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Sunday July 29, 2018
7:30 PM EDT

  • LindaEdwardsi Jul 29 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Hello #teachpos Linda Edwards Toronto 🇨🇦 checking in on this beautiful Sunday night 😀
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining. We are chatting about kindness tonight. See the introduction below. #Teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Ray, 7th Grade Math Teacher from Rhode Island. Writer at @eschoolnews and @edu_post. @TeachPlusRI Policy Fellow. @HighlanderInst #FuseRI Classroom Coach. Blogger at https://t.co/z2PKoPpJwR Don't miss #edChatRI tonight at 8pm EST right after #teachpos! Hope to see you there!
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    I’m Craig, creator of #Teachpos My trait is one of positivity.
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:32 PM EDT
    Roman from Ontario, Canada. HS Teacher/Student Success Leader/Agent of Transformation. Great to join the #teachpos chat tonight after a weekend of family camping. Students love my fun and goofy nature. Always full of energy and always about enjoying learning.
  • LindaEdwardsi Jul 29 @ 7:32 PM EDT
    Trait - genuinely happy to see them each day ❤️❤️😀 #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    #teachpos - Trait: I think my students would call me a little "extra"
  • saschnit Jul 29 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    Scott from Michigan. Middle school dean. In my classroom, we always celebrated, and the Ss loved it. They never knew if it was a celebration for academics or just for fun until they got in the room! #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Jul 29 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    Hello #teachpos peps. I feel as though it has been so long since I have been here. Steph Dill elementary SPED T in Colorado coming to you tonight from sunny southern California. A trait is that I love being goofy with my littles - we get a good laugh in.
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    Hello #teachpos Melissa from Katy TX here tonight- excited to chat with everyone @Shapiro_WTHS
  • LevineWrites Jul 29 @ 7:34 PM EDT
    Mark Levine, Illinois. My Sarcasm. #Teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:34 PM EDT
    Hello Linda, happy Sunday. #Teachpos
    In reply to @LindaEdwardsi
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:34 PM EDT
    Teresa, MS Literacy Teacher, NY. Saw the # and thought I would jump in! I am told I am a good listener and can let things go. I don't hold onto stuff. #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:34 PM EDT
    Happy Sunday Roman #Teachpos
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  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:35 PM EDT
    Q1 in a minute. Please retweet answers you love. #Teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:35 PM EDT
    #Teachpos Definitely my quirkiness- I keep it light and fun
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS, @ChristineBemis2, @MrPStrunk, @_on11, @khoggardGRT, @MrsHankinsClass, @CristinaDajero, @NowakRo, @DesrosiersEryka, @LevineWrites, @StephDill92
  • StephDill92 Jul 29 @ 7:35 PM EDT
    I miss that working with my littles. I love when I get to work K-5 so I can put on a different hat and have different traits come out with different groups! #teachpos
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  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Hey Stephanie 🌸 #teachpos
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  • HeatherJoy001 Jul 29 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Hi #Teachpos ! Heather, music teacher from NY. Welcoming but goofy
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Hello Mark- Happy Sunday #teachpos
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  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Hello Teresa my friend #teachpos
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  • Teachintjay Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Hi! Terry from Alabama where I teach Fourth-grade. My students always say I'm funny. (I don't know if they mean funny looking or comical!) #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Hello #teachpos Melissa, 7th Grade Science from NY popping and out while trying to get some work done
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Here is Q#1. We are kindness all the way!! #Teachpos
  • MsGreshamCMS Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Miranda Gresham from Cumberland Middle in VA here! Being a good listener #teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    HI!!!! How are you? How is your summer? #teachpos
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  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:37 PM EDT
    Hey Melissa! #teachpos
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  • MrsCatlettCares Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    Throwing in my two cents from Almost Heaven, West Virginia. I am a middle school ELA teacher. The majority of my students have exceptional needs. #teachpos
  • MWoodward_RTI Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    Hi, Melissa - elem. RTI teacher from Ohio. First time finding this #Teachpos chat. One trait that I have is that I models how to celebrate everything! For example, I’m all-in for spirit days or reading themes, as well as wearing a different holiday sweater every day in December.
