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Sunday January 28, 2018
12:00 PM EST

  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:17 PM EST
    A1: A 2017 success story for me was landing the job at Writing Tutorial Services! I am excited for the lessons and skills I will learn that can be applied towards my education career. #bellinghamps
  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:19 PM EST
    A2: A goal for 2018 is to become more involved with Kappa Delta Pi, the honor fraternity for education majors on IU's campus. The organization has so many opportunities to develop myself professionally, socially, and academically. #bellinghamps
  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:21 PM EST
    A3: My phrase for the year is empathy! I believe that many problems in the world exist solely because of a lack of empathy and understanding for the others in our lives. As a future educator, it is my job to unite the diversity of my classroom! #bellinghamps
  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:22 PM EST
    A4: This is an assignment for my "Computers in Education" class, so I would love to have chats about integrating tech in the classroom. I know all teachers have a different style of doing it, and I want to begin crafting mine. #bellinghamps
  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:28 PM EST
    A2 Reply: I love the part about building up confidence, especially for the adults of the district. Teachers must be strong and willing to advocate for teacher's rights and stand up for any injustices! Of course all while focusing on working WITH the other adults #bellinghamps
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  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:30 PM EST
    A1 Reply: New teachers can bring such interesting and refreshing perspectives to a district. Not to mention, it helps the new teachers begin building their educational career. I would say that is most certainly a success story! #bellinghamps
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  • educmvillaro Jan 28 @ 2:33 PM EST
    A4 Reply: Wonderful! I think schools tend to forget how much impact health can have a student. Students are not always receiving the proper nutrition and healthcare at home, so it would be beneficial to have districts support students' physical/mental well-being. #bellinghamps
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  • stefhayley80 Jan 28 @ 3:50 PM EST
    Check out week 1 of my snow-themed January yoga unit in K-3 PE!❄️ https://t.co/5DogI6b46g Students 💙 SNOWGA! #bellinghamps #kidsdeserveit #kidsyoga #kidswellness #elempe #physed
  • stefhayley80 Jan 28 @ 4:21 PM EST
    Check out my video of wk 1 of my January yoga unit in K-3 PE!❄️ https://t.co/5DogI6b46g Students 💙 SNOWGA! #bellinghamps #kidsdeserveit #kidsyoga #kidswellness #elempe #physed
  • bmaurao - Moderator Jan 28 @ 7:39 PM EST
    Very thought provoking blog on retention- worth the read #bellinghamps