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#WO2WorldChat is a monthly Twitter conversation for current educators and school leaders that takes place every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8:30 PM EST. Diana DaCosta, along with 2 co-moderators from the West Orange Teacher Twitter Taskforce Team will host these monthly chats. #WO2WorldChat's mission is to promote collegiality, collaboration, and professional development beyond the confines of the traditional school day that in turn will promote the success of all students.

Wednesday February 20, 2019
8:30 PM EST

  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 8:30 PM EST
    Hey all! I'm excited about this chat - Ss engagement is so important. As an educator I love read alouds, working with Ss on social action + their passions + working w/ motivated colleagues on creative curriculum. I hate lesson plans + grading. #WO2WorldChat #AvenueForChange
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 8:30 PM EST
    Hi All! @edison_central6 in the house! My name is Pam and I teach 6th grade Social Studies. #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 8:30 PM EST
    Intro: #wo2worldchat Tracey Nardone, ELA 8/HAP 7 teacher, team leader and Student Council advisor at RMS. In my work, I love interacting with people, both Ss and Ts. I dread minutia paperwork and gov't involvement.
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:30 PM EST
    Welcome to our February #WO2WorldChat - Let's get this twitter chat started! Introduce yourself
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 8:30 PM EST
    #Welcome My name is Kimberlee Rose, I’m a Gifted Program teacher in district! I’m totally engaged when my colleagues and I are lesson planning collaboratively, but I dread combing through tons of data! #wo2worldchat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hello WO! I teach band at Washington and Redwood. I love working with and having fun with the kids on a daily basis, but I dread scheduling and paperwork! #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi everyone! 👋🏻 My name is Rebecca Spano & I teach 4th & 5th grade resource at #Redwoodtweets I find writing conferencing with Ss to be engaging. I also enjoy watching Ss take on leadership roles to foster their own learning by applying the skills I taught them. #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Diana DaCosta-K-6 Tech integration specialist- LOVE to work with Ts to consider ways to make teaching relevant for our 21st cent Ss- all about the paradigm shift in our practice. Dread things like inventory &entering data- I guess it's a necessary evil #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Maria Iovino, 5th Grade ELA/SS I LOVE working with Ss and helping them to explore their wonders. I DREAD some of the requirements given by the state! Time is spent more effectively planning lessons and reflecting on our teaching practices #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi, I'm Patrick! RMS Choir. I find work that involves actually using my body to be the most engaging. Singing, dancing, teaching lessons where I get to model/demo or move around my space. I dread SGOs, pre observations, busy work. #wo2worldchat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi! My name is Nicole Eoon and I teach 8th grade math at RMS. I love any type of work that allows me to engage students in meaningful learning experiences. I dread anything that is done just to check off a box on someone else's to-do list. #WO2WorldChat
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi! I'm Brittany Dietz. I teach 4th grade math at Kelly. The most engaging part of my job is delivering lessons to my students. I dread lesson planning, even though it is useful. #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hi! @tyniathomassie Tech Integr Specialist Gr 7-12 I ❤ working w/ Ts on whatever they are trying to fly & I ❤ working w/ Ss in co-teaching situations; I 🤮 compliance-oriented tasks where I hv to prove in hindsight the merit of something I don't believe in #wo2worldchat
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Hola, I am Veronica Traversari, Spanish teacher at Hazel and St. Cloud. For me the most engaging thing is doing TPRS (Total Physical Response Stories) with Ss and it is very difficult for me to grade papers #WO2WorldChat @PlataESL_WL
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:32 PM EST
    Diana Ferrera,5th ELA, MTPL. Totally engaged when planning new units & finding ways to allow Ss to have choice&voice. LOVE when Ss create something as their output. Don't mind being observed, I actually love having visitors, BUT the paperwork that goes w/ it..dread #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:33 PM EST
    Somehow I have a feeling you are not alone in this sentiment! #wo2worldchat
    In reply to @MsBDietz
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:35 PM EST
    Reminder for this #WO2WorldChat
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A1: #wo2worldchat Ss who are engaged are talking/interacting and producing.
