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Sunday August 12, 2018
11:30 PM EDT

  • hartel30 Aug 12 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    I see Math on your board... do you/have you used the "Notice/Wonder" concept in math. I think this could be a place to fit in math sketching... not sure it would qualify as true #Sketchnoting but it seems like a natural place #oredchat
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  • AllisonOR503 Aug 12 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    A5 I think #sketchnotes can be a great tool for students, especially as part of a menu of options for students to learn and show learning. #oredchat
  • jcoswald Aug 12 @ 11:31 PM EDT
    Thanks for the #oredchat everyone! Great moderating @Kathisuesummers
  • shaunaaltman Aug 12 @ 11:31 PM EDT
    We are going to start with a little intro and then icons with short podcasts and Ted Talks. #OrEdChat
  • farship Aug 12 @ 11:31 PM EDT
    A5 I ā¤ļø #sketchnotes personally & I think my Ss will as well. I love to give options for representation of learning & I could see #sketchnotes being a popular choice #OrEdChat
  • shaunaaltman Aug 12 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    A4: Both! I find analogue more relaxing for me. But digital notes are become more efficient. Being able to copy, erase, enlarge... and the Apple Pencil. Iā€™m doing more on my iPad than I ever imagined possible. #OrEdChat
  • hartel30 Aug 12 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    Thanks @KathiSueSummers for heading up a great #oredchat I almost skipped it (I have plenty to do for the start of my year) but glad to get this type of hassle free PD šŸ˜† Thanks to all for awesome response. Enjoy your week.
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Aug 12 @ 11:35 PM EDT
    Thank you #OrEdchat for a great #sketchnoting chat tonight! And thank you to @KathiSueSummers for leading the crew!! Join us next Sunday at 8pm for "Pure Imagination" Inside the Chocolate Factory with @MrsLedford6Eng here on #OrEdchat!
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Aug 12 @ 11:37 PM EDT
    Went to a great #Sketchnoting session with @MrsCarterHLA at #ISTE18 and sketchnotes the Sketchnoting session! šŸ˜‚ Had some great tips and tricks! #OrEdChat
  • Davidmarsh80 Aug 12 @ 11:39 PM EDT
    A2 I like making lots of pics/doodles/graphics with a little text for reference. I remember more with more doodle than text. I also really enjoy geometric strange pointless doodles. #OrEdChat
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  • shaunaaltman Aug 12 @ 11:39 PM EDT
  • hartel30 Aug 12 @ 11:41 PM EDT
    Absolutely... the Bible is full of vivid stories that could easily be sketched. These examples would be awesome to see #oredchat #sketchnotes
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  • Davidmarsh80 Aug 12 @ 11:42 PM EDT
    A3 I plan on allowing sketchnotes in their writing/reading response journals and any time they feel like it will be helpful. I will be using sketchnotes when I teach some of my mini lessons, and I will allow them to hear my thinking while I doodle for/with them. #OrEdChat
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  • Davidmarsh80 Aug 12 @ 11:44 PM EDT
    A4 I like using both! I enjoy a good analog sketch just as much as a digital. Especially since I can do it on my Galaxy Note. My favorite is to combine both and add some animations or bitmojis. #OrEdChat
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  • Davidmarsh80 Aug 12 @ 11:49 PM EDT
    A5 I believe it is for both. I can see several of my students doing this very well without any struggle. For some it will be difficult, but it wont be a requirement. It will just be another option to be creative. #OrEdChat
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