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Thursday November 16, 2017
9:00 PM EST

  • Jigsaw_Learning Nov 16 @ 9:00 PM EST
    Very lucky to have Ken Pon, Learning Associate, as part of our Jigsaw Learning team https://t.co/pK1DpUC54f #atplc #jlcrm #abed
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:00 PM EST
    Here we go...welcome to #atPLC! Tonight’s topic is empowering teachers. Let’s start with introductions!
  • participatechat Nov 16 @ 9:00 PM EST
    Participate in the upcoming #atplc by sharing resources and collaborating at https://t.co/HuaP7HUrl2
  • asbellprincipal Nov 16 @ 9:02 PM EST
    Tracy Bratton , Principal Asbell Elementary , Fayetteville, Arkansas! #atplc
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:02 PM EST
    Hi all. I am the other half of Empower Your Students. I am a clinical psychologist, and a fan of teachers of all stripes. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:03 PM EST
    Welcome Tracy! #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:04 PM EST
    Question 1 coming up in a minute... #atPLC
  • asbellprincipal Nov 16 @ 9:04 PM EST
    Thank you ! This is my first #atPLC chat.
    In reply to @jhweinstein
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:05 PM EST
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:07 PM EST
    A1 Empowered teachers choose classroom practices guided by our values, communities, and experiences. We bring our whole selves to our work. We are creative artists, curious scientists, and constant learners. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:07 PM EST
    A1 It means teachers can bring their most focused self to work. It means they love what they do. It means students and colleagues love to be around them. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:08 PM EST
    A1 Part 2 Empowered teachers feel satisfied with their students’ development and their own growth as teachers and leaders. #atPLC
  • asbellprincipal Nov 16 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A1: Hopefully, it means the same to me as a principal as it does to teachers; giving teachers the professional responsibility to make decisions about their own learning and student learning. #atplc
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:13 PM EST
  • D4Griffin3 Nov 16 @ 9:15 PM EST
    A1) Empowered teachers embrace #leadership to grow their capacity and the capacity of the school. #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:15 PM EST
    A2 If our students see us choosing to do meaningful work, they might choose to do meaningful work. If they see us willingly struggling in the service of our values, they might willingly struggle in the service of theirs. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:17 PM EST
    A2 They get to see examples they can emulate in all domains. They get to observe how a respected professional behaves and see ideals to strive towards. Teachers offer access to the best of what our society promises in return for authentic effort and growth.#atPLC
  • D4Griffin3 Nov 16 @ 9:18 PM EST
    A1) #EmpoweredTeachers collaborate to enhance their #Ability by having #Commitment #Purpose #Process They are willing to share. #atPLC
  • asbellprincipal Nov 16 @ 9:18 PM EST
    A2: Leadership breeds leadership. Empowerment breeds empowerment. #atplc
  • massignmenthelp Nov 16 @ 9:20 PM EST
    3 Chromebook Tools Useful as Education Timeline Maker https://t.co/93u5xNILi7 #RLchat #saskedchat #SciStuChat #atplc
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:22 PM EST
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:24 PM EST
    A3 What I value the most is the quality of my relationships with my students, teachers and peers after the moment for learning has passed. If we came together to create something cool, can we sustain it together later towards some future project? #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:24 PM EST
    A3 Are they writing about topics that genuinely matter, to them personally and in the world? Are they willing to struggle through more revisions or harder books? Are they kind to each other and themselves, even in the face of judgment and doubt? Who? When? How often? #atPLC
  • FlaashyxGirl Nov 16 @ 9:25 PM EST
  • D4Griffin3 Nov 16 @ 9:25 PM EST
    A3) Data that correlates with the achievement of my students, the development of my #leadership, and instructional practices. #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:26 PM EST
