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Thursday April 13, 2017
9:00 PM EDT

  • Jigsaw_Learning Apr 13 @ 9:00 PM EDT
    Questions Leaders Ask During Collaborative Team Meetings #jlcrm #crmcon #atplc #abed https://t.co/m09gGuY4UH
  • participatechat Apr 13 @ 9:00 PM EDT
    Participate in the upcoming #atplc by sharing resources and collaborating at https://t.co/HuaP7HUrl2
  • RosaIsiah Apr 13 @ 9:05 PM EDT
    Passive Oppression in Education: Fueling the Achievement Gap #OAGT #atplc #equity #nyedchat @SolutionTree https://t.co/mCfYPDQ30v
  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:08 PM EDT
    A1: Our district focuses and values collaboration and communication within our PLC groups. Constantly evaluating progress #atplc
  • JohnWink90 Apr 13 @ 9:10 PM EDT
    Eliminating The Excuse of Enough #atplc #gaed https://t.co/LO7bpfqPlh
  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:10 PM EDT
    No #atplc chat tonight?
  • RosaIsiah Apr 13 @ 9:11 PM EDT
    Review: Transforming School Culture: How to Overcome Staff Division by Dr. Anthony Muhammad #atplc #CultureEd https://t.co/4lVCAg6CYR
  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:13 PM EDT
    A2: We are data driven, always looking for holes that our department can fix. Our focus is to always improve our field for Ss #atplc
  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:14 PM EDT
    I'm guessing not, which is sad because I was here on time and ready to go! #atplc
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  • inspire0818 Apr 13 @ 9:15 PM EDT
    I know...I'm on vacation but made sure I was on for this..πŸ™ #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:16 PM EDT
    Well since 3 of us are here, anything you guys wanna chat about? @inspire0818 @D4Griffin3 #atplc
  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:16 PM EDT
    A3: What are your essential questions and how do they relate to your transfer goal? #atplc
  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:21 PM EDT
    A4: UbD! New teachers are part of a 3 year mentorship training. Ts are placed in both building and district wide PLC teams #atplc
  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:22 PM EDT
    Well since you are on vacation, as am I...how about something in relation to pushing towards the end of the year and looking to fall #atplc
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  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:23 PM EDT
    A5: All ideas are welcome and encouraged. In order to get out of the box, you need to think outside of the box. Keep and open mind #atplc
  • EduGladiators Apr 13 @ 9:24 PM EDT
    πŸ™‹πŸ»Need an #EduGladiators fix on break? Join LIVE w/@KealakeheInter @mathieu_w πŸ–₯https://t.co/Yu9T5LN4yg #INeLearn #sstlap #atplc #K12ArtChat
  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:27 PM EDT
    Not yet. We have state testing in MO when we get back as well. Our HS will have 6 days of block scheduling. #atplc
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  • Dontdisschris Apr 13 @ 9:28 PM EDT
    A6: Pushing positivity and work ethic into my Ss while putting them in positions to succeed, with learning tools when they fail #atplc
  • inspire0818 Apr 13 @ 9:30 PM EDT
    I teach 4th grade, so it's so many days Math and so many days ELA. Then, Science for Grade 4 also. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:31 PM EDT
    How do you keep Ss on track, focused and still engage through testing and then once testing is over knowing the end is near? #atplc
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  • inspire0818 Apr 13 @ 9:35 PM EDT
    I stress that this will be the time to celebrate all the hard work they've accomplished this year + I Believe In Them ☺ #atplc You?
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:37 PM EDT
    Exactly. I try and stress that as well. HS Ss love brain breaks just as much as Elm Ss love recess. I try and help them relax. #atplc
  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:38 PM EDT
    Lucky! How then do you avoid "check out" by the Ss since many know that "that's all that matters is the state test." #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:42 PM EDT
    Do you then try and incorporate new strategies that you want to use in the fall and "work the kinks out"? #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:44 PM EDT
    We just call it an EOC (End of Course). I am a Business (elective) teacher, so I am out of the loop. They just pluck from my room. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:47 PM EDT
    Agreed. I've found that new strategies this late help reengage those that have started to check out. But I incorporate all year long. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:48 PM EDT
    I have my Ss goals still in my file cabinet that I am anxious for them to get back and see their growth. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:49 PM EDT
    Ss still have things to learn like you said that they can take with them to the next grade level. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:51 PM EDT
    couldn't agree more. I teach Personal Finance. What they learn in my class they'll use every day of their lives after this semester. #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:52 PM EDT
    I enjoy celebrating their growth. I enjoy sending those positive notes home to parents and letting them know in person #atplc
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  • WinkelerD Apr 13 @ 9:58 PM EDT
    Agreed. I do not do well with multiple days off in a row. I get very stir crazy and want to impact Ss education. #atplc
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