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Characteristics of Ss who are engaged: 1. They are inquiring 2.They are debating 3. They are creating #MyFavoriteDays #WO2WorldChat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1 excited, focused, inquisitive #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Ss who are engaged: 1) Seem excited to collaborate & share ideas with peers/ teachers,2)Take risks without fear of failure, 3) Ask questions to take learning to a deeper level. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: CURIOUS, INQUISITIVE, EXCITED #WO2WorldChat #studentengagement
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Ss are engaged when they are enthusiastic about the content, asking questions, and helping others. #WO2WorldChat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: When students are engaged, I notice: -active bodies (hands raised, writing, discussing) -higher pitched voices (don't know why this happens but see if you notice it too) -unquantifiable "electricity" in the room #WO2WorldChat https://t.co/3QE3Fi45o8
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Students who are engaged: answer and ask questions, respond to their peers, and are excited to practice new skills. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Student engagement looks like collaboration, communication and confrontation! That last one sounds scary, but friendly debate and challenging each other helps to push each other's thinking #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Ss who are engaged are: - Actively working + collaborating with peers #motivated - creative - thinking critically with a curious + open mind #wo2worldchat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1 I can tell Ss are engaged if they are singing full out, sitting or standing with good singing posture and focusing their energies on either me or their sheet music. #wo2worldchat
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 8:37 PM EST
    Hi all! Melissa from WOHS. I teach dance to really awesome 9th - 12th Ss. Love to learn and also not into busy work like @SingerEdu #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:38 PM EST
    A1: Ss who are engaged are committed and driven- it's about being part of a learning community and building as @globalearner says "their own ecosystem of learning" #wo2worldchat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 8:38 PM EST
    #A1 S Engagement: Engrossed in enjoyable focus, Critically thinking, Creating & at some pt SHARING with others. (Pretend these pics are moving in a gif - actuals fr classrooms where the engagement was REAL) #WO2WorldChat
  • archiTEACH3D Feb 20 @ 8:38 PM EST
    @archiTEACH3D here! S engagement is about trying new things and thinking outside the box as an educator. After all, don’t we ask them to do the same? Keeping our Ss engaged by showing them that we are also engaged in their education. Challenging them at all times. #wo2worldchat
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 8:39 PM EST
    A1 Ss are creative and active when they are engaged in Total Physical response activities (TPRS) #WO2WorldChat @PlataESL_WL
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 8:42 PM EST
    A1- Engaged students look focused, determined, and excited. #WO2WorldChat
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A2: #wo2worldchat As seen in my A1, the goal most important is RELATIONSHIPS! When you foster GENUINE relationships with students and staff, you affect everything. It is easier to inspire, motivate and create with strong relationships.
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Curiosity!! I want my Ss to wonder about math. When someone asks a good Q, it is CELEBRATED. There are times when Ss ask all the Qs needed to drive my lesson. One idea leads to the next. It's the BEST & I wish it happened daily. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Curiosity is most important. Ss questions and wonders can lead to self-motivated exploration. Ss learn best when THEY are interested in what they are learning. Teaching the standards and skills are important but when possible let Ss choose the content!#WO2WorldChat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Most important goals? "Curiosity," "Originality," & "Relationships." I try to develop a rapport with Ss so they feel safe to be curios, original, and comfortable speaking to each other and myself in class. I take time to get to find out more about them! #Wo2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2 All of these are important but lets talk about Success. In my classroom, we strive for a successful concert performance so I always choose music that I know Ss will be able to do with some hard work and dedication. Always striving for excellence is key! #wo2worldchat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Relationships are VERY important for student engagement. Ss will work harder and want to be there if it's a positive environment. Band is all about working together and collaborating to reach a common goal. It helps to feel included and valued in the process. #WO2WorldChat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Success - Curiosity - Originality - Relationships. Out of those 4, I believe that RELATIONSHIPS is the biggest driving factor behind engaging students. In the words of Dr. James P. Comer... #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Curiosity is key - Ss are motivated when they have the chance to investigate + explore passions and questions they have. I try to give Ss as much choice as possible in my CR and encourage them to ASK ?'s and make real life connections. #wo2worldchat