    Just a reminder that you can block or mute inappropriate content #atPLC
  • asbellprincipal Nov 16 @ 9:26 PM EST
    How Hundred Day Plans Sustain a Culture of Continuous Improvement via #atplc blog https://t.co/i7NS7cRWPj
  • D4Griffin3 Nov 16 @ 9:27 PM EST
    A3) I️ value data that has informed our decision making process to engage with productive conflict to enhance student outcomes. #atPLC
  • massielmarier Nov 16 @ 9:28 PM EST
    RT @D4Griffin3: A3) Data that correlates with the achievement of my students, the development of my #leadership, and instructional practices. #atPLC
  • LCSHSRice Nov 16 @ 9:29 PM EST
    Q3/A3..As educators it is essential that we build relationships with all stakeholders and help to ensure that supports are put in place to help ALL succeed. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:30 PM EST
    What are some kinds of data that were truly informative? #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:31 PM EST
    How do you know when you are succeeding? #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:34 PM EST
    A3 Data about relationships is empowering too. Which students and parents contact me? Do they just ask for information (or complain), or do they feel like we get them? What else do they notice? #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:35 PM EST
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:37 PM EST
    A4 Content divorced from purpose or relevant context. When I was in high school trig, I wanted to learn about the function of a tangent beyond the figurative sense of the word. I wish now that my teacher had felt empowered to impart the importance of her discipline. #atPLC
  • WinkelerD Nov 16 @ 9:37 PM EST
    Dan, business teacher from St. Louis jumping in late to #iTeachMO #forsythpln and #atplc
  • WinkelerD Nov 16 @ 9:38 PM EST
    A4: Content that is "mandated", time, and money. #atplc
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:39 PM EST
    A4 So much gets in the way of teacher empowerment: racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of institutionalized oppression, plus all the ways we oppress ourselves by avoiding meaningful work to do what’s easier and more comfortable. #atPLC
  • LCSHSRice Nov 16 @ 9:40 PM EST
    Q4/A4 As educators we sometimes allow others to influence influence our thoughts and decisions that in some cases can have a negative effect on our scholars. We need not be afraid to be #Trailblazers.. #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:46 PM EST
    Last question for tonight! See if you can identify a small, specific action you can take. #atPLC
  • WinkelerD Nov 16 @ 9:47 PM EST
    A6: Continue to be a mentor and share the good news as much as I can. Offer up my services/resources to help them learn and grow. #atplc
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:48 PM EST
    A5 To empower teachers, I will point out their strengths, encourage them to share their knowledge, and ask questions. Together we can notice what we value and how we might enact our values at school. #atPLC
  • jhweinstein Nov 16 @ 9:48 PM EST
    A5 I will listen and support the professional development of my colleagues. When I consult I seek opportunities to understand the context of the teachers I meet and look for the activities within their work that bring them joy and creativity. #atPLC #atplc
  • LCSHSRice Nov 16 @ 9:53 PM EST
    Q5/A5 I will allow teachers to be the experts of their classrooms, analyze data, reflect, intervene and enrich. It is essential to allow teachers to be heard and provide support that will allow them to #GBED ...GetBetterEveryDay#atPLC #atPLC
  • LaurenPorosoff Nov 16 @ 9:54 PM EST
    So #thankful for all of you who empower teachers to #empowerstudents! Have a great weekend! #atPLC
  • EduGladiators Nov 16 @ 9:55 PM EST
    🏁Join #EduGladiators SATURDAY as we wrap up our November series 🔑s to Success w/@brianrozinsky leading the convo on Driving Success! #atplc #AR4Learning #INeLearn #ISEDchat #sstlap #EduAR #K12ArtChat #teachmindful #sisdleaders @BClarksonTX @beej_elliott @b_randi06 @wildbillchen
  • MathDunlap Nov 16 @ 9:56 PM EST
    At EES this week, teachers have been working on the right work while using @Bailey4learning book, Simplifying Common Assessment! @ArkansasEd #PLC4AR @grnbrierschools @SolutionTree #atplc