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The school district chat for the MSD of Wayne Township

Tuesday January 15, 2019
8:00 PM EST

  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:01 PM EST
    Hello and welcome to our MLK chat. To get things started, post your best big-snow picture from the weekend! #WeAreWayne
  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Don't forget to add #WeAreWayne to all of your Chat responses tonight, so nobody misses your insights~~
  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 15 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Margo Melson, ELA, CHC. Sorry no big snow pics. We we're cozy inside by the fireplace. #WeAreWayne
  • mchrisl63 Jan 15 @ 8:05 PM EST
    Chris Landis, Assistant Principal at Bridgeport. I don’t have any snow pictures, but I’m here and ready to tweet! #wearewayne @BPEKnights
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  • AngelaBarnes09 Jan 15 @ 8:06 PM EST
    No snow pix, Theatre/Etymology, NGC #wearewayne
  • USF_Diversity Jan 15 @ 8:07 PM EST
    We are thrilled to have #WeAreWayne coming to visit!!!
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:07 PM EST
    If you haven't done this before, we use Q1/A1 format to keep track of the conversations. Happy Tweeting! #WeAreWayne
  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:08 PM EST
    Q1: What was your experience learning about MLK when you were in school? #WeAreWayne
  • AngelaBarnes09 Jan 15 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1: Usually confined to Feb at school, family stories at home, visits to ATL, protesting for natl holiday in college #wearewayne
  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:12 PM EST
    Amazing. Where did you protest? When did this happen? Tell me more~ #WeAreWayne
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  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 15 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A1: unfortunately, not much. I'm older, so we didn't have MLK day yet. ☹️ #WeAreWayne
  • mchrisl63 Jan 15 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A1: I first learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. when I came to Wayne Township to teach. I read books about him to my first graders and emphasized the importance of solving problems peacefully. #wearewayne @BPEKnights
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  • NorthWayneElem Jan 15 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A1: I learned the most about MLK in high school history class #wearewayne
  • mrsperdueNWE Jan 15 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A1: When I attended IPS in Elem. I had great experiences learning about MLK and how he fought for equal rights for all people #wearewayne #CSSips #ColdSpringsElementary
  • AngelaBarnes09 Jan 15 @ 8:15 PM EST
    Although the US Gov recognized the holiday, Ball State did not. I helped organized a protest to make BSU recognized the holiday. #wearewayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:15 PM EST
    Same! I don't think Dr. King was ever mentioned in my small town schools until I took American History in high school. #WeAreWayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:15 PM EST
    Powerful. Successful? #WeAreWayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:16 PM EST
    So glad IPS got it! #WeAreWayne
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  • CHC_Mr_Johnson Jan 15 @ 8:17 PM EST
    8th Grade win a good road win 52-22. 8-0 in conference. We are ready for the upcoming tournament. #wearewayne #wearefamily
  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:17 PM EST
    Q2: What's your favorite way of sharing MLK's message with your students? I bet @MsMelsonCHC has some knock-socks-off ideas #WeAreWayne
  • AngelaBarnes09 Jan 15 @ 8:18 PM EST
    Yes, ma'am. There were entire states that refused to recognize the holiday at the beginning. We were glad our university finally did. #wearewayne
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  • mrsperdueNWE Jan 15 @ 8:19 PM EST
    A2: I love immersing my students with various articles, images, videos and classroom discussions about #MLK #wearewayne
  • AngelaBarnes09 Jan 15 @ 8:20 PM EST
    A2: Living it. Recognizing, honoring, and appreciating each tiny detail of my students. #Iseeyou! #Iloveyou #wearewayne
  • NorthWayneElem Jan 15 @ 8:22 PM EST
    Spreading MLK's message everyday in our words and actions is how I choose to live. #wearewayne
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  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 15 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A2: I spend a lot of time on civil rights. Right now, we are reading Dear Martin by Nic Stone. We just did a Socratic Seminar on privilege. We study the Children's March in Birmingham, Emmitt Till, Selma, ... I take Ss to AL on the civil rights trail. #mypassion #WeAreWayne
  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:22 PM EST
    I know your students love it too! Have you found new ways to incorporate the Message in your Title role? #wearewayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:24 PM EST
    Passion takes work! What kind of feedback do you get from students? #WeAreWayne
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  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 15 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A2 cont : Socratic seminar on MLKs speeches. Spoken Word performance on Voice. #WeAreWayne
  • mchrisl63 Jan 15 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A2: There is a story about MLK’s childhood that I used to share with my students. Until he was school age, his best friend was white. There came a time when they weren’t allowed to play together anymore. 😢 #wearewayne @BPEKnights
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:25 PM EST
    I think i read that! Is there a book written about that story? #Wearewayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:26 PM EST
    Q3: Do you have any unique resources or partnerships that you can share with us? #WeAreWayne
  • emleonard111 Jan 15 @ 8:27 PM EST
    A2: I always loved sponsoring students in the Wayne Township MLK contest. It always provided a unique outlet for students to share their perspective! #WeAreWayne
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  • MsMelsonCHC Jan 15 @ 8:27 PM EST
    Eye opening, complete engagement, so many emotions. Ss that can be pretty quiet, develop a voice. They don't want class to end. ❤️ #WeAreWayne
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  • mchrisl63 Jan 15 @ 8:27 PM EST
    It was a picture book about his life. #wearewayne
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  • NWEFoust Jan 15 @ 8:29 PM EST
    A3: When living/working in FtWayne I partnered with the AAAHSM. Haven't found anything like it in Indy. https://t.co/GCZ6a5VlMu #wearewayne