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Sunday November 11, 2018
7:30 PM EST

  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:30 PM EST
    Welcome to #teachpos Trying something new. Check out the video below. Bonus for anyone who does a short video. https://t.co/IKh76TFxg7 It has the intro and Q#1 Also, please tag 1-2 people. Just in case. Name, title and why you became a teacher and if that why still happens.
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:31 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos Linda Edwards Toronto 🇨🇦
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 11 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos Lisa from Minnesota! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Craig from Pa. HPE and I’ll tag @ChristineBemis2 and @_on11. I became a teacher because I love exercise and working with kids. Yes, it’s even more the why today. #TeachPos
  • PHausTech Nov 11 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Patrick, an #edtech coach from northern VA here for #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 11 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Ray, K-8 Math Coach from Rhode Island. I became a teacher to be proud of what I did every day. I still feel that way. Join us for #edChatRI right after this to have a conversation about reaching military families in our schools. #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Hello #teachPOS
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS, @ChristineBemis2, @_on11, @PHausTech, @iluveducating, @khoggardGRT, @MrsHankinsClass, @bbray27, @LevineWrites, @MrPStrunk
  • PHausTech Nov 11 @ 7:34 PM EST
    A1: I became a teacher to help anyone I can and make a difference. Still part of my why and every day. #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:35 PM EST
    Sam, 8th grade math from MI here! Craig I am digging the video questions! We always need to try something new #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Nov 11 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Howdy! Terry a 4th-grade teacher from Alabama. @spqrmiguel and @hawkinscentral come on! #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Hello #teachPOS PLN! I knew back in ES that I wanted to become a teacher. I’ve never looked back - one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Each day I learn something new & the smiles and aha moments are worth everything in the world!
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  • lethajhenry Nov 11 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Hi everyone- Letha from Quebec joining in- I teach grades 1/2. I became a teacher b/c I love learning and I love kids- still true today- just more so. #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:37 PM EST
    My “why” has always been the influence my teachers had on my life. I wish they all knew how much I appreciate all they did for me. I always wanted to be that for others. They empowered me to always give my best and now it’s my turn! #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Nov 11 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1:I became a teacher to help students who struggle and to make a difference. It's still the same passion after many years #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 11 @ 7:38 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos folks 😊 Christine, ele tchr from Massachusetts...my why??? To give back, serve little people wisdom, kindness & lots of love ❤️❤️❤️❤️def holds true for me today 😊
  • kruevans Nov 11 @ 7:38 PM EST
    Hi folks. George from Japan. I teach secondary English and blog and vlog at https://t.co/HVCqyGmhNd. Happy to learn with you this morning! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:38 PM EST
    Q2 is up in a minute. #teachpos
  • kruevans Nov 11 @ 7:39 PM EST
    I became a teacher because I wanted to make a positive change in the world. And the best way to do that is to help those right in front of you. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:40 PM EST
    I’m not seeing the questions? #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:41 PM EST
    Here is Q2. What is going well this year and why? #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1 I wanted to make a difference for the most at risk students #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:42 PM EST
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • renathunderhawk Nov 11 @ 7:42 PM EST
    Rena Hawkins here. Elementary Principal @MapleWarriors in Smithville, MO and co-host of #ShareMOEdu podcast. Sorry I’m late! #teachpos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 11 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A2: connecting with other educators because I have started using Twitter chats #teachpos
  • PHausTech Nov 11 @ 7:43 PM EST
    A2: Relationships are going great this year! I've gotten closer to veteran teachers and built relationships with new teachers! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A2 - I’d say that what’s going well is the amazing kids I teach. Part ofvthevwhy is that they inspire me to be better each day. #teachPOS
  • ItsAMrY Nov 11 @ 7:44 PM EST
    What's going well this year is that I'm making sure to set limits on what I say "yes" to that isn't going to make me a better teacher or a healthier, happier father and husband. I need my health. Which means sleep, exercise, and time with my kids. #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Nov 11 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A2: Goal-setting, plans, tracking, and accountability partner with my SS chas gone really well #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:44 PM EST
    Getting my math students to write more, to ask why more, getting rid of homework, and grading for mastery have all gone awesome so far! I have gotten some great feedback from parents and students. Excited to keep the journey going! #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 11 @ 7:45 PM EST
    #teachpos - A2 - I gave PD to a group of 30 math teachers in the district. It went really well. I had teachers come to me and tell me that it was so great to have a whole day focused towards their needs. Feels great to reach teachers who have negative relationships with PD.
