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Tuesday June 5, 2018
8:00 PM EDT

  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Good evening! Welcome to tonight's chat: Post and Reply - Online Communication. I'm Todd, a 5th grade teacher from Charlotte, NC. This chat will be co-hosted with @CMS_HeatherR. Please introduce yourself. #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    #5thchat Hello! I'm happy to help Todd host tonight! I'm Heather Ramsey, Personalized Digital Learning Specialist from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jun 5 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    I’m Paul - 5th grade teacher from Arlington Heights, IL. Phone about to putter out. :( #5thchat
  • Dale_Chu Jun 5 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    HAPPENING NOW: @mrnasife and @CMS_HeatherR moderating a chat about online communication. Follow along at #5thchat!
  • NerdCoreTeacher Jun 5 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    Hey there #5thchat Beau from Dayton, IN checking in tonight! 4/5 HA teacher.
  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    Here is Q1 - #5thchat
  • teaching_power Jun 5 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    Hi everyone! Megan 5th grade teacher from IL! #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:09 PM EDT
    Q1. #5thchat Todd and I have worked with a team of teachers to provide Digital Citizenship lessons to our students in our LMS, using resources from @CommonSenseEd
  • teaching_power Jun 5 @ 8:09 PM EDT
    A1) we use to have librarians who did a great job at teaching digital citizenship and using tech tools but because of budget cuts I now try to weave it in where I can during tech lessons. I try to promote it when walking through my google classroom to start the year #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jun 5 @ 8:10 PM EDT
    A1 - Since we’re on computers nearly everyday (most of the day), digital citizenship is extremely important to me and I spend a lot of time working on it with the class. Kids become very responsible. :) #5thchat
  • theresaklambert Jun 5 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    Agreed. There are a variety of ways to comfy up a classroom without it costing an arm and leg. What is comfy for a child is much different than what is comfy for an adult. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Q2 - #5thchat
  • NerdCoreTeacher Jun 5 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    A1: Digital citizenship is key! I want my students to learn not only how to use and embrace technology, but also how to do so in a manner that will benefit those around them. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Popping in late!! Kellie fromVirginia beach 4th grade #5thchat
  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Welcome! Glad you could join us. #5thchat
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  • Dale_Chu Jun 5 @ 8:16 PM EDT
    Well said, Beau. #5thchat
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  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:16 PM EDT
    A1- i agree with @PaulSolarz- it is a focus in my room since we used the tech daily- it’s not something to go over once or twice- revisit it often! #5thchat
  • NerdCoreTeacher Jun 5 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A2: Of course it is our role as educators. Like so many other tasks, we can't simply assume students are getting the scaffolding they need outside of school. If so, we are clearly doing them a disservice and not preparing them for the real world. #5thchat
  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A2: Absolutely! If we are working with kids and using tech, we need to help our kids use it responsibly! Coming in late from MO! #5thchat
  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    I agree. We tend to think that students know how to use tech naturally, but aspects of digital citizenship need to be modeled and reviewed consistently, just like any other subject we teach. #5thchat
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  • Dale_Chu Jun 5 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    Agreed. #5thchat
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  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    A2- I think it has to be! We integrate into their daily lives more so than we used to. Explaining that citizenship role is vital. Sometimes parents haven’t been instructed in it #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:19 PM EDT
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    We see that as well. The parents can't keep up with what's happening with kids online. Our world moves so quickly!! #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    I agree, especially since they are on devices more and more in our classrooms. If we are requiring students to use technology, we need to teach them how. #5thchat
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  • NerdCoreTeacher Jun 5 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    @Flipgrid is one of the big ones we use. It helps if you open it up to replies from classmates, and everyone can see what is being said. Teachers can moderate as needed, especially at the start of the school year as guidelines are put in place. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    A3- most of what we use in my fourth-grade classroom is guarded. My students use Google hangouts to communicate with me both from the classroom and from home, but not with each other. I do monitor it & they are know that. This year‘s kids have been very honest #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    I love @Flipgrid too because it helps create safe spaces where we can use bandaids when kids make mistakes. #5thchat
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  • teaching_power Jun 5 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    A2) I believe it is our roll to educate but families need to do the same at home too with their own rolls and restrictions #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jun 5 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A3- I teach #QualityBoosters to help my kids give constructive feedback to their peers in the Comments of their blogs. #learnlap #5thchat
  • Dale_Chu Jun 5 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    There’s really no alternative. #5thchat
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  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A3: My students participated in discussions on Schoology, including sharing videos! They also communicated with each other and experts by email when working on research projects. Sharing and collaborating on Google Docs is also a hit. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    In past years Ss haven’t always display good digital citizenship. I’ve had fourth graders post porn pictures, 😠inappropriate language, and so forth. Teaching them expectations and digital citizenship from the get go is so important #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    I think it's our role as educators to educate families too! There are many amazing resources out there to do this! @CommonSenseEd has a plethora! I created a project for grad school https://t.co/UvwkZrVnvc that I use too. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    I had this issue in the past. I learned a lot from these mistakes and this year was a lot better for me. Still some issues, but I was much more consistent this year with my expectations and that has made all the difference. #5thchat