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1: It helps them to feel safe in their environment so their focus is on learning. #teachpos
  • amynicolebettis Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1: An atmosphere of kindness sets students free to take risks necessary to learn - it lets them know they’re safe (even in failure) and can afford to stretch themselves to grow. #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    So far so good- 9 days left- it went fast- how was yours? #teachpos
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  • LevineWrites Jul 29 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1 Kindness creates positive emotions. Emotions are the gatekeepers of learning. #Teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1 Kindness and being cared for creates an environment where kids can feel SAFE. They can take a risk and still feel accepted #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    Hey hey Melissa- happy Sunday #teachpos
    In reply to @MrsAsztalos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    We still have about 5 weeks. It's great! Been enjoying every moment! We didn't get out until end of June. #teachpos
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  • saschnit Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1: Kindness makes Ss feel welcomed into the class. When they know they’re welcomed and respected, Ss will open up and want to come to class and be involved in the learning. #teachpos
  • swebsterteach Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    Hello! Suzanne joining from North Texas. One trait that my students will love is patience, I have loads and loads of it. #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1: Kindness is one of the corner stones students knowing and understanding they are cared for. Without kindness Ss will have a difficult time really learning. They need to know you care and want them there doing their best. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1 - I think it puts students at ease and helps them to always know you’re there for them. Also builds community. #Teachpos
  • MsGreshamCMS Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1 Kindness boosts the confidence of EVERYONE in the classroom-the individual showing the kindness, the recipient, and the witnesses #teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1 When kindness leads the learning journey, the experience becomes authentic and meaningful. When you can impact the lives of others as you learn & can contribute to your community, you gain a greater sense of accomplishment and impact. We need to teach with our ❤️ #teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1: It also is a fantastic place to model kindness and implement it into daily practices so Ss can take what they learn with them outside the classroom walls. #teachpos
  • MWoodward_RTI Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1 #Teachpos Kindness along with empathy is essential for building rapport with students! You have to get to know who they are so that connections can be developed during learning discussions.
  • Teachintjay Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1: A kind learning environment calms anxieties and fears. Kindness brings trust. Ss are able to learn with people in which they feel comfortable. #teachpos
  • MrPStrunk Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1: It helps reduce the stress that some students feel about school. If the teacher that Ss experience are kind, they are more likely to have a positive view of school and love learning :) #teachpos
  • MrsCatlettCares Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1. By demonstrating consistent, genuine kindness, my (our) classroom becomes a safe place to take a risk and a soft spot to fall in what may otherwise be a very hard life. Bonus: Students are more apt to show kindness to one another when they see me modeling kindness. #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1 kindness has the power to open both the heart and mind. When those are both working together, I think more powerful learning occurs. #teachpos
  • swebsterteach Jul 29 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1: A culture of kindness in the classroom fosters appropriate risk taking without fear of backlash. Giving Ss a safe zone with their peers really allows for all kinds of growth. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    #teachpos - A1 - I think that students are used to negativity in the classroom. So, in my class I am overly positive and it really takes them aback. Just framing commands from "get to work" to "I like how I see johnny working hard and being on task" makes a big difference.
