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Sunday January 1, 2017
9:00 PM EST

  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:01 PM EST
    Simple Q1, A1 format as always! Let's get rolling with some Introductions! #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:02 PM EST
    Make sure to include all tweets with #wvhsfbchat like and retweeting is appreciated and keep refreshing!
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:02 PM EST
    Brandon Behnfeldt Delphos Jefferson HS, OH #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Sneed_EM Jan 1 @ 9:02 PM EST
    Brandon Sneed, Charlotte,NC #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:03 PM EST
    Phillip Blacha, OL/TE/S&C Brookland-Cayce High #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:03 PM EST
    Kevin Board, head football coach, Petersburg High School in WV #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Urquhart Jan 1 @ 9:03 PM EST
    Alex Urquhart AHC/OC Eustis HS,FL #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:03 PM EST
    I'm your host Daran Hays Head Ball Coach at North Marion High School in Rachel WV #wvhsfbchat
  • J_E_Rogers Jan 1 @ 9:04 PM EST
    Jeff Rogers, DC Armstrong HS, Plymouth MN #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:04 PM EST
    Gonna get started with question 1 in just 2 minutes, tonight's topic is building a family culture in your program. #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:06 PM EST
    Jeff Lutt Co-DC & GBLB Coach Great Bend High, KS #wvhsfbchat
  • Mr_Tanner23 Jan 1 @ 9:09 PM EST
    Nate Tanner Head Football Coach at Summers Co. High School #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:09 PM EST
    A1: FUN, FOCUSED, FIERCE ... WinTheDay!!! #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:10 PM EST
    A1: Taking Pride in all you do, being committed, having Relentless effort toward your goals, and resilient to adversity! #wvhsfbchat #PTS
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:10 PM EST
    A1: academically successful, respectful, honest, hard working, deligent young men. That defines me more than W and Ls #wvhsfbchat
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    Corey Adkisson OC Sikeston HS (MO) #wvhsfbchat
  • J_E_Rogers Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A1) Accountable, selfless, committed, compete and understand doing little things right are vital in order to being successful. #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A1. Team that is hard working, committed to school/program, & disciplined on & off the field. #wvhsfbchat
  • SharonCoach Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    Chris Wallace. Just an old line coach @ West Middlesex HS. PA. #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Urquhart Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A1) Disciplined,hardworking,law abiding, respectful,self-less,dominant,mental & physical toughness,loving,caring,development. #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:11 PM EST
    A1: Accountability & pride on the field, in the classroom & in the community & the respecting the relationship between the 3. #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:12 PM EST
    Scott Johnson sophomore QB/OC at Mount Carmel HS in Chicago #wvhsfbchat
  • J_E_Rogers Jan 1 @ 9:12 PM EST
    in everything they do on and off the field. #wvhsfbchat
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  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:13 PM EST
    A1. Teach our players how to be accountable to themselves & their teammates #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:14 PM EST
    A1: Want to build a culture where all players feel valued and the players build the program by how they talk about in community #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:15 PM EST
    A1 Want to build a culture of trust, total effort, & commitment where the goal is to become better men, students, and teammates #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:15 PM EST
    Great job guys keep rolling! Q2 in just a minute! #wvhsfbchat
  • Mr_Tanner23 Jan 1 @ 9:16 PM EST
    A1:L(leadership) E(enthusiasm &attitude) A(academics) D(discipline), giving max effort becoming productive men within society #wvhsfbchat
  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:19 PM EST
    A2: You know - it's simply talking about it on a daily basis from the weight room to the classroom to the practice field. #wvhsfbchat
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:19 PM EST
    A2. We split our guys into teams. They compete for points by attendance to weights & comps that we have. Captains picked teams #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:20 PM EST
    A2 we do a lot of competition out of season to build leadership. We also have cookouts, pool party's, and movie nite in summer #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:21 PM EST
    A2 Having a competitive environment in offseason workouts. Allows seniors to lead by example. Cream rises to the top #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:21 PM EST
    A2: rotate workout partners, finishers that require you to lead and push each other, have daily talks about leadership #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:21 PM EST
    A2. Majority of team lifts together in the same class during school day & all together in Summer. Many are multi sport guys. #wvhsfbchat
  • J_E_Rogers Jan 1 @ 9:22 PM EST
    A2) Talk about it all the time. Show them buy your actions, how important they are to you.#wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Urquhart Jan 1 @ 9:22 PM EST
    Doing all the things we preach and teach the kids. Lead by example. Providing them with quality opportunities to develop. #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:23 PM EST
    A2: being a role model for the desired attitude, hard work/teamwork/brotherhood had success this year went from 5-7 to 12-2 #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:23 PM EST
    A2: Involvement w/elem, pushing in weightroom & bi-weekly character meetings. We've already gotten close through tragedy though #wvhsfbchat
    • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:17 PM EST
      Q2: excited for this1.What things are you doing to develop leadership & brotherhood in the offseason as well as in the season? #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Urquhart Jan 1 @ 9:24 PM EST
    A2) we do the full nine with comp teams, leadership council, character class, workouts...etc #wvhsfbchat
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:25 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat A2) This is an area where we struggle. Such a small team (20), and a commuter school, the weight room is where it all has to be
