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Thursday December 1, 2016
9:00 PM EST

  • Jigsaw_Learning Dec 1 @ 9:00 PM EST
    Sign up for monthly Jigsaw Learning email updates - news, resources, and more! https://t.co/R9YY905nst #abed #atplc #cpchat #jlcrm
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:00 PM EST
    Welcome to tonight’s #atplc chat I am Matt Degner, Asst. Supt. for @iowacityschools Thanks for joining.
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:01 PM EST
    Please take a minute to introduce yourself. #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:03 PM EST
    Tonight we are discussing “How your PLN can improve your PLC!” #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:06 PM EST
    Ok...well not seeing much response out there this evening. Here are a couple questions to reflect on....coming up #atplc
  • jimrenzi Dec 1 @ 9:07 PM EST
    Jim Renzelmann Elementary Principal in WI #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:08 PM EST
    Q1 Who is in your PLN? #atplc Q2 How do you connect with your PLN? #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:08 PM EST
    hey Jim...slow moving right now. #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:10 PM EST
    glad you are joing tho....Q1 Who is in your PLN? Q2 How do you connect with your PLN? #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:14 PM EST
    Q3 Why would or how does having a PLN support PLC work? Q4 What are the important mindset shifts your PLC has helped you make? #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:15 PM EST
    the face to face connections that you make after meeting on SM are always powerful at conferences! #atplc
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  • jimrenzi Dec 1 @ 9:18 PM EST
    #atplc A4- The power of collaboration and the challenge of changing the mindset of others who are not there yet.
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:19 PM EST
    good point! Assuming best intent we all do the best we know how......have to learn better from each other! #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:20 PM EST
    collaborating with others we do not see on a daily basis helps challenge our thinking and routines....so true! #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:22 PM EST
    its like you can be in two places at once! #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:27 PM EST
    Q5 How have you helped other PLC members build their PLN? #atplc
  • jimrenzi Dec 1 @ 9:31 PM EST
    A5 share the positive impact of twitter; promote connections with PLN; use PLN as professional resources #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:32 PM EST
    when you can provide examples of how you have benefited and the people you go to that can speak volumes to others! #atplc
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  • Ben_educating Dec 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A5) I've tried to introduce, teach, model using SM to connect w/ others. Recommend connections to them #atplc
  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:40 PM EST
    Last Q for tonight. Q6 When thinking about the 4 Qs in the PLC framework where do you rely on your PLN for help? #atplc
  • jimrenzi Dec 1 @ 9:45 PM EST
    A6 That varies; in recent weeks the focus has been more on the "How will we respond if they do not learn the essential target" #atplc
  • jimrenzi Dec 1 @ 9:46 PM EST
    A6 (pt. 2) I appreciate the input from RtI chats and #pbischat #atplc
  • Ben_educating Dec 1 @ 9:46 PM EST
    Agree - always looking for other ways to meet Ss & connect with them. My PLN is full of experts in many diff areas #atplc
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  • mwdegner Dec 1 @ 9:54 PM EST
    I think looking to others for solutions to Qs 3 and 4 is always helpful. Don't have to recreate the wheel! #atplc
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