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  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    It's amazing what kids can find and share! We have to show them these mistakes cost in the long run. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:28 PM EDT
    Q4 - #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    Oh! That one is new to me! Can't wait to explore! #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    A4 - I think a lot of us answered this in Q3, but if there is anything else to add. I use @CanvasLMS for discussion posts and online communication with my students. #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jun 5 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    I discovered DQWorld in Dubai and my kids completed the whole FREE program and honestly lived it! #5thchat
    • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:30 PM EDT
      Oh! That one is new to me! Can't wait to explore! #5thchat
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  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    Do you have Google Hangouts turned on for students? Tell me more! #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:31 PM EDT
    Yes, I never heard of this either. I need to check it out. #5thchat
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  • MrHartzlerMath Jun 5 @ 8:31 PM EDT
    A4: I use Padlet to help my students communicate with both me and their peers. Its has worked well so far! #5thchat
  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:33 PM EDT
    A4: I use @Schoology , Google Classroom, and Padlet #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:34 PM EDT
    @padlet is my favorite OG app. I started using it *years* ago when it was called WallWisher. That's the sign of a truly powerful too!!! #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:34 PM EDT
    I've also started using Padlet, as well. We used it a couple of times for pen pals we had in Wisconsin. It worked really well for that type of communication. #5thchat
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  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:35 PM EDT
    Q5 - #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:37 PM EDT
    A5- before I taught the expectations, my Ss didn’t use it as a true collab /feedback took . But since we started this year with expectations in place and review them often, there have been no issues! #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:39 PM EDT
    What are the expectations for use in your classroom? #5thchat
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  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:39 PM EDT
    A5: It's been live and learn for sure! Having lots of expectations and guidelines have helped so kids know how to provide good, constructive feedback. Also, collaborating on a shared document takes practice! (and patience) #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:40 PM EDT
    Live and learn AND don't be scared! I think so many quit when they hit a bump in the road. Don't quit!! #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    The ability to share documents is a great feature and opportunity to work on constructive feedback. I like to do it as peer editing with just pairs and then build up to larger groups. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    Q6 - #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:44 PM EDT
    A6- after modeling positive and acceptable types of collab/feedback/responses- we review it, discuss it and model it again #5thchat
  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:46 PM EDT
    A6: Student self-reflection is big for this. I like to give my kids a survey to tell me their thoughts. Another assessment would be my conferences and observations of them while they are working. #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:48 PM EDT
    Q7 - #5thchat
  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:49 PM EDT
    I like the survey idea and I found that just a little back of feedback on their posts provides them with some guidance for online communication. #5thchat
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  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:49 PM EDT
    That's awesome! Even though we hear about it a lot I don't think we ask kids what they think often enough. #5thchat
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  • HowardKiyuna Jun 5 @ 8:49 PM EDT
    A7: Pick 1 thing you want to learn at a time. Find 1 person really good at it & follow who they follow. Refine your follow list. Focus on the needs & interests most prevalent in your life & career. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:50 PM EDT
    A7- Choose one app to start off with, and model your expectations until you think the Ss have totally gotten it. Then model it a couple dozen more times! #5thchat
  • KHTeach5 Jun 5 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    Model and share what constructive feedback looks/sounds like. I've done this with a student and put it on the SMARTboard so Ss can actually see it. When they are working, ask Ss if you can project what they are doing. If using email, teach how to write 'professionally'. #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    Yes!! I think we try to use too many cool things at once and completely overwhelm our Ss. Don't overdo it, but make sure they are very comfortable with one way before adding on. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    Agreed! You can never model it enough. Consistency is essential. #5thchat
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  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:53 PM EDT
    Q8 - #5thchat
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:54 PM EDT
    #5thchat if we’ve learned one lesson tonight I think it’s...
  • EduGladiators Jun 5 @ 8:55 PM EDT
    #EduGladiators Summer Series: EdCamp Topics continues with authors @LaurenPorosoff @jhweinstein helps us think out of the box for PD! Join us! #edchat 3ctedu #divergEd #5thchat #Edsurgechat #Empowerme #espechat #K12PRChat #nced #NJed #NJLibchat #TnEdChat #pln365 #scichat
  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:55 PM EDT
    Shhh... don't tell anyone I said this, but #5thchat is my fave chat of the week! You all have amzaing ideas and are fun to talk with!
  • CMS_HeatherR Jun 5 @ 8:56 PM EDT
    I am hoping to incorporate some PBLs based on Digital Citizenship. Anyone have any good ideas? #5thchat
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  • msweisenbeck Jun 5 @ 8:57 PM EDT
    A8-- Collab outside our walls. We've done a few @Flipgrid with other schools and have done many #mysteryhangouts = Next year want to expand more and provide even more opps #5thchat
  • MrNasife Jun 5 @ 8:58 PM EDT
    I definitely want to work with @Flipgrid next year and take it outside of the classroom/school. I would love to use this to communicate and collaborate with other schools. #5thchat
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