#bellinghamps Archive

Thursday January 18, 2018
12:00 PM EST

  • stefhayley80 Jan 18 @ 1:32 PM EST
    It was awesome to participate in #bellinghamps 1st twitter chat! I loved sharing & reading everyone’s responses. A great balance of humor & learning more about each others’ successes & goals. Definitely a unique way to communicate & continue to build positive relationships!🙂
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 18 @ 3:49 PM EST
    The chat was amazing- so proud of all of the risk-taking and connections made! THANK YOU! #bellinghamps
  • DEConroy Jan 18 @ 4:05 PM EST
    Last night’s Twitter chat was my first and not what I expected. I did find it a little bit confusing at first, but thought it was a unique way to connect with colleagues and have discussions you may not normally have. Looking forward to the next one. #bellinghamps
  • nsphouston5 Jan 18 @ 4:38 PM EST
    Last night was a lot of fun. I was extremely nervous, yet excited. It is actually an easy way to communicate with others. I learned that I need to follow more colleagues so I can see their tweets and respond. Thank you again Brenda for challenging us! #bellinghamps
  • LCrawford33 Jan 18 @ 9:24 PM EST
    It was great to experience my 1st Twitter chat with such a supportive group of people! A lot to keep up with but great way to share with a lot of people at once! #bellinghamps
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 19 @ 6:04 AM EST
    It's Day 13 of the BPS Twitter Challenge! Join us- Please share a reason you love to teach and tag your post with #bellinghamps and #LoveToTeach.
  • rlfreedm Jan 19 @ 6:28 AM EST
    Every day is brand new. I get to see the world through different points of view. And I learn something new daily. I also love the challenge of the profession. #bellinghamps #iloveteaching
  • jeangio77 Jan 19 @ 7:39 AM EST
    Along with having the opportunity every day to make a difference...over the years I also realized that I love to teach because it helps me see the world through different perspectives. #LoveToTeach #bellinghamps
  • RDUVARNEY2018 Jan 19 @ 9:08 AM EST
    I love teaching because I believe I can help students to become more confident creative critical thinkers through the study and practice of art. #bellinghamps
  • JillySant1 Jan 19 @ 10:56 AM EST
    #bellinghamps and #LoveToTeach. Happiness is......
  • stefhayley80 Jan 19 @ 11:48 AM EST
    I💙to teach bc I truly believe in the evolution of phy edu & the unique power it has to impact every child in a positive way...not just physically, but holistically. I❤️seeing the smiles on their faces as they learn to be happy, healthy, & active🙂 #lovetoteach #bellinghamps