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2: Building relationships is paramount to education. Students will actively NOT learn if they do not like or feel connected to their teacher. I spend a great deal of classroom time telling personal stories, and listening to students experiences. #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A2 Curiosity & Relationships are important in my classroom - Ss often work in groups & learn content by developing & then answering their own questions #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:45 PM EST
    @LindaEdwardsi Would love some Canadian Perspective! If you can please join in on our #WO2WorldChat on student engagement. here are the questions https://t.co/nGMsLIGc6d
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A2: Relationships may be the foundation of engagement. W/out them, I wonder if Ss and/or teachers are comfortable enough to follow their curiosity, find their originality & ultimately achieve their success? #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 8:46 PM EST
    #A2 If I had to pick 1 of the SCORE classrm goals I'd be driven as a T 1st by R-elationships; they're the foundation of everything. But ORIGINALITY, honoring it/allowing it to thrive can create those R-s thereby generating curiosity/ Success so... 4in1 starting w/ R #WO2WorldChat
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A2: Establishing goodwill improves relations with Ss Less disruptions and more engagement. #WO2WorldChat @Wkochis @PlataESL_WL
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 8:47 PM EST
    A2 - With @Ela8Nard on this one. Big in relationships in the dance room. Each class becomes a community through mutual responsibility and respect that is established and maintained from September and beyond. #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:49 PM EST
    A2: I'm most driven by Curiosity & Relationships. I think this shaped my practice as I lead w/ creating strong relationships w/ the Ss in my classroom-get to know their interests out of school what makes them tick- after that I work to create a culture of curiosity #wo2worldchat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:51 PM EST
    Student agency is so important- creating a culture of trust leads to learning that can surprise us #wo2worldchat
    In reply to @MrsIovino
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A3: #wo2worldchat Ss are most likely to feel successful when they are in a growth mindset. Failure isn't an end, it is motivation, it is growth, and it is a new start.
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Giving Ss a space where they feel comfortable, happy, & valued & treating Ss like the young adults they are & discussing real-world problems is also essential to their success. Ss need to feel what they are doing makes a difference in their education and beyond #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: It's important for Ss to have mini goals so they can feel successful throughout the process. Waiting months between performances is often too long to keep them motivated. Band Karate helps my Ss reach mini achievements on the way to their black belt. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Students will feel successful when they know the teacher cares about them, and is cheering for them. It takes a while, but once students trust their teacher, it doesnt matter what their actual grade is, they will feel successful. #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Students are more likely to feel successful when we take the time to understand and recognize types and steps of learning. As educators, we need to emphasize process over product so that students can embrace ALL of learning. This includes making mistakes. #WO2WorldChat
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Ss are most likely to be successful in an environment where: they feel comfortable taking risks, the content is accessible, and their accomplishments are celebrated #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Ss feel successful when they can achieve goals (even small ones). I always try to chunk learning into "baby steps" so Ss feel and know that they are successful along the way; not just at the very end on their test/ assignment. #Wo2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3: Ss find success when growth and learning occurs - I hope my Ss find success often in my CR. If they are taking a risk = success, learning from a mistake = success, working together = success.... #wo2worldchat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3 Ss are most likely to feel successful in a supportive environment where mistakes are encouraged. If failure is a bad thing, then success will be more difficult to achieve and frustration wins over. #wo2worldchat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A3 Ss are most likely to feel successful in a supportive environment that provides a safe space to try, experiment & fail until they succeed #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:53 PM EST
    This is sooo important in math- especially when kids start to wonder why math is relevant in their lives! We need to have more conversations around this! #WO2Worldchat @JTyNuzzi @DominiqueP315
    In reply to @MsBDietz, @JTyNuzzi, @DominiqueP315
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:54 PM EST
    A3: It goes back to relationships. If Ss know that they are loved, are encouraged through their struggles and celebrated in their times of success they are more likely to feel that they are successful as a whole. It is an everyday culture that is created. #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 8:55 PM EST
    #A3 #wo2worldchat Ss have to feel safe & respected. They need to know ALL opinions are respected, THEY are respected, that nonsense & disrespect will not be tolerated TO them or FR them. They are in a no BS zone. The T has their back but still has (see pt 2)...
