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Tuesday September 25, 2018
8:00 PM EDT

  • MrsMurat Sep 25 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Have a couple minutes to give our #DigCit student blogs feedback on the results of us Googling ourselves? Thank you! Please RT. https://t.co/KrEbQ0MtSL #5thchat #edteach #kidscancode #mdedchat
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:00 PM EDT
  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    Hi, I’m mandy, a 5/6 ELA and tech teacher from rural MN. Excited to actually have time to join in tonight! #5thchat
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    Hello All! 4th grade teacher from Missouri. #5thchat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Hello! I am a college student studying early childhood education. I am currently doing a genius hour project on the relationship between class size and student success. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Evening #5thchat Brian 8th gr science from IL
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:04 PM EDT
    Rural Indiana, northeast of Indy #5thChat
  • urbie Sep 25 @ 8:05 PM EDT
    Hey #5thchat.. #oldpa urbie here. My grand kids start 5th grade in 5, 8 and 9 years respectively.
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:08 PM EDT
    Here's Question 1! #5thchat
  • bcwhite Sep 25 @ 8:09 PM EDT
    Hello - HR Director in Kansas - excited to learn tonight from all of you! #5thchat
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:10 PM EDT
    A1 Its a group effort; school psychologist, counselor, teaching team, admin, sped coordinator, social worker all have a part in the Rti process #5thchat
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:11 PM EDT
    A1 Tiers 1 and 2 are provided by the classroom teacher with the sped teacher taking care of tier 3. #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    We have an RTI plan we follow...collecting data, sharing information between other teachers, and then recommend "testing". The classroom teacher is expected to manage their classroom, unless the student has an IEP through Special Education. #5thChat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    Usually the teachers handle it the best they can. Teachers take the issue to the principal after that. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    Tier 1 - classroom teacher, tier 2- title one paras, reading and math Corp, and tier 3- sped teacher #5thchat
  • jdeek Sep 25 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    #5thchat Jim, Ms Counselor from Texas. Lurking tonight with wife under the weather. Love to chat about RTI. Anytime, all the time. Want to start a podcast about this topic.
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    Perk of being in a larger dist is having specialists on hand to give their professional input Wish all Ts were as fortunate as I am with support professionals #5thchat
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  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    Question 2 coming in 1 minute #5thchat
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:16 PM EDT
    Regardless of school size everyone needs to pitch in w/ideas and strategies The more ideas the better #5thchat
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  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    Question 2 #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    In smaller schools, I feel the classroom teacher is expected to "wear more hats". #5thChat
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    A2 Its all about communication! Weekly meetings w/team, hallway convos, email strings Main things is that Ss needs be the focus #5thchat
  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:18 PM EDT
    Q2- we have shared access to data and meet on a bimonthly basis to talk about progress or lack there of and share ideas #5thchat
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    A2 I am the only one providing interventions. #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    We have a data coach that helps us collect and filter useful information, but we are ultimately responsible to know our students and check on their behavior, even when they are in other teachers classrooms. #5thChat
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    We have weekly counselor mtgs that last about 45 min It gives us enough time to focus on a group of Ss that need more of our focus and attention #5thchat
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  • ericaborthwick Sep 25 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    A2 we do monthly data digs with our grade level partners and quartly digs with admistration, reading specialist, interventionist, ect. #5thchat #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    We do 20-30 minute intervention classes for Math and English Language Arts #5thChat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    As a college student, I am not currently working in a school. When I do begin to teach, I hope to have regular meetings to discuss things with my fellow teachers and some sort of database to keep in contact. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    Great conversations to get us started! Here is question 3 #5thchat
  • joannavrteaches Sep 25 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    Just stopping in to say howdy! #5thchat
  • jdeek Sep 25 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    #5thchat A2 - Always a tough job in MS with so many teachers. We continue to refine and adjust. Starting to use some data collection sheets from @EmergentTree Pleased so far. Meet every six weeks.
