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Sunday January 6, 2019
11:30 PM EST

  • AllisonOR503 Jan 6 @ 11:30 PM EST
    Thanks for a great chat tonight, everyone! See you next week! #OrEdChat #RealEDU
  • andersonschamps Jan 6 @ 11:30 PM EST
    A5: I don't know... I'm interested in what others will say. I think it could help with thinking about new goals and reflecting upon prior goals with Ss in the classroom, especially this time of year with New Year resolutions on the mind. #OrEdChat
  • 2014ORTOY Jan 6 @ 11:30 PM EST
    I second that! Thank you !#OrEdChat
    In reply to @hmarrs24
  • SteinbrinkLaura Jan 6 @ 11:30 PM EST
    Thanks! You too! #OrEdChat
    In reply to @hmarrs24
  • ManionJulie - Moderator Jan 6 @ 11:30 PM EST
    A5. This would be a great tool to use before doing the strategic plan or the first faculty meeting of the year.#oredchat
  • KathiSueSummers Jan 6 @ 11:31 PM EST
    We will be cannon balling into the book chat next week. #OrEdChat #RealEDU And I will have an interesting graphic to share...
  • SteinbrinkLaura Jan 6 @ 11:31 PM EST
    You bet! Have a great week! #OrEdChat
    In reply to @AllisonOR503
  • alyssum_barber Jan 6 @ 11:32 PM EST
    Happy 2019! Go get 'em team! #OrEdChat
  • GianellaPage Jan 6 @ 11:33 PM EST
    Q5 #oredchat #realedu I don’t know much about this Compass Tool yet, but I might be able to use it with my students and goals for the new year. We just got results from our I-ready assessment and I’m thinking I could use it with our upcoming data chat.
  • farship Jan 6 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A3 #OrEdChat #REALedu It opens up the flood of ideas & gives starting points to future conversations.
    • AllisonOR503 Jan 6 @ 11:15 PM EST
      Q3: When people are timed while responding to a question, they often share what pops into their mind at that moment, no contemplating. How might this benefit the Innovators’ Compass process (or another “getting to know you” process)? #OrEdChat #RealEDU #InnovatorsMindset
  • farship Jan 6 @ 11:41 PM EST
    A4 #OrEdChat #REALedu Personally, I joyfully serve God, seeking to use the talents & gifts He has given me for His glory. Professionally, I happily serve & value my students, our school community including other students, their families, teachers & admin
    • AllisonOR503 Jan 6 @ 11:20 PM EST
      Q4: How would you answer the question at the center of the REAL and Innovators’ Compass question of who are the people you serve, the ones you value? Personally and/or professionally? #OrEdChat #RealEDU
  • farship Jan 6 @ 11:44 PM EST
    A5 #OrEdChat #REALedu I think this would be an interesting addition to our #oneword2019 conversations. It might be an interesting follow up afternoon they have identified their word.
  • SteinbrinkLaura Jan 6 @ 11:44 PM EST
    Yay! What/where were you emceeing? #OrEdChat
    In reply to @MrNunesteach
  • farship Jan 6 @ 11:48 PM EST
    Have a great week! Thanks for yet another great chat. I’m looking forward to reading through your responses tomorrow #OrEdChat