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The school district chat for the MSD of Wayne Township

Tuesday September 18, 2018
8:00 PM EDT

  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Welcome to our #WeAreWayne Twitter chat celebrating @BenDavisHS Homecoming Week! If you are joining us tonight, please introduce yourself.
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Matt Cochran, kindergarten teacher @SFE_3820 #WeAreWayne
  • bigredindy Sep 18 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Tim Wickard, Principal @SFE_3820 #wearewayne
  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Good Evening Rob Irvine Assistant Principal @SFE_3820 #WeareWayne
  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Amber Isom - 2nd grade teacher @SFE_3820 #wearewayne
  • angieaxo Sep 18 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Hi! Angie Tinsman, KDG @CWECHAMP #WeAreWayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    When responding to a question, please use A1, A2, A3… and include #WeAreWayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Sep 18 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    Ghirmay Alazar, Assistance Director of Special Services #wearewayne
  • ms_guthier Sep 18 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    Pam Guthier, 4th grade @SFE_3820 #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Hello! Lindsay Wey, Title I RT, GCE #wearewayne
  • jamiequilliam Sep 18 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Jamie Quilliam math teacher at BDNGC #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Hello! Margo Melson Chapel Hill #wearewayne
  • MrsEarnest22 Sep 18 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Jessica Earnest—dean of students at @BenDavisHS. #loveheruswedo #thereisareason #wearewayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:05 PM EDT
    Q1: Ben Davis Homecoming is on Friday and we are celebrating across #wearewayne this week. As you reflect on your high school experience, what is your favorite homecoming memory?
  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    A1 If I didn't learn my dance moves from my sons or Fortnite, then I learned them at a @SBCLAYHS dance with @SethPonder #WeAreWayne
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    Alyssa Haller, SLP at Ben Davis NGC #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    A1: I was on dance team and performing in the homecoming parade was lots of fun. #wearewayne
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  • MrsEarnest22 Sep 18 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    A1: Oh my! I wish I had access to my old pictures. Homecoming always was a time to celebrate the achievements that our @BenDavisFB team had and have fun with friends! #wearewayne
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    A1: My brother was on the football team, so I always enjoyed going to the games to watch him play. Also, my senior year I was voted King of Spanish Club and got to be in the homecoming parade and that was pretty fun too #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    A1: cheering at the big football game, dressing up the week leading to it, as well as the homecoming dance! 💜#schoolspirit #BDalum #onceagiantalwaysagiant #wearewayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    #wearewayne like this I bet...
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  • angieaxo Sep 18 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    A1: As a Ben Davis grad, I always loved homecoming! The spirit of the school leading up to the big night was always so upbeat and exciting! Homecoming was a great way to kickoff the year with friends and school spirit! #WeAreWayne
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:08 PM EDT
    A1: Being on homecoming court during the fall season. And my friends nerding it up, giving me a Harry Potter wizard's hat to wear when I didn't win the crown. #stillcrushed #bookworm #wearewayne
  • educatorbarnes Sep 18 @ 8:08 PM EDT
    Shawnta Barnes @wle_elem1955 media specialist #WeAreWayne
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  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:08 PM EDT
    Homecoming was always fun @BenDavisHS !!! 💜 #wearewayne
  • MrsEarnest22 Sep 18 @ 8:09 PM EDT
    A1: found one! Look at that fashion!!!!! 🤣😂 @BenDavisAlumni @BenDavisHS #wearewayne
  • educatorbarnes Sep 18 @ 8:09 PM EDT
    A1: I didn't go to many high school events & I only went to homecoming my sophomore year. I just enjoyed hanging out with my friends and walking around. #WeAreWayne
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  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:10 PM EDT
    Q2: Extracurriculars are often a cornerstone of a successful high school experience. What kinds of activities helped you engage positively in your school’s culture? #wearewayne
  • ms_guthier Sep 18 @ 8:10 PM EDT
    A1 I was in the marching band and loved a special halftime show! #wearewayne
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A2: I was too sporty, but I enjoyed spending time participating in different clubs. I was in Lost Club (the TV show - we theorized and watched episodes together), The Office Club, Spanish Club, and Art Club #wearewayne
  • bigredindy Sep 18 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A2: Sports were my favorite but I also was involved in music and drama groups. Small town South Dakota meant you get to do everything. Great opportunities to be in front of people and learn about people. #wearewayne
  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A2 @sbclaycolonials held an enormous canned food drive (I reluctantly learned the IU fight song just to get 40 canned food items from Mrs. Short) Sports - both playing and cheering, Band and orchestra kept me busy. #WeAreWayne
  • jamiequilliam Sep 18 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A1- I have always bled purple! The best part was all of us on the volleyball team getting together at the game to root on our FB team! Go BD! #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A2: dance team, track, student council, golf, Letterman's club, German club. #wearewayne