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    #teachpos @Shapiro_WTHS Kindness is contagious, it brightens and inspires. It fosters collaboration and cooperation. It helps forge a safe haven, a positive classroom culture that lures even the quietest of students in. When students feel safe & happy- learning is the focus
  • HeatherJoy001 Jul 29 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    A1: #Teachpos kindness welcomes respect and encourages self-confidence. Kindness welcomes first attempts, accepts greatness and failures, and encourages trying again.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    Again, amazing answers. Your kindness rocks! Keep it up. Q2 in a minute. #Teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    It is always important to encourage risk-taking and encourage students to succeed. #teachpos
    In reply to @swebsterteach
  • amynicolebettis Jul 29 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    Great point about students reflecting the kindness they see in us! #teachpos
    In reply to @MrsCatlettCares
  • ChrisQuinn64 Jul 29 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    A1: Chris here, from Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦, joining late. Here’s what kindness can do for learning... #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    A1 #teachpos Kind=kindred when we feel a connection, when we feel comfortable and above all heard and valued- we find kindred spirits that together help us learn and grow
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    Happy Sunday Chris #teachpos
    In reply to @ChrisQuinn64
  • FoleyKev Jul 29 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    A1.Our pupils forget most of what we teach them.They will however remember us their teachers forever.Lets be good and kind to them.A kind word lasts forever #Teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Here is Q2. Again, great job! #Teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Hey Kevin my friend- hope everything is great #teachpos
    In reply to @FoleyKev
  • nmtond98 Jul 29 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Liz from San Jose, CA here albeit for only a few. Getting on a flight in a few. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:45 PM EDT
    A2 Kindness is a way of life. In the way we treat each other, talk to each other, show empathy, compassion and understanding. I encourage my Ss to go out of their way and show extra kindness when unexpected. That will help brighten anyone’s day. Go that extra mile. #teachpos
  • LevineWrites Jul 29 @ 7:45 PM EDT
    A2 I love how they take care of each other, look out for each other, and support one another...without prompting. My 7th graders know the love! #teachpos
  • nmtond98 Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A1: Kindness leads learning in the classroom. We cannot expect Ss to learn in a place where they do not feel valued. #teachpos
  • woodard_julie Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    Kindness welcomes our students and is part of creating a genuinely caring atmosphere 💙❤️‼️#teachpos
  • MrPStrunk Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: I love when I see a student invite another to sit with them at lunch or when a student drops their books and other students help them pick their items back up. :) #teachpos
  • ChrisQuinn64 Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A1: Kindness is a game-changer...a true relationship-builder, helps build confidence and trust...foundational to learning. #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: IN my room Ss will help each other out by getting their box of materials for a friend who is running behind and they will put materials away. Having Ss from different classes and mixed grade levels it is nice to see them work with and for each other. #teachpos
  • saschnit Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: During morning meetings, Ss share good things that are happening in their lives. I had one S that was responsible for asking follow up ?s. Giving the responsibility to the Ss helped build community. Affirmation Wall was something else I used. #teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: I have them write Anchors of Appreciation to each other. Got the idea from #Leadlap @BethHouf #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    #teachpos Mentoring one another is a big act of kindness- being supportive in class and helping one another be successful- in my classroom remediation & enrichment circles every Friday- it is all about students helping students
  • LindaEdwardsi Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2 We all greet each other in the morning upon arrival, they help each other out if they get stuck or need something. They are warm and friendly to each other and teachers #teachpos
  • MsGreshamCMS Jul 29 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2 Our students participated in the Great Kindness Challenge last year! They also wrote positive post its and put them on each others desks and teachers doors! #teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2: We also implement Covey's Habits and use the language. #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Jul 29 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2: I watch Ss share snack with others, buy ice cream for their classmates, offer help with work, pick up others' dropped items, give heartfelt compliments, speak up for those whose voice is weak. Fourth-graders are compassionate #teachpos
  • MrsCatlettCares Jul 29 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    In my class, I teach students how to respectfully disagree with one another during academic conversation. Otherwise, they are quick to anger and fast to argue and be “right fighters.” We mus teach our Ss to be kind, even when they don’t agree. #teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    A2: I also share my Random Acts of Kindness and encourage them to do some. We brainstorm different ideas. #teachpos
  • swebsterteach Jul 29 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    A2: Ss show kindness and empathy during collaborative work. I see it every time they work together. I also see kindness on the playground. Our school has made an effort to create a campus wide focus on kindness and I can see it reflected in the kids everyday.#teachpos
  • nmtond98 Jul 29 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    A2: Last year our theme was Practice Kindness. Best way I saw it expressed was in 8th grade. The T had S write compliments but also had them express them verbally. Learning how to express kindness not only in writing but verbally and accept it. #Teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    Pitting kindness in motion is the greatest feeling in the world. #teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • MsGreshamCMS Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2 In addition to formal initiatives, students show kindness through the little things they do-inviting someone sitting alone to join their table, saying kind words, etc #teachpos
  • MWoodward_RTI Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2: #teachpos As a school, we learn the #7habits of @StephenRCovey and these are reflected in monthly recognition for students displaying these habits in classrooms. We are also PROUD learners, P/proactive R/respectful O/optimistic U/ understanding D/determined.