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A1: Trying sketchnoting this year for the first time and my Ss are LOVING it! They’re able to visualize, attend to details, summarize and feel more confident sharing their thoughts about various texts we read. #TeachPOS
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 11 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A2~ What’s going well this year?~ ~celebrating/highlighting all of the different languages spoken by the littles in our classroom~ this is one of our littles & her K cousin teaching us a game in her native @creole ❤️❤️❤️ #teachpos
  • renathunderhawk Nov 11 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A1: I always wanted to be a teacher!! I had many great Ts who influenced this decision. I sought jobs where I worked with children...camp counselor, Sunday School volunteer, babysitting! It was always a dream! #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2 Relationships are going well. We started our year this year with some Smart Start #EduProtocols and #TeachSDGs #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:46 PM EST
    I started twitter this year as well! It has totally changed how I teach! So many awesome Ed ideas out there for us to take advantage of! #teachpos
    In reply to @Lisa42Slp
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:46 PM EST
    Meant Q2: #teachPOS 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • ItsAMrY Nov 11 @ 7:46 PM EST
    I have to remember: It's nobody's job at school to ask how I'm doing, how are my family relationships, or care about the answer. I'm the only one who is going to look out for my own health. #teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • ApraRalli Nov 11 @ 7:47 PM EST
    #teachpos hi aprajita Ralli from India and I am a secondary School teacher. I express myself at https://t.co/1fOv0jBmvM A1 why I got into teaching is because I wanted to learn more about the young minds, about what goes around in the world.
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:47 PM EST
    Relationships with students is always #1 on my to do list, this year I have really tried to make an effort to also strengthen those relationships between staff members! We are always stronger together! #teachpos
    In reply to @PHausTech
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 11 @ 7:47 PM EST
    yes, I totally agree! #teachpos
    In reply to @MrMarshsClass
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:47 PM EST
    😍 #teachPOS
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • lethajhenry Nov 11 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2- Our class community is strong. I was struggling with a tech issue the other day with my back to the class- it got very quiet and when I turned around I saw every single Ss doing our class 'support' gesture (pushing palms up in the air)- to help me out #teachpos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 11 @ 7:48 PM EST
    I love soaking in all of the information and hope that I can share my knowledge with others. #teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • PHausTech Nov 11 @ 7:48 PM EST
    Absolutely! Realizing none of us ever has to be alone is powerful for all! #teachpos
    In reply to @MrMarshsClass
  • renathunderhawk Nov 11 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2: We opened a school that underwent 5.3 million in renovations & opened w/ a combination of new staff, Ss, & families. Our theme is Welcome Home! Working hard to create a positive school climate with a focus on collective efficacy and learning is going well. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Nov 11 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2 What is going well? Getting my kids to talk in English, their second language. It may seem like nothing big...not a win every day, but my kids know where my heart is and my why and they try. I will always keep pushing. Rome was not built in a day. #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:50 PM EST
    When students run to your aid, it’s such a great feeling. It means they want the class to keep going! #teachpos
    In reply to @lethajhenry
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:51 PM EST
    Here we go with Q3. #teachpos Check our the short video below. The question is how does your positive energy and enthusiasm translate to your students. https://t.co/i4SVLU7WV9
  • NowakRo Nov 11 @ 7:51 PM EST
    Roman from Ontario, Canada. Running late and catching up. Sorry guys. HS ELA Teacher/Student Success Leader/Agent of Transformation. Happy Sunday everyone! #teachpos
  • ApraRalli Nov 11 @ 7:51 PM EST
    #teachpos A2. My outreach to other educators ..whether it was a training session with teachers "on use of technology"@MicrosoftEDU #MIEExpert or my FB PAGE https://t.co/1fOv0jBmvM OR my Twitter Interactions... I have got a very good response .need to work on few things more
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:51 PM EST
    That is awesome! It is huge! You are getting your kids out of their comfort zone and giving them confidence to try to get better! #teachpos
    In reply to @NowakRo
  • PHausTech Nov 11 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A3: Enthusiasm and energy are vital for students to feel a teachers passion. Something that can truly ignite learning. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Nov 11 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A1 My why (couldn’t find the question, going from answers) To make a difference. To be a positive in a negative world. To help others achive what they want. Recently, to transform education. Shatter the status quo for kids! #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: My Ss know I’ll ALWAYS have a positive outlook & be solution oriented. It’s to the point that they say to each other- is that helpful or hurtful? I want them to look at obstacles as opportunities to overcome something & feel proud- together we can achieve anything! #TeachPOS
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 11 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: we need to remember that positivity is contagious. If our Ss see us being happy, they will be more positive and want to be there. #teachpos
  • renathunderhawk Nov 11 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: If you want to spread positivity, you must model positivity! As @Aimster70 says...check out that man in the mirror (read her new blog)!! @MapleWarriors we are celebrating #NotableNovember w/ a self-care challenge, staff talent show, and acts of kindness. Join us! #teachpos
  • ApraRalli Nov 11 @ 7:54 PM EST
    #teachpos A3. When my kids feel welcome and free to contribute they express their delight at being in school. The open house approach towards discussions encourages them express in many ways. The happy face they see of the Teacher encourages the SS to set up their minds
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:55 PM EST
    My teaching style is energy. I move, I sing, I tell my Ss they are appreciated. I see my Ss bond over making fun of my songs, and they aren’t afraid to be silly. I even had a student write a rap about what we were learning, AND IT WASNT ASSIGNED #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 11 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3 - #teachpos - Now that I am a coach, I am going to answer about teachers. My enthusiasm about math education and my hard work sets a precedence for the math education in the district. Energy and enthusiasm are contagious.
