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Sunday February 11, 2018
11:30 PM EST

  • tjggmueller Feb 11 @ 11:30 PM EST
    I understand this, but how sad it is when innovation should be celebrated. #OREdChat #BetheWildCard
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  • ItsAMrY Feb 11 @ 11:30 PM EST
    #oredchat A5: Ss need to see you risk. If it's ok for you to risk, it's ok for them to risk. If you play it safe and only accept perfection from yourself.......what do you think they think about what you expect from them? Is it ok to not be perfect in your classroom?
  • kinderkfoley Feb 11 @ 11:30 PM EST
    Isn't that what we've all done? Looking back...that was me the first several years 🤣 #OrEdChat
  • LannySaretsky Feb 11 @ 11:30 PM EST
    A5 I go thru the long, cold winters here to get to the beautiful summers so I'll keep going thru my teaching mistakes to get to the good #OrEdChat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    A5: I'm willing to risk doing it badly before it starts. It's after it goes badly and persevering through that is where it gets difficult for me. The Joker likes to show up at that point & start poking...maybe it's not as good as I think, maybe it's not worth it...etc. #OrEdChat
  • KimSnodgrass Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    ✨A5: TRY IT! What’s the worst thing that will happen? Your Ss will see you’re human and that you failed? Perfect! Have a growth mindset!✨ #OREdChat “It’s not okay to throw up your hands in defeat because you’re not naturally creative.” -@burgessdave #TLAP #BeTheWildCard
  • AustinELA8 Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    Wonder woman pose is also very empowering. 😊 #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • howie_hua Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    A5: Sounds bad but through experience, I'd teach how I would normally teach for a month or 2, then start taking risks after they trust you as a T. #OrEdChat
  • MistyEwry Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    A5: Advice= some of my greatest failures became my biggest successes. Risks keep us motivated. #oredchat #BeTheWildCard
  • manionclass Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    A5. I would say start small, one step at a time. the kids will bring their own greatness. If they are capable of it, it will bloom in front of you.#oredchat
  • MrsHinck Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    I created a song to help reinforce multiplying and dividing decimals! #OREdChat Here's a sneak peak:
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  • tishrich Feb 11 @ 11:31 PM EST
    A5: Just jump! Model risk taking and tell your Ss you're trying something new. They'll appreciate you for it. If it fails, you'll learn together. Nothing amazing happens from maintaining the status quo. #oredchat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 11 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5 Cont'd: But that's about the time I tell him to hit the road and keep moving forward!! I'm like @SteinbrinkLaura If you tell me I can't...I'm gonna show you that I can!! #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • SueTonnesen Feb 11 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5: one has to have the moral courage to get out there and try something new...that is what distinguishes educational leaders from “administrators” for example...#oredchat
  • techoutmyclass Feb 11 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5: oh, man! I have no problem making mistakes from trying something new! I’m constantly looking to mix things up, I just have to make sure I reflect afterwards so I can keep growing. #OrEdChat
  • tjggmueller Feb 11 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5: Yes, my type A personality doesn't allow for failure, so I keep fixing til it works. I am currently on revamping small group reading for the 4th time with my interesting kiddos this year. #OREdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • Kimberl67098425 Feb 11 @ 11:32 PM EST
    A5: I am willing to go through the bad to get to the great. Its a process and a journey and amazing things will come out of it! #oredchat
  • MsJenkins_3rd Feb 11 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A4: Surround myself with like minded individuals, take time for myself to recharge and get right back at it! Remember that it is all about my kiddos. #BeTheWildCard #OrEdChat
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:33 PM EST
    Got your back, Sista! #OrEdChat
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  • weaver716 Feb 11 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A4 Twitter and instagram always make me feel like I’m not an alien. Hearing from like minded teachers turns the negativity around. Thinking about my Ss and the memories that are being created and the lives being influenced helps too.#oredchat
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  • AustinELA8 Feb 11 @ 11:33 PM EST
    Then let them. Do it for the kids! I once told some one "I will not lower my standards to allow you to feel better about yours." #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard we aren't at play here it's a mission and it's important.
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  • schaffnerlmc Feb 11 @ 11:33 PM EST
    A5: I’ve learned through the years that if something new I try doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It just means I’m learning. I would’ve never known and would’ve always wondered had I not tried. #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
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  • LannySaretsky Feb 11 @ 11:34 PM EST
    you have a lot of great ideas on twitter. Obviously you get thru any difficulties #OrEdChat
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  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 11 @ 11:34 PM EST
    Thank you all for being here tonight! WOW! What a fantastic chat!! Now let's go out there and #BeTheWildCard for our students this week!! Next week we'll be chatting about Chapter 4! #OREdChat
  • kinderkfoley Feb 11 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A5: It seems natural to me, as a teacher, to try and fail and try again. That's how I know how to teach the same thing to my students (grit and tenacity) :) #oredchat
  • farship Feb 11 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A5: My Ss are worth the risk in trying something new and perhaps falling on my face in doing so. Even in that there is a learning opportunity. Be brave. It's worth it! #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • SuzanneGaddis Feb 11 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A5 #OrEdChat #BetheWildCard allowing yourself permission to "fail forward".