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2 #teachpos The best way to spread kindness is through mindfulness strategies- listening intently, responding not reacting, making eye contact and owning the pause- taking a breath before they speak. I model these in my classroom daily and they catch on quickly
  • HeatherJoy001 Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2: #teachpos I am always in awe when I see some of my younger students take classmates by the hand or cheer them on. Ie-teaching pe I did a rock wall unit and they would cheer and walk worried friends to the wall by the hand and keep saying, you can do it! 💕 love my darlings💕
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    Such a great activity to do together. #teachpos
    In reply to @teresagross625
  • ChrisQuinn64 Jul 29 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    Truly a transformative practice, eh, Teresa? #teachpos
    In reply to @teresagross625
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    I model for them. #teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS, @BethHouf
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    #teachpos - A2 - This year we had a Chinese student at my school, and we were playing whiffle ball on field day. The Chinese girl did not know the first thing about baseball, but everyone cheered her on and she overcame her fears, got up to bat, and drove in a run! It was amazing
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    Here is Q3. Helping others!! #teachpos
  • FoleyKev Jul 29 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    A2.Lets teach from the heart and not from the book or to the test #Teachpos
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    It's fun! We have collected their acts on an anchor chart one year! #teachpos
    In reply to @NowakRo
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    Nice! #teachpos
    In reply to @swebsterteach
  • LevineWrites Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A3 All they have to do is visit my class. My students will teach all...the value of kindness. #teachpos
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A2 #teachpos A positive school culture is built on a foundation of trust and respect. When teachers model this, administrators model this and students feel a connection to one another, a common purpose kindness permeates
  • MrsCatlettCares Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A2. As a schoowide initiative, we recognize students who demonstrate AIR (attitude, integrity, respect). Teacher witnesses kind act, alerts principal, principal meets with the student individually and highlights the act of kindness during end of the day announcements. #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A1: When we show kindness we receive kindness. Ss who experience kindness feel safer, are more willing to take risks & help others to do so, and will be more collaborative. Experiencing kindness opens you up for so many experiences & opportunities #teachPOS
  • amynicolebettis Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A2:#teachpos In kindergarten, not many of us know how to tie our shoes... One day I looked over and saw this unprompted huge act kindness as we were lining up to leave the classroom:
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    A3: We have building wide leadership lessons based on Covey's Habits (Leader in Me, Lighthouse School) that our Ss teach. #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jul 29 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    A2 I love it when I see Ss working together during just routine tasks. MS kiddos can sometimes be self-focused, so you have to remind them that another person's success does not diminish their own. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    #teachpos - A3 - I think it starts with your actions. I try not to jump into the negative talk about students when teachers are complaining. If I do jump in, I usually make sure and point out something positive about the student(s) they are complaining about.
  • saschnit Jul 29 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    A3: looking at culture is a key thing I have other T do. I offered them the chance to come observe in my room or another Ts room to see what was going on. Then I asked them to reflect on what was seen and how they can change it to be in their room as well. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    A3 To fully understand, they must live it. We need to show kindness to others and share its power. With everything going on in the world we need to add more heart and kindness. Be the KIND leader! Be the difference. #teachpos
  • jenladd Jul 29 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    A2: Our school has an Affirmation Station. Each Ss and staff member has an envelope available for kindness affirmation notes. It’s a pretty special spot in our school community #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jul 29 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A3 We will be tackling that this year as we implement the Positivity Project schoolwide this year. If you look at all the skills that employers want us to teach, communication and ability to work in teams are always at the top. No one is an island anymore. #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Jul 29 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A2: Providing support when obstacles arise, celebrating successes, cheering each other up on bad days, smiling & laughing on great days, just being there for one another along the way. #teachPOS
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    Well now I want to visit. #teachpos
    In reply to @LevineWrites
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    #teachpos Unfortunately this can be challenging with the pressure of test scores. But, it is so important to model a positive mindset and management style and mindfulness will spread, students will carry the positivity with them and teachers will notice
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    Absolutely. #teachpos
    In reply to @MrsAsztalos
  • amynicolebettis Jul 29 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    I love the idea of having a student responsible for follow up questions - what a great way to help SS learn to craft conversation!! I'm going to borrow this idea this school year! #teachpos
    In reply to @saschnit
  • hayes_melisa Jul 29 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    Hey #teachpos Just got home & reading thru chat🎉
  • MsGreshamCMS Jul 29 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3 Our modeling in this respect is key-designing & implementing such lessons followed by sharing student products of the lesson as well as letting the results show the benefits for themselves will encourage others to do likewise #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Jul 29 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    A3 In my school character education is a part of every class. We celebrate all the students that portray whichever character trait we are focussed on each month at an assembly. They have their pictures displayed in the hallway #teachpos
  • MrsCatlettCares Jul 29 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    A3. Share the positives happening in our classrooms! Brag on our students when they do the right thing - when they are kind. Accentuate the positive, eliminates the negative (anyone else remember that song?) #teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    Hi Melisa! #teachpos
    In reply to @hayes_melisa
  • swebsterteach Jul 29 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    A3: I don't see getting colleagues to see the value of teaching kindness as an issue. Most teachers I have met are overflowing with kindness and if in no other way, teach it by modeling in their daily interactions. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    #teachpos - Another great chat! Don't forget to join me over at #edChatRI at 8pm EST right after this! We will be talking about School Accountability tonight. Hope to see you there!