  • spqrmiguel Nov 11 @ 7:55 PM EST
    Miguel from Texas. Late but here. ES principal. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Nov 11 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3 Every morning/every period I am at the door greeting my kids with my music, my loud voice, my joy for their presence. They know I bring it. Love it when I see them join in any of my shenanigans and are willing to go big. I will never ask what I won’t do. They know. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3 Enthusiasm is contagious 💥 Kids have radar for picking up our vibes, if you are happy and excited to be at school they will know it 😀 #teachpos
  • lethajhenry Nov 11 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3- My positivity is genuine: I am so happy to see them and I think they feel that. We care about each other and that translates into a supportive place to learn, take risks and thrive. We also celebrate with dance parties. As often as we can. #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:56 PM EST
    I pour my heart and soul into each of my Ss- if nothing else, I want them to always know that I cared and never gave up #teachPOS
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • MsJachymiak Nov 11 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A1: My why has transformed over the years. I became an educator to make a difference, but after being in a college course taught by @almille, I became inspired to implement growth mindset in my classroom and truly teach from the heart. #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 11 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3~ ~ they feel ❤️ed, welcome, valued & empowered to be the best version of themselves ~they are #relentless #fearless & take risks in order to grow ❤️❤️❤️ ~ what’s important to them, is important to all of us 😊 #teachpos
  • spqrmiguel Nov 11 @ 7:57 PM EST
    A1: I became a teacher by accident and it was the best accident ever. Never regret a moment. Enjoy making a difference in the lives of children. #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Nov 11 @ 7:57 PM EST
    I love greeting all of the MS and ES students as they walk in everyday, just scream singing good morning and giving out high fives always starts the day off right! #teachpos
    In reply to @NowakRo
  • Blended_Math Nov 11 @ 7:57 PM EST
    #teachpos - Great chat as always! Join me right after this for #edChatRI. We will be talking about how to reach active military families.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 11 @ 7:57 PM EST
    #teachpos Bonus Q and Thank You! What is one thing you’ll do this week to inspire your students. Check out the video below. https://t.co/gP0CfQ3XTY
  • ItsAMrY Nov 11 @ 7:57 PM EST
    My positive energy and enthusiasm is not about math....it's about my students. It's about the person each one of them WANTS to become and how they fight each day to become that person. How can I help? What challenges and support can I offer that will propel them? #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 11 @ 7:58 PM EST
    We are having Game Day to celebrate and play our #GlobalMakerDay Challenge #teachpos
  • CristinaDajero Nov 11 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus: Take a moment to prepare for Thanksgiving and reflect on what we are thankful for when it comes to one another. I want each of my Ss to personally know why I am so thankful to have them in my life #teachPOS
  • inspirecitizen1 Nov 11 @ 7:59 PM EST
    #teachpos #122edchat #champforkids #waledchat #bekindEDU Professional learning has gone particularly well for schools that aren't pushing initiative overload, deep dive into training/change, as well as community wellbeing and unified vision. So happy to be a part of leading this
  • NowakRo Nov 11 @ 8:00 PM EST
    One hour until tonight's #bekindEDU chat with the amazing @lauriesmcintosh Join in the learning tonight. Share YOUR kindness journey with us! This will be one amazing chat! #TeacherMyth #sunchat #teachpos #tchrwellness #tlap #kidsdeserveit #LeadLAP #edchat #classroomchampions