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Sunday July 29, 2018
11:30 PM EDT

  • farship Jul 29 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    Thank you #OrEdChat for getting REAL tonight! Interested in digging deeper, check out: Be Real: Educate from the Heart by @TaraMartinEDU or check out her website for more treasures, https://t.co/GRgB9Z9B1i Join us next Sunday as @KathiSueSummers speaks to Book Bentos
  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    That's such a great idea. Office hours can definitely be intimidating. That early one-on-one time is essential for nurturing the relationship. Nice job, Howie. #OrEdChat
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  • farship Jul 29 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    A5. Being REAL is a stepping stone to fostering positive relationships with others around us. When we invest in others through the sharing of ourselves, they recognize that our intentions come from the ❤️ & are genuine #OrEdChat #RealEdu
  • LeachTeach4 Jul 29 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    Thank you @farship and the whole #OREdChat crew for another Sunday night of quick, fun, positive thinking! :-)
  • MsHinksClass Jul 29 @ 11:32 PM EDT
    This is what you were for me today - cherishing your feedback and thoughtful words, thank you! #OREdChat it was very REAL for me today :)
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  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Jul 29 @ 11:32 PM EDT
    Thank you @farship for leading the #OrEdChat crew tonight!! What a fun and REAL conversation! LOVED it! #readledu
  • AllisonOR503 Jul 29 @ 11:32 PM EDT
    Thank you, Farrah! Loved the chat. I am sure Be Real will hit the nightstand soon. #OrEdChat
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  • GianellaPage Jul 29 @ 11:33 PM EDT
    A5: being real-My students need to know who I am outside the classroom. Every Monday I take my turn at “Show and Tell.” They hear stories about my friends and family. #oredchat #relationshipsmatter
  • MsHinksClass Jul 29 @ 11:33 PM EDT
    Thanks @farship and #OrEdChat it was pleasure to pop in and join your chat :) Have a great week!
  • KathiSueSummers Jul 29 @ 11:33 PM EDT
    I really enjoyed the chat tonight @farship. I am a soul seeker and this made me think about things that I haven't visited in a while. #OrEdChat
  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    A) Our family scripture is "Let your light shine for Jesus." I really feel called to be a light. It's my prayer every morning. #OrEdChat
  • ManionJulie - Moderator Jul 29 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    Being REAL makes it easier for kids and teachers to trust that you want the best for each of them #oredchat
  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    What do you teach, Howie? Your Ss are clearly lucky to have you. #OrEdChat
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  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:35 PM EDT
    I can completely see this in you!!! #OrEdChat
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  • ManionJulie - Moderator Jul 29 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    Thanks Farrah @farship and #oredchat crew.
  • GianellaPage Jul 29 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    Thank you @farship for facilitating tonight. Great chat!#oredchat
  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:37 PM EDT
    Yes! At my old school my room was right across the street from a church with a cross right in front of my door. Wow!!! We ARE called to be lights unto the world. So glad to meet you, Jamie. #OrEdChat
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  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:40 PM EDT
    A5) When others see us joyfully being real to ourselves and pursuing our passions, hopefully they'll be encouraged to do the same. I have been influenced by so many of you from my Twitter PLN. Positivity is contagious. #OrEdChat
  • MarilynEDU Jul 29 @ 11:46 PM EDT
    Thank you, @farship and #OrEdChat, for the great chat! You made my heart happier tonight. #RealEdu ❤️
  • TaraMartinEDU Jul 29 @ 11:51 PM EDT
    Marilyn, DM me your address. I’ll send you another one. No prob. The Burgess fam and the Martin fam are certainly pet lovers. ❤️🐶 #RealEdu #BookSnaps #tlap #leadlap #oredchat @burgess_shelley @burgess_shelley @dbc_inc
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