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 8:55 PM EST
    A3: Ss feel successful with rewards and a lot of oral recognition. #WO2WorldChat @PlataESL_WL @DiegoOjeda66
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 8:56 PM EST
    #A3 PART 2 #wo2worldchat The T has their back but still has high expectations of them because she respects them as they should respect themselves. Cares about them. Encourages them. Will not see them in a low-expectations light. They came here to do something - so figure it out.
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 8:57 PM EST
    A3 - Ss who clearly understand what is expected of them and their work feel successful. #wo2worldchat
  • LindaEdwardsi Feb 20 @ 8:57 PM EST
    A2 Curiosity, Relationships and Success are really important to me. I want my students to feel successful and curious about the world. Relationships are the first step towards the other 2 😀#WO2WorldChat
  • LindaEdwardsi Feb 20 @ 8:58 PM EST
    A1 Focused, engaged and empowered #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 8:58 PM EST
    Ss under the age of 11 ask "why" around 8 times a day- we need to capitalize on this and encourage it! #wo2worldchat
    In reply to @beccapelli
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 9:00 PM EST
    A4: #wo2worldchat Ss are most likely to become curious when they feel safe and comfortable in an environment. It enables them to try and not fear failure.
  • LindaEdwardsi Feb 20 @ 9:00 PM EST
    A3 Students feel they are successful when they can see improvement in their abilities and we believe in them #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: Students are most likely to become curious in their own space - physical and mental. When students are allowed to explore their own questions, their curiosity is fueled, especially if they are doing it in a space where they feel comfortable and safe. #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: Ss are likely to be curious if they are interested in the content. When they are able to connect with the music, Ss are more likely to "buy-in" and become more closely connected with what they are learning. #WO2WorldChat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: People are inherently curious. We as Ts strive to create situations in which we can spark our Ss curiosity... usually by posing a question or a task with no obvious "right" way of thinking and answering. (BTW, picture is of LittleMissCurious.. memories!) #wo2worldchat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: Ss are curious when they know their T believes in them, and they feel they have the tools to succeed. Curiosity feeds off of curiosity. So when Ss work collaboratively it fosters curiosity! Ts can also spark curiosity in a topic by being excited. #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4 When Ss have a genuine interest in subject matter, curiosity takes over. My theater Ss often tell me about musicals they love that I have never heard of because they are constantly searching for new and interesting material to watch and listen to. #wo2worldchat
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4: Leaving Ss with a mystery to solve is a great way to evoke curiosity. SOCIAL STUDIES: Ss recently explored the English colony of Roanoke, what happened to those colonists? How could they just DISAPPEAR? Ss explored different theories using Epic Books' resources #WO2WorldChat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 9:01 PM EST
    A4 Ss are likely to become curious when they are in an environment that is less restrictive - Ts should provide guidance, resources & support, but Ss should run the show #Wo2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 9:02 PM EST
    A4: Curiosity happens when Ss are in charge of their learning - when they have choice + voice - when they are interested, engaged, motivated by the topic - when it relates to their world - when they know they can make a change #wo2worldchat #AveForChange
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 9:03 PM EST
    A4: Ss become curious when they are studying something that they are interested in or something that matters to them. Let them explore and inquire and curiosity grows. Remember being a kid and exploring..the wonder just arises. Let's teach like that! #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:03 PM EST
    #A4 #wo2worldchat Curiosity comes when the space to pursue or feel out one's interests is created/allowed, when Wonder is honored, and where "what ifs" are watered and nourished. Einstein called it "holy curiosity". It needs space & some time to leaven & rise.