  • ChrisQuinn64 Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A3: Practise kindness, daily, and it will catch on...a great kind of contagious! Kindness can easily be incorporated into all that we do and it makes a difference! #teachpos
  • TopInfluencer_ Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    Es ahora tendencia en España: #USAvAUS Chloe Logarzo Lisa De Vanna Alexandra's Mum #teachpos #NostalgiaChat Todos los TT en https://t.co/Rw5QLJyeZl
  • CristinaDajero Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A3: At the end of the day, it’s all about relationships. The grades, proficiency marks, GPA aren’t what people remember about you- they remember how you treated them & others. It’s important to teach kindness so that it can spread & we can pay it forward #teachPOS
  • Teachintjay Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A2: I think the best way we model kindness for fellow staff members or for our Ss is to continue to be one cool, kind cucumber. #teachpos
  • MrsAsztalos Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    unfortunately when you get to the MS level, Ts are unwilling to spend time building community or teaching soft skills. They are all about the lack of time, and getting through the curriculum #teachpos
    In reply to @swebsterteach
  • MWoodward_RTI Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A3: #teachpos I try to connect literature with examples of kindness a character is displaying in the text. As with most strategies, it needs to be authentic and not approached as “one more thing” on a teacher’s curriculum plate.
  • ChouinardJahant Jul 29 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A3 #teachpos Kindness is not a skill to be taught. It is an energy, an attitude that if present, calms, focuses and guides. It truly is contagious- all we need to do is listen and talk to our students and spark the wave of kindness
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    Truth! #teachpos
    In reply to @MrsAsztalos, @swebsterteach
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    Here is my favorite bonus Question. #teachpos
  • ChrisQuinn64 Jul 29 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    You lead the kindness journey, my friend! Thank you for the seeds you plant every day, Roman! #teachpos
    In reply to @NowakRo
  • teresagross625 Jul 29 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    Thanks for a great chat! So glad I found it! Have a wonderful week everyone! #teachpos
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    Thank you Chris! Such a passion. The kids give me amazing energy! #teachpos
    In reply to @ChrisQuinn64
  • StephDill92 Jul 29 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    I feel that kindness does need to be taught, but like you state share the positives. Positive things happen daily, we need to just point out how and what the positive was to help students learn and see. #teachpos
    In reply to @MrsCatlettCares
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    Chat Bonus Question: Favourite cartoon sitcom was The Jetsons. Love the family feal, love imagining the future and I always hoped to one day travel in fast tubes and avoid 8 hour car rides. Lmao #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Jul 29 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    #teachpos Happy👍👍👍
  • NowakRo Jul 29 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Join us in 1 hour for #bekindEDU and a learning disucssion about Collaborating with Kindness. Together we are better, together we are stronger. 9pm EST/8pm CST #KidsDeserveIt #tlap #LeadLAP #JoyfulLeaders #teachpos #tchrwellness #TeacherMyth #edchat #sunchat #LearnLAP #g2great