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The mission of #TynkerChat: Are we adequately preparing students for an unknown future? Can we, through community and sharing, make this unknown “known?” Let us lift up the conversation about making sure that when our students enter the workforce- they have the skills to thrive. #TynkerChat will be held every Monday, starting March 13th.

Monday May 29, 2017
7:00 PM EDT

  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:03 PM EDT
    We'll be using the typical Q & A format! Join the conversation! This week is about 'Summer Learning Opportunities for Students' #tynkerchat
  • MrsA1stGrade May 29 @ 7:03 PM EDT
    Beth Austin Gurnee, IL #tynkerchat
  • Teacher_AWebb May 29 @ 7:04 PM EDT
    Amber from MI, I'll be in and out tonight! #Tynkerchat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:04 PM EDT
    Sue from Marblehead Ohio #tynkerchat
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:05 PM EDT
    Q1 During the summer months, what skills should students be developing? #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:05 PM EDT
    Disagree - no subject area should be taught in isolation. Kids need to make connections and see the application. #tynkerchat
  • Teacher_AWebb May 29 @ 7:06 PM EDT
    A1: Problem solving, collaboration, play and innovative thinking #Tynkerchat
  • srvef_Imagineer May 29 @ 7:07 PM EDT
    A1: Anything that helps students avoid the #Summerslide and allows them to explore their interests. #Tynkerchat
  • MrsA1stGrade May 29 @ 7:07 PM EDT
    A1: Definitely perseverance. We need to make sure kids are being challenged. #TynkerChat
  • MrsA1stGrade May 29 @ 7:11 PM EDT
    A1: Also hoping to host a few neighborhood coding sessions for those kids who don't have access to technology at home. #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:11 PM EDT
    Using the https://t.co/sAs9QeBnlf Algebra program that connects algebra and app creation -Ss are very engaged #tynkerchat
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:12 PM EDT
    Q2 What are the most effective enrichment learning models? #TynkerChat
  • MrsA1stGrade May 29 @ 7:14 PM EDT
    A2: Activités that involve STEM throughout the curriculum. Coding also needs to be incorporated not isolated #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:16 PM EDT
    I have done some of the Drone coding with Tynker as part of technology class - but could easily integrate into Math. #tynkerchat
  • Teacher_AWebb May 29 @ 7:17 PM EDT
    A2: Play based, hands-on, experiential #Tynkerchat
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:17 PM EDT
    There is so much math in this. Measuring turns and speed and estimating distances. Love it!! #tynkerchat
    In reply to @Hartmantech58
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:17 PM EDT
    Have you tried the Tynker Hour of Code where you make the solar system - shows the orbital paths? #tynkerchat
    In reply to @pcteachershs
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:18 PM EDT
    Q3 Why do parents value summer enrichment? #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:18 PM EDT
    Our PE teacher used Makey Makey and Scratch to make a DDR game for her class - we are going to have the kids remix the code nex #tynkerchat
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:18 PM EDT
    I absolutely agree that students should be given time to apply their learning! That's the fund part anyways!! #tynkerchat
    In reply to @Hartmantech58
  • Teacher_AWebb May 29 @ 7:18 PM EDT
    A3: Keeps child's mind engaged and wondering, learning and making connections #Tynkerchat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:19 PM EDT
    We were working on ratios last week - 100% speed for 5 seconds = 200% speed for? #tynkerchat
    In reply to @mrsbrear
  • VisionsByVicky - Moderator May 29 @ 7:19 PM EDT
    A3: It helps prevent what I call the "I'm bored" syndrome. :) #Tynkerchat
  • MrsA1stGrade May 29 @ 7:19 PM EDT
    A3: Parents know that it keeps their kids engaged and stimulated. It also gives their kids a sense of accomplishment #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:21 PM EDT
    I agree - also helps with the "I can't" syndrome as well - self confidence and collaboration grows #tynkerchat
    In reply to @VisionsByVicky
  • npf007 May 29 @ 7:22 PM EDT
    A1: During summer, Ss should learn skills not usually being taught in their formal curriculum. #TynkerChat
    In reply to @mrsbrear
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:23 PM EDT
    At the Ohio Tech conference - one of the vendors used an ozobot to do Script Ohio with the OSU fight in the background - cute #tynkerchat
    In reply to @Teacher_AWebb, @OZOBOT
  • npf007 May 29 @ 7:24 PM EDT
    A2: User-Centered Development is a nice learning model especially when it comes to coding. #TynkerChat
    In reply to @mrsbrear
  • mrsbrear May 29 @ 7:24 PM EDT
    Q4 Why should public schools offer enrichment? #TynkerChat
  • Hartmantech58 May 29 @ 7:25 PM EDT
    I teach middle school & I found that if I teach the kids, then the teachers get interested & the kids teach them. Sneaky but... #tynkerchat
    In reply to @MrsA1stGrade
  • npf007 May 29 @ 7:25 PM EDT
    summer break is definitely a good opportunity for Ss to learn something new that entails a very long focused period of time. #TynkerChat
    In reply to @mrsbrear, @Hartmantech58
  • MrTowse May 29 @ 7:26 PM EDT
    or developing further an emerging skill set...? #tynkerchat Particularly if those skills are not mutually exclusive...IMO
    In reply to @npf007, @mrsbrear