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 9:03 PM EST
    A4 - I’m not always sure! Sometimes I think an intriguing problem or a social problem that are important to Ss. #wo2worldchat @tyniathomassie @dmdacosta13
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 9:03 PM EST
    A4: Ss are curious when they are excited about what they are learning. Usually, this is when they see value in the content and how it relates to their own lives. Many times Ss will see their T’s excitement and be more likely to want to jump on board. #wo2worldchat
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 9:04 PM EST
    A4: Connect what Ss do not know with what they do. Make sense of new ideas. Use more what ifs. #WO2WorldChat @PlataESL_WL @dmdacosta13 @DFerrera521
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 9:08 PM EST
    A5: #wo2worldchat This again goes back to #growthmindset and their perception of failure. Ss will be curious and self-express when they are safe and comfortable and not afraid of condemnation or failure. Ts need to establish this in our classroom culture.
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:08 PM EST
    #WO2Worldchat a question about relationships How do you build one when kids don’t want to know themselves better? When there is no self love?
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: Choice and voice! I give my Ss many option on how they want to express their knowledge about the content they are learning. They can write, draw, sing, dance, #flipgrid, #sketchnotes, whatever! As long as they meet the requirements, they can do it! #WO2World #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: A perk of making music - once Ss can execute the fundamentals, playing their instrument can be a direct form of self-expression. Ss can select music that is special to them, and then practice and perform it as a creative outlet. #WO2WorldChat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5 less time testing and more time emphasizing the importance of play, creativity, and originality. Every assignment doesn't necessarily have to be thought of as a graded test. We can allow students time to play and discover who they are through course content #wo2worldchat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: Ss can be original when they have opportunities to be creative. Giving Ss the power of choice can be a powerful tool. I enjoy when Ss come up with their own suggestions when planning out an assignment! #WO2WorldChat
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: Originality and self-expression is key to learning- Teachers need to give Ss time to discover who they are and who they want to be - provide Ss choice and value different perspectives #wo2worldchat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5: Our Ss are at the age where they are still exploring and developing their sense of self. (Let's be honest, many adults are still on this journey 🙋) As Ts, we can help our students by having open and honest discussions when they face difficult situations. #wo2worldchat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A5 Provide students multiple opportunities to express their learning - writing songs, recording videos, building models, etc. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 9:10 PM EST
    A5: How can we help Ss express themselves? Give Ss choice in their work (connect assignments to their ideas/interests/concerns about the world) and how it's presented: Allow them to showcase who they are and who they aspire to be while reaching an authentic audience #WO2WorldChat
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 9:10 PM EST
    A5: Culture, culture, culture. Encourage Ss to express themselves, always celebrate their individuality and their self-expression will blossom. Find the thing that they are naturally great at and allow that to guide their originality. #WO2WorldChat
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A5: Have ss create their own image dictionary. Use as a closing activity and have ss restate what they learned in their own terms. Create educational posters, flyers, and quotes. #WO2WorldChat @DFerrera521 @PlataESL_WL @Wkochis @tyniathomassie
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:11 PM EST
    #A5 #wo2worldchat I think their originality will be fostered if you give them supplies, space & get out of their way. Encourage their ideas & explorations, help them hear their inner voice, remind them they are unique manifestations of God-light.
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A5: I find originality to be the toughest in a math bc the content is often concrete. As much as possible, I let Ss share their strategies with the class so they can think for themselves and learn from one another. I also teach many strategies and let them choose. #wo2worldchat
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 9:12 PM EST
    Q5 - In dance, choreography is a big way Ss can express themselves and points of view through movement. #wo2worldchat
  • MrsMSchaller Feb 20 @ 9:12 PM EST
    Hi! I am an elementary gifted teacher! I love working with students and seeing their curiosity and excitement for learning each day. I dread useless paperwork. #WO2WorldChat
  • dmdacosta13 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 9:12 PM EST
    Process over product - love this! #wo2worldchat
    In reply to @NEoonRMS
  • Ela8Nard Feb 20 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A6: #wo2worldchat I build positive relationships with the words below: integrity, sincerity, reliability, consistency, commitment and competence. TRUST helps build and foster good relationships.
