 20 @ 7:55 PM EST
    Hey #bookcamppd and #teachpos! Are you ready to take your learning to the next level? Join #122edchat Wednesday at 7 CST as @MrsAsztalos leads our discussion. #bekindedu #edchatri #newteacherjourney
  • gdorn1 Jan 20 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3. The important thing is to listen to what a student has to say. Get to know your Ss by building relationships. Encouraging Ss to take risks in classroom, gving them voice, choice, and leadership. #teachpos
  • R_CILR Jan 20 @ 7:55 PM EST
    All of that, Melisa! What wonderful gifts for your students! #teachpos
    In reply to @hayes_melisa
  • inspirecitizen1 Jan 20 @ 7:55 PM EST
    #teachpos A3: Help students to connect and realize they are not alone. Build relationships that matter, ideally globally to see that challenges are a common story. Teach listening. Find mentors in communities to model and for kids to connect with. #TeachSDGs.
  • flyingmonkey13 Jan 20 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3: We have to celebrate the small wins, because thats what keeps students’ motivation to stick with it. #TeachPos
  • stephreid1228 Jan 20 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3: I have been trying to write down 1-2 successes I see with students each day. I focus on something small, but meaningful. Then, I reflect on each and how I can use that moment to reach them better or help them see how amazing they are. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:56 PM EST
    Here comes our bonus Q #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:56 PM EST
    Bonus Q #teachpos Positivity matters always! ❤️
  • MarvinByrd Jan 20 @ 7:57 PM EST
    A3 I share my story with them. My hope is that they will learn from my experiences and see that they can chase their vision and reach their goals. In this video, I share about the tragedy that was my first car. https://t.co/4Yav7zGH1Q #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jan 20 @ 7:57 PM EST
    #teachpos - Great chat tonight as always! Please make the jump over to #edChatRI for guest host @yesriorg for a great discussion about the needs of young educators! Qs - https://t.co/Ajl3eyO3Kx
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:57 PM EST
    Bonus: We have a @SneakyCards game going on in our school, and I will encourage Ss to continue to do the Acts of Kindness that are listed on the cards and share on our padlet. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Jan 20 @ 7:57 PM EST
    Bonus Q: I will give my students the challenge of writing a kind note to any staff member at our school. I want them to spread kindness as much as possible. #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Jan 20 @ 7:57 PM EST
    Bonus: My challenge for Ss is to give positive feedback to their partner or group members during math centers #TeachPOS
  • Hahne_Elyse Jan 20 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Bonus: Individual notes of positivity per day for my students. #teachpos
  • PegGrafwallner Jan 20 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Bonus A: I'm an Instructional Coach/Reading Specialist, my "Ss" are the Ts in my building. My positive challenge: continue to reach out to ALL student teachers. All of them are in front of kids next week. I'm here to listen & support. #teachpos
  • iluveducating Jan 20 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Thanks so much for an awesome chat #teachpos & @Shapiro_WTHS! You all are appreciated! Remember to follow one another! I hope y'all have a terrific week! If you're still up at 8 PST/11 EST, join me for #OrEdChat
  • Teachintjay Jan 20 @ 7:58 PM EST
    BA: I will challenge my Ss to do a random act of kindness for someone. We had an officer lose his life in our community today and I think this is timely and needed. #teachpos
  • gdorn1 Jan 20 @ 7:58 PM EST
    B: My Ss are thinking about a kindness project they want to do for someone else. #teachpos
  • 4XSoccermom Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus A. I want to do 2 things 1. 100 random acts of kindness for the approaching 100th day of school. 2. A minecraft challenge (because they love it) where they have to work together to solve challenges and earn pieces needed for a STEM activity #teachpos
  • Miss_Drewno Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    BQ: I will challenge my students to say something positive every time something negative is said! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Thanks to everyone for making our #teachpos chat amazing. It’s come a long way. Join me next week as our chat joins #BookCampPD for discussion on the book - The Wildcard
  • ChristineBemis2 Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    BQ~ ~find the person who is sitting/playing/standing alone & become their BFF ~ (for a few seconds, minutes, lifetime💕💕💕) #teachpos
  • mjjohnson1216 Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    This is going to be GREAT!! #BookCampPD #TeachPos
  • tikaee Jan 20 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus Q My challenge for my Ss is to check in with our first grade buddies on a daily basis to make sure they are owning their behavior. #teachpos