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Oregon gets an EdChat!! #OREdChat will run every Sunday from 8:30-9pm PST.

Sunday June 3, 2018
11:30 PM EDT

  • AllisonOR503 Jun 3 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    Thank you for a great chat! I am loving that @hmarrs24 is here in spirit with her Bitmojis! See you next week! #OrEdChat #EduProtocols
  • shaunaaltman Jun 3 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    A5: I’m going to try and design a module that uses fast and furious. I’m just not sure how it will read using my asynchronous online platform. Maybe I can make google slide templates to use as the “worksheets” #OrEdChat
  • GianellaPage Jun 3 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    #oredchat No time for tests. Just fun activities that review and assess what we have learned. Measurement assessment by jumping and comparing. Geometry assessment with toothpicks and play dough. More fun and good solid data without tests!
  • LeachTeach4 Jun 3 @ 11:31 PM EDT
    Thank you, Allison for facilitating this week! :-) #oredchat
  • SteinbrinkLaura Jun 3 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    Thanks for moderating tonight, @AllisonOR503 and thanks for another great chat! #OrEdChat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Jun 3 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    Incredibly humbled and honored to receive the Outstanding Technology Innovator of the year award for #EPSD9! Great banquet, great food, great friends! Fantastic way to end the weekend 😊 #OrEdChat #tlap #bethewildcard
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Jun 3 @ 11:44 PM EDT
    Aww thank you so much Allison!! Incredibly grateful to have you in my PLN as well!! Thanks for saving my bacon tonight and taking over #OrEdChat for me!! 😉
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  • farship Jun 3 @ 11:55 PM EDT
    A3: If I am honest, I can think of many times where “The Suck” has happened. I like chunking assignments for Ss and now will try the timing feature #OrEdChat #Eduprotocols