  • ms_guthier Sep 18 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    A2. There was marching band, show choir, student council. Being involved made me feel connected #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: cheerleading, softball, show choir, national honor society, class officer... so many great clubs & activities offered @BenDavisHS then & even more now! #getconnected #wearewayne
  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: There were a lot of activities to choose from. I loved Key Club, Student Council and ⚽️#wearewayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Sep 18 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: Soccer!!! It's the world game! As a new student from another country, soccer connected me with students in high school that loved the game #wearewayne
  • CHCSchebler Sep 18 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    Boys tennis won 3-2 against Paul Hadley Middle School! #wearewayne
  • jamiequilliam Sep 18 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    A2 - Sports! I played volleyball and softball. Most of my HS friends that I am still connected with were my teammates. I was also part of the NHS tutoring program and college potential. Any small group that you can connect with to make the large school smaller is key! #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    A2: I was in student council, choir, theater, & academic teams anything that doesn't involve hand-eye coordination. :) It felt like I was at school every evening throughout the week. I always love to see students staying after school, being productive but having fun #wearewayne
  • bigredindy Sep 18 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    Never heard of a Lost club...that is awesome #wearewayne
    In reply to @CochranM90
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Q3: Teachers, coaches and other school staff make a big impact daily on students. Who do you recognize as someone who made a difference in your school experience? How did they impact your success? #wearewayne
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Haha, my art teacher, guidance counselor, and I started it...it may have just been a club of 3 #WeAreWayne
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  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:16 PM EDT
    A3 Mr. Kasper from @SBCLAYHS - Gave me an appreciation for Hemingway and Steinbeck - and didn't hold back when you did something well or poorly on the field. Ms. Short - taught me that a C in second year chem prepares you well for College Chemistry #WeAreWayne
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A3: It's hard to pick just one, but I'll go with my high school Spanish teacher. She ended up being my senior counselor too and she really helped me figure out my life after high school. #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A3: I just remember hearing about my teacher's college experiences and being very motivated to apply to schools, and tour them, in order to be just like my role models. I try to share as much about my college experience as I can with students. #BallState #ChirpChirp #wearewayne
  • jamiequilliam Sep 18 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A3 - There were many! Krista Hensley was a great English teacher, volleyball coach, and role model. She taught us all about acceptance and diversity. I have been fortunate to connect with her as a colleague and friend now! #wearewayne
  • educatorbarnes Sep 18 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    A2: For me, none. I made one attempt to participate in extracurriculars in high school. I showed up to a service club & was the only black kid. Besides saying hi, no one spoke to me. I didn't bother trying any other extracurriculars after that. #WeAreWayne
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  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    A3: I was so lucky to have so many great teachers in my 13 years in #wearewayne. 💜 Mrs. Nelson & Mrs. D. Edwards from @CWECHAMP Mrs. C. Smith & @Doc_Nik307 from Fulton and @BenDavisAP & @sandyplyley are just some of them!
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    Our dance team coach was like a second mom to us. So caring and supportive in all aspects of our lives. Still stay connected to this day. 37 years later. Yikes! Alao, my history teacher taught us to have a voice. #wearewayne
  • Dr_G_Alazar Sep 18 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    A3: I will never forget all my ESL teachers that supported me. They were passionate and loved kids #wearewayne
  • ms_guthier Sep 18 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    A3 Senora Duff was an amazing Spanish teacher. It's been decades since my last Spanish class but I still remember her jingles to help me! I regret never letting her know her impact. #wearewayne
  • angieaxo Sep 18 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    A3: WOW! I’m not able to pick just one, but as a Wayne Township student and teacher I can say we have some of the finest teachers now and then! So thankful and blessed to work in Wayne! #WeAreWayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    Q4: High school can create life long friendships. In what ways do you continue to connect with friends from your high school experience? #wearewayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    Wow! Being welcomed matters. Thanks for sharing, challenges us all to consider how we can make all our extracurricular not only accessible but also welcoming to ALL! #wearewayne
    In reply to @educatorbarnes
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    A3: I had great role models, coaches, & club sponsors that made my high school experience memorable! @mommamcgowan @M_edwards00 @jamiequilliam @mikekirschner1 @CoachVanderbush to name a few! 💜 #wearewayne