  • lenbryan25 Feb 11 @ 11:35 PM EST
    A4: I try to step back and get in touch with the why - why i am doing the work, why it matters, why i chose this career. #oredchat
  • LannySaretsky Feb 11 @ 11:35 PM EST
    thanks #OrEdChat Have a great week!
  • tishrich Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    Awesome chat! Thanks @hmarrs24 and #oredchat crew! You are all amazing! Love chatting about #bethewildcard with you all!
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    Great chat @hmarrs24 and #OrEdChat crew! Ice day for me tomorrow so no school! Have a great week!
  • 2014ORTOY Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    Hey Oregon! #OrEdChat I'm heading to Bangladesh to train special ed teachers at the first schools to take kids w/ special needs, a school for trafficked kids and a school for homeless kids in a field by a slum. Read this and share, please! https://t.co/3COPbA8Hed
  • AustinELA8 Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    It's vital that we model failure, reflection, and recovery. This a piece of learning and growing that we have traditionally punished in our students. FAILURE is the best way to grow ask any inventor. #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • MrsHinck Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    A4 this quote from #TheWildCard really helped me push past my comfort zone block and create a song for multiplying and dividing decimals! #OrEdChat
  • ItsAMrY Feb 11 @ 11:36 PM EST
    Great Qs, Heather! Always a great way to end the weekend and head into Monday with #oredchat !!
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  • SueTonnesen Feb 11 @ 11:37 PM EST
    Thanks, Heather! Awesome chat. #oredchat
  • MsJenkins_3rd Feb 11 @ 11:38 PM EST
    A5: Yes, my students need me to model risk taking . Just repeat “I am on a creative path and will not be sidetracked. “ #BeTheWildCard #OrEdChat
  • tjggmueller Feb 11 @ 11:38 PM EST
    Have a great week! Enjoy Valentines Day with all your special people. #OREdChat #BeTheWildCard
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:39 PM EST
    Have a great week, Tisha! Glad you made it! :) #OrEdChat
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  • schaffnerlmc Feb 11 @ 11:39 PM EST
    Enjoyed the 2nd week of the #OrEdChat. Learning new ideas from #BeTheWildCard @Schaffner063 @Area1JCPS @JCPSDL #jcpslibraries
  • lenbryan25 Feb 11 @ 11:39 PM EST
    A5: fail at small stuff, and fail often. Don't try to fail, of course, but notice when it happens that it is not the end of the world, and that you probably learned something. Failure, like anything worth doing, takes practice. #OrEdChat
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:40 PM EST
    I'll try to be creative! #OrEdChat #BeTheWildCard
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  • KimSnodgrass Feb 11 @ 11:42 PM EST
    ♥️ #OrEdChat - come on over and visit #NebEDchat on Tuesday!♥️
  • LCHSLight Feb 11 @ 11:43 PM EST
    I seek ways for my Ss to use #tech with reading & writing via Adobe Post, iMovie, Build websites, Poll Everywhere, surveys, Digital Reflection #HelpsBrain #LearnWhatYouHeard #OREdChat
  • hmarrs24 - Moderator Feb 11 @ 11:44 PM EST
    AWESOME! That's what we like to hear! Love starting my week off with #OrEdchat!
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  • ItsAMrY Feb 11 @ 11:44 PM EST
    #OrEdChat late follow up on A5: Think about what you reward in terms of your grades. Do you reward risk? 2nd chances? re-assessment? Or do you only reward getting it right the first time? Does a low grade from September still keep down an Ss final grade?
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:45 PM EST
    Goodnight, @KimSnodgrass ! Have a great week! #OREdChat
  • LCHSLight Feb 11 @ 11:46 PM EST
    1st Clue it’s happening is when my Ss look bored or have glossy eyes. That’s my clue to switch it up right then & there. So, I have them make an Adobe Spark Post over whatever we were doing. #tech inspires Ss #OrEdChat
  • SteinbrinkLaura Feb 11 @ 11:46 PM EST
    Goodnight @LeachTeach4 ! Have an outstanding week! Talk soon on Voxer! #OREdChat
  • 2014ORTOY Feb 11 @ 11:47 PM EST
    I will! I'll be there for several weeks so might even join an #oredchat from there!! I'm looking for some classes who might want to swap some letters too!
    • AustinELA8 Feb 11 @ 11:42 PM EST
      Please share your story as it unfolds.
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