  • beccapelli Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6: CULTURE! Ss have to feel safe, accepted + respected. They need to know their opinion matters + their voice is heard. I try to take time to get to know each S + also allow time for Ss to get to know each other - relationships are key for a successful CR community #wo2worldchat
  • SingerEdu Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6 We can foster positive relationship building by allowing Ss to work together and teaching Ss how to give and receive constructive feedback to and from one another. #wo2worldchat
  • MsRommelBand Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6: Positive relationships are built on mutual respect, a nurturing environment, and having fun! Playing an instrument is optional so I need to make it a welcoming and encouraging environment so all Ss can grow from the experience. #WO2WorldChat
  • MrsPRomanchuk Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6: Basics go a long way in building positive relationships; saying please, thank you, holding the door for each other, helping clean up common space, and acknowledging each other by a correctly pronounced name is where I start. #wo2world #WO2WorldChat
  • MsRSpano Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6: I foster positive relationship building in my classroom during snack time. Ss can bring in items (for a show & tell). Ss also especially like to build relationships by sharing their writing through @Flipgrid and peer reviewing work on @GoogleClassroom #WO2WorldChat
  • NEoonRMS Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6: In fostering positive relationships in my classroom, I keep the following in mind: -create a safe space -preserve our Ss' dignity -stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves -challenge uninformed / biased assumptions (represent unrepresented voices) #wo2worldchat
  • MissRoseWOGT Feb 20 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A6 I establish expectations for Ss behavior immediately & rotate groups often so Ss have experience working with all of their classmates #WO2WorldChat
  • DFerrera521 - Moderator Feb 20 @ 9:18 PM EST
    A6: Positive relationships. I try to be myself and allow my Ss to know me as a person, not "just" their teacher.I laugh with them, cry during read alouds, just as I would if I were alone & most importantly, listen to them. It's about a culture of shared experiences. #WO2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:18 PM EST
    #A6 #wo2worldchat Again, I think relationships are really karmic law in practice. I treat you w/ the respect I expect & USUALLY you will return the same to me. & tomorrow's a new/fresh day. Be real. Admit mistakes. Model & remind wht respect is. Smtimes self-respect is a journey
  • Traver8Veronica Feb 20 @ 9:18 PM EST
    A6: "M" or an "All About Me Bag." Ss choose a few objects which reveal things about themselves , and bring them in to share with the class. T models this first by bringing in items special in his/her life #WO2WorldChat @woschools @PlataESL_WL @DFerrera521 @tyniathomassie
  • MrsIovino Feb 20 @ 9:19 PM EST
    A7: Building relationships with peers is a challenge today. Allow Ss to collaborate and share their knowledge. We're not the only ones who can teach #kidscanteachus I LOVE learning from them! #WO2WorldChat
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 9:19 PM EST
    A6 - At the start of the year Ss write down their goals in dance for the year. Ss then brainstorm a list of what they need from each other to achieve these goals. Ss finally turn the list into 3-4 class agreements that everyone that everyone agrees to follow #wo2worldchat
  • WOHSDance Feb 20 @ 9:20 PM EST
    A6 - Also reserve some time on Friday’s to play group games so Ss and T are laughing and bonding. #wo2worldchat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:22 PM EST
    Drawing Plants With Mathematics ⁦@MsBDietz#wo2worldchat https://t.co/Getwv776GV
  • MsBDietz Feb 20 @ 9:22 PM EST
    A6: I try to model positive relationships w/ Ss and colleagues whenever possible in hopes they will emulate what they see. In a recent PD we were told to use a 4:1 praise to reprimand ratio. When you think about your toughest S, A LOT of praising has to occur daily #wo2worldchat
  • MrsMSchaller Feb 20 @ 9:24 PM EST
    A1: Students who are engaged are productive, motivated and inquisitive. #Wo2WorldChat
  • tyniathomassie Feb 20 @ 9:24 PM EST
    Independent Lens | BETWEEN THE FOLDS | Film Clip #4 | PBS https://t.co/DvkRpBkyoi via @YouTube @MsBDietz #wo2worldchat
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