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Sunday February 3, 2019
11:30 PM EST

  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 3 @ 11:30 PM EST
    A5: Responding to the cries of help from others, even when I don't know the answer, is something I do. Love showing Ss and Ts how I figure things out. :) #OrEdChat
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:30 PM EST
    A3 Turn the spotlight on others!!! That’s my absolute fave!!! I love discovering the talents of others and shining a light on it—to the🌎! It makes my heart happy!! #OrEdChat #RealEdu
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  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 3 @ 11:31 PM EST
    Q6: What tips would you add to learning through life? And/or which tip speaks to you most and why? #OREdChat #REALedu
  • andersonschamps Feb 3 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5: I always try to say hello and smile at kids (and adults) in the hallway even if they aren't in my class. If I know their name, I use it... If I don't know them, I ask what their name is and then say "nice to meet you." #connection #BeREAL #OrEdChat
  • KathiSueSummers Feb 3 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A6. I think the most important tip I follow is staying connected to my #PLN. This includes #OrEdChat #4OCFPLN , my F2F peeps and my Voxer book studies.
  • farship Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A4 #OrEdChat #REALedu Making mistakes is key for me. I am not perfect. I goof up, make mistakes, misread situations. I have received much grace in these moments when I admit my error and apologize. I hope to extend the same grace to others too
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A6: Keep the work/life balance as best as you can. If you let work take too much of your life, you won't have as much to share with your students and staff when you are there. It's also a good way to burn out and not be good for anyone! #OrEdchat
  • tishrich Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A6: "Stay curious and full of wonder"! Love this! Look at the world with glittering eyes.... There is a little magic in everything if we look for it! #REALedu #MLmagical #OrEdChat
  • AllisonOR503 Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A5 Wear ONE face - it's super important. #OREdChat #REALedu
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A5 A little feedback goes a long way! When we are silent, people often assume their own feedback. Their thoughts run wild with what they believe we are thinking. If we just give a little feedback, we can help them avoid these wild (&often not true) thoughts. #OrEdChat #RealEdu
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  • MsDoremus Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
  • ManionJulie - Moderator Feb 3 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A6. Take someone new to a conference. Speaking of that is anybody else going to hear Dave Burgess in Portland this month?#oredchat
  • kruevans Feb 3 @ 11:34 PM EST
    A6: Be kind to yourself and others. Practice self love often. The words you tell yourself become your reality. #oredchat #REALedu
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 3 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A6: I LOVE learning from Ss! They show me stuff all of the time! I think that's a key ingredient in building strong relationships and keeping Ss in the center of all I do! #OrEdChat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 3 @ 11:35 PM EST
    I always say My Door Is Always Unlocked! Mainly because my office is by the front door and the hallway is ALWAYS freezing! haha! :) #OrEdChat
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  • IamEricNichols Feb 3 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A6 #OrEdChat Staying connected is REALLY important. School administration can be a lonely place and without talking through complex problems, support and listening to mentors along with our students & teachers we can quickly lose sight of our mission. Pick up the phone and call!
  • AllisonOR503 Feb 3 @ 11:36 PM EST
    A6 Stay curious! #OREdChat #REALedu
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  • tishrich Feb 3 @ 11:36 PM EST
    Thanks @hmarrs24 and #OrEdChat for an awesome chat! Have a great week! Maybe we'll see a bit of snow!
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:37 PM EST
    A6 I like all of them...😉 But in this day and time... I’m going to say...please stay curious and full of wonder! We MUST! It keeps us REAL. It keeps us ALIVE! #OrEdChat #RealEdu
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  • MsDoremus Feb 3 @ 11:37 PM EST
    A6 Curiosity. Lead learner in the room. Genuine interest in life. #OrEdChat
  • andersonschamps Feb 3 @ 11:37 PM EST
    A6: Be instrumental in creating positive culture!! It's too easy to go down the path of negativity and complain about what is wrong... and I've definitely been guilty of that on occasion. Now I am intentional about spreading positivity, and try to be solution oriented. #OrEdChat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 3 @ 11:38 PM EST
    Thank you for a great chat friends! Have a wonderful week and here’s hoping we get a snow day or two! 🤞🏻🤞🏻😉 #OrEdChat #REALedu
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:38 PM EST
    Yes!!! #OrEdChat #RealEdu
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  • IamEricNichols Feb 3 @ 11:38 PM EST
    @hmarrs24 Top Notch to see and hear from great Oregon Crew with #OrEdChat this week! Enjoy your week!!!
  • AllisonOR503 Feb 3 @ 11:38 PM EST
    Thanks Heather! Everyone have a great week! #OREdChat
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  • MrNunesteach Feb 3 @ 11:39 PM EST
    A6: Stay connected to your #PLN for sure! #oredchat
  • kruevans Feb 3 @ 11:39 PM EST
    Thanks everyone. Great chat! I love learning with you all. These chats keep me fired up! #oredchat #REALedu
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:39 PM EST
    Agreed, Eric! #OrEdChat #RealEdu
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  • KathiSueSummers Feb 3 @ 11:39 PM EST
    Thank you @hmarrs24 and @TaraMartinEDU for your questions and knowledge tonight. Great chat. Makes the week go better. #OrEdChat
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:40 PM EST
    Thank you, #OrEdChat peeps!! Amazing chat, Heather!!! #RealEdu #OrEdChat
  • IamEricNichols Feb 3 @ 11:40 PM EST
    Appreciate you dropping in on #OrEdChat @TaraMartinEDU!!! Thanks for all you have and are doing for educators!
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:41 PM EST
    You guys are AMAZING!!! #OrEdChat #RealEdu!!! 🤗❤️
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  • farship Feb 3 @ 11:42 PM EST
    A5 #OrEdChat #REALedu Keep your door open and greet others warmly. How we welcome people in impacts their willingness to share
  • farship Feb 3 @ 11:48 PM EST
    A6 #OrEdChat #REALedu I ❤️keep the kids at the CENTER of all you do! Why do I want to continue to grow as a teacher? It is because I want to empower students in their educational journey to explore new ideas & strive for success. They have to be the focal point.
  • TaraMartinEDU Feb 3 @ 11:54 PM EST
    Love joining you all, Eric. #OrEdChat It’s always if I can stay awake...darn time differences. The struggle is real.😜
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  • farship Feb 3 @ 11:54 PM EST
    Thanks #OrEdChat crew & @hmarrs24 for another great chat! Always a great start to the week😊