  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    A4 Sadly life sometimes gets in the way and the time to connect is filled with current reality. However alumni get together after thankgiving for an indoor soccer game. It becomes 2 hours of sweating while trying not to get hurt. #gettingoldhurts #sorefordays #WeAreWayne
  • jamiequilliam Sep 18 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    A4 - Social media has allowed for connections near and far. I find myself in the parent role now, spending time with HS friends who have kids in the same activities as my boys! #wearewayne
  • CochranM90 Sep 18 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A4: I don't keep up with as many as I would like to, but I have a core group of friends from high school that I make time to see. We play games, go out to eat, go to sporting events together. It's not always easy to find time, but it's always fun to be together. #wearewayne
  • missymom15 Sep 18 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A3: My 5th grade teacher, Mrs. Maharg. She had high expectations. If you turned in an assignment and she didn’t consider it your ‘best’ work, she’d give it back and tell you to bring it back to her when it was. #wearewayne
  • angieaxo Sep 18 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A4: I still keep in touch with friends from highschool. Either through our careers, social media, gatherings, etc. What has been neat is to be the teacher to highschool friends children!! #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A4: I am still close with my core group of high school friends... we were in each other’s weddings & make sure to plan visits every so often! #wearewayne
  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    A4: My best friend growing up isn’t someone I get to see often, but it’s nice knowing I can always call her and we pick up right where we left off. #wearewayne
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    A4: A couple are bridesmaids when I get married in Oct! Also, this is one instance where facebook helps. I'm co-teaching an English class this year & I've messaged them about Freshman reading memories.The lit canon never seems to change- I too read Catcher in the Rye. #wearewayne
  • educatorbarnes Sep 18 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    A3: My choir teacher at Lawrence North made a big difference in my high school experience. I wrote about her during teacher appreciate week back in May for @IndyKidsWinning. Click the link to read the article. https://t.co/JCI3oEw7YT #WeAreWayne
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  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    Q5: We’ve enjoyed the evening reflecting on our past school experiences. IF you could go back in time….What would you tell your 18 year old self? #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    A4: My friends & I get together each year in September for Kiss the Summer good bye dinner. We come home from all over US. We also take a girls trip every few years. We have an ongoing group text too. Great friendships last a lifetime. #blessed #wearewayne
  • bigredindy Sep 18 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    A5: You should have studied more as a freshman....Enjoy being a kid. Make the most of every opportunity and thank your parents more often. Don't always look for the next thing, but enjoy the time you have now. #wearewayne
  • RobIrvine1 Sep 18 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    A5 Be wary of social media in the future, be present with the friends you have, work hard in all areas and apply for any and all college scholarships... The money you save could buy you a really nice car in the future #SallieMaehasmyLexusinitsparkinglot #WeAreWayne
  • missymom15 Sep 18 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    A4: I married my high school sweetheart. ❤️ There are a few high school friends that I keep up with in person, but a whole lot that I keep up with on social media. Some of them have kids that play sports or go to school with my 3 daughters! 😊#wearewayne
  • GardenCityElem Sep 18 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    A4 I attend Alumni activities and use social media to stay connected. #WeAreWayne
  • MrsIsomsFriends Sep 18 @ 8:27 PM EDT
  • angieaxo Sep 18 @ 8:28 PM EDT
    A5: I would say to enjoy the moment, slow down, don’t take this journey for granted. Spend time with loved ones and thank your family! Enjoy the ride! #wearewayne
  • MrsWey10 Sep 18 @ 8:28 PM EDT
    A5: live in the moment, take advantage of all your opportunities, you can never learn too much, enjoy it ... for it passes quicker than you’ll realize! #wearewayne
  • ms_guthier Sep 18 @ 8:28 PM EDT
    A5 Always be true to yourself, even if it disappoints others. Openly communicate and don't be afraid. Give more. Forgive more. Appreciate the "little things" #wearewayne
  • GardenCityElem Sep 18 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A5 Follow your dreams, travel the world. Don't amass a "ton" of student loan debt. @SFE_3820 #WeAreWayne
  • WayneTwpSuper Sep 18 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    Just got home. Sorry I missed the #wearewayne Twitter chat. I am enjoying reading the responses however. Great job tonight @SFE_3820
  • educatorbarnes Sep 18 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A4: I'm not currently friends with anyone I became friends with in high school, but I married the best guy at my high school. My hubby and I went to the same schools K-12 and met at Purdue University. #WeAreWayne
    In reply to @SFE_3820
  • SLPaly Sep 18 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A5: Wow! Loaded question. I would probably just tell myself to breathe. To realize every hurdle isn't devastating and sometimes growth stems from discomfort. These moments are shaping you. Also... low rise jeans are not cute. #sorrygirl #wearewayne
  • MsMelsonCHC Sep 18 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A5: Corney, but life is like a box of chocolates. Enjoy the ride. #wearewayne
  • SFE_3820 Sep 18 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    Thanks for joining us! Hope you enjoy this homecoming week. #theresareasontheycallusgiants #WeAreWayne