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    A3 I provide tier 2 after school. I usually pull out manipulatives the kids haven't used, games, one on one time, intervention reading materials, etc. #5thchat
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:28 PM EDT
    A3 Lunch time is a great time for some academic guidance #5thchat
  • jdeek Sep 25 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    #5thchat A3 - We spent time at our last meeting going over the tier 1-2-3 interventions at our school. Tier 2 is about becoming a little more intentional about tutoring, homeroom and intervention time to get some results. Making it more official than standard options.
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    Question 4 #5thchat
  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    A3- I have used math recovery strategies when teaching math, and programs like great leaps in reading. Honestly the best I’ve found is small group or 1 on 1 focusing in on specific skills #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    We have Tier aides who pull students at different times of the day for small group sessions. We also use a computer program/app to track their specific skills or lack there of #5thChat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    Maybe taking some time to talk one on one with the student and try to understand where the issue is coming from. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:31 PM EDT
    A4 Behavior charts to gather data over a set period of time; reward systems for target behavior #5thchat
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:31 PM EDT
    A4 I could use some ideas for this. #5thchat
  • EricaMickelson Sep 25 @ 8:32 PM EDT
    Hey Everyone, I’m a Curriculum Coordinator from KS!! Happy to follow along this evening during the #5thchat
  • ThomTeacher Sep 25 @ 8:33 PM EDT
    In general, our school has started "teaching" every subject in small groups or "stations"...no more whole group lectures or sitting at your desk #5thChat
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:33 PM EDT
    Question 5 #5thchat
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:33 PM EDT
    We are having some great conversations on #5thchat! Jump on and join us for the last half-hour!
  • BKd204Sci Sep 25 @ 8:35 PM EDT
    I would like to hear more about that! #5thchat
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  • jdeek Sep 25 @ 8:35 PM EDT
    #5thchat A4 We call them DBRC behavior check forms for our kids. Think of it as a more detailed vesion of a check-in form. Behaviors are focused on being safe, responsible, respectful. Takes time but we are getting results. The back end data input is fantastic. @EmergentTree
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:35 PM EDT
    A5 I use @BloomzApp to communicate with my parents for tier 1. I need a plan for tier 2. #5thchat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:36 PM EDT
    I would start with a phone call, just to get the parent up to date. I would try to set up a time to meet with them. You don't want to come across harsh or upset. It can be hard to understand emotions through phone/email. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:39 PM EDT
    #5thchat Here is question 6
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    A6 Time is a huge struggle. Seven of my 21 kids are needing tier 2 interventions. #5thchat
  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:42 PM EDT
    A6- We struggle with time, man power, and knowing which subject or area is most important to focus on at any given time #5thchat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:43 PM EDT
    I would assume it would be hard to understand that there is only so much you can do. You won't be able to fix everything, especially on your own. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • jdeek Sep 25 @ 8:46 PM EDT
    #5thchat A6 - Time, time and time. Finding the time to make the connection. Not a complex issue. Just have to find the moments at the beginning and ending of the day.
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:46 PM EDT
    Question 7 #5thchat Only 2 questions left!
  • dot2teach Sep 25 @ 8:49 PM EDT
    A7 I always look for advice/ideas from the other teachers in my building. I find going back to the previous teacher helps as well. #5thchat
  • techieteacher Sep 25 @ 8:50 PM EDT
    A7 as a mom to a high flyer (math), it was important to me that all kids had intervention time to meet them where they’re at. He was able to do a math group with students a few years older and it has helped keep him motivated and interested even 5 years later #5thchat
  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:54 PM EDT
    Final question #5thchat
  • annie_cranford Sep 25 @ 8:58 PM EDT
    I learned a lot from this chat. I enjoyed hearing from experienced educators. I realize that it's okay not to know the answer. You can always get advice from your fellow teachers, as well as ask questions to more experienced teachers. #5thchat #edit2000mane
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  • Howell0405 Sep 25 @ 8:59 PM EDT
    I need to remember that I am still new and learning about my position as an interventionist. It is okay to ask for help or say I don't know, for now. It is a continual learning process. #5thchat