  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:26 PM EST
    A3: Our staff loves football and gets along very well; we have good cop/bad cop; we have yellers and whisperers. You have to. #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:26 PM EST
    A3: you have to try to make a culture that fits the belief of the staff and players. Ownership in development = buying in #wvhsfbchat
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:27 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat A3) We have 3 coaches, including myself. If we dont buy in, there is no support. We talk constantly, and swap ideas daily
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:27 PM EST
    A3. Our HC is a very good manager of our staff. We all buy because we all have a part. S&C @CoachHop46 leads offseason weights #wvhsfbchat
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  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:27 PM EST
    A3: Helps to have almost all of us in the building. See the kids all the time; eat lunch in our rooms; we attend all games #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:27 PM EST
    A3: our hard part is different ages amongst coaches, players react differently to styles, have to know earn it first #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:28 PM EST
    A3 Soph staff goes out to eat every month. Entire program has nights out w/wives to keep families happy & involved. Easy buy in #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:29 PM EST
    A3: open communication and open minds will lead to success, otherwise division starts to form and productivity goes down #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:29 PM EST
    A3: For us it starts with our #PullTheSled lessons, each coach taught one each player is active they see it's important to us! #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:29 PM EST
    A3. Staff all have responsibilities. We get along & show the team a unified "team" with many different types of personalities. #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:29 PM EST
    A3 lead by example with + outlook. Each of us brings something different to the table, personalities defined each coach's role #wvhsfbchat
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:29 PM EST
    A3. Also our staff is very competitive; no coach wants to be the weak link. #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:30 PM EST
    A3 cont. most of coaches are alums, have pride in coaching where we played. #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:30 PM EST
    A3 we also go to offseason clinics as a staff and try to get dinner together once a week #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:30 PM EST
    A3: They wouldn't be on the staff if they weren't bought in. Staff isn't in building, so they're involved more at practices #wvhsfbchat
    • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:24 PM EST
      Q3: how do you get total buy in from your staff and do you define roles within your coaching staff to develop culture? #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Urquhart Jan 1 @ 9:31 PM EST
    A3 Give everyone a responsibility they're capable of handling so they can be held accountable. And feel "apart". #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:31 PM EST
    A3: all coaches have pre and post season meeting with their guysDevelop relationships, different kids flock to different coaches #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:31 PM EST
    A3:do monthly teambuilding w/ staff, a way to say thank you 4 everything, that's my plan when I'm HC everyone's opinion matters #wvhsfbchat
  • Coach_Sneed_EM Jan 1 @ 9:31 PM EST
    A3 anyone who doesn't buy in will be water boarded. Works well. #wvhsfbchat
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:32 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat Oh yeah... Tom Peck, WR/DB/STC, Oldenburg Academy (IN) Sup
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:32 PM EST
    that's awesome!! #wvhsfbchat
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  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:33 PM EST
    Q4: if a player or coach is damaging the culture of your program what is the procedure to fix the issue? #wvhsfbchat
  • Mr_Tanner23 Jan 1 @ 9:34 PM EST
    A2:vote in leadership council, have leaders draft teams and do off season competition (gpa,wt room,service).Preseason retreat #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A4: Depends on damage, & if it's consistent or once. Correct if possible, cut loose if necessary. Learned the hard way in '15 #wvhsfbchat
  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A4: We've seen this - they LEAVE. Culture takes over and they just don't seem to stick around very long! #wvhsfbchat
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat Player, we get team leaders involved first, to deal with it on the field; then a coach meeting, which has lead to benchings 1/2
  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A4: @Coach_Sneed_EM this works lol #wvhsfbchat
    In reply to @Coach_Sneed_EM
  • CoachJohnson4MC Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A4 if player, talk w/position coach, then goes to soph HC, then to varsity HC. No clue about coaches, hope I never find out #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:35 PM EST
    A4: communication and remediation. Have to address issue and offer solutions. If continually a problem, removal is warranted #wvhsfbchat
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:36 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat A4) loss of role, suspension, etc... depends. Coach? When and if it happens, let you know.
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:36 PM EST
    A4. If players don't get those players right coaches step into to try & remedy. If coaches are damaging they won't last long #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:36 PM EST
    A4: we are like @rmacblue here I want to set up a culture that when someone isn't adhering it is policed by the players! #wvhsfbchat
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  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:36 PM EST
    A4: speak to them individual figure out solution if none then ✌🏼nobody wants cancer #wvhsfbchat
  • Mr_Tanner23 Jan 1 @ 9:38 PM EST
    A3:going to get better this year,coaches will be assigned unit leaders & do "R" training within unit,most buy in we've had here #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:38 PM EST
    A4. For players, Team leaders usually try to correct it. If that isn't enough, then meeting with the HC. #wvhsfbchat
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:38 PM EST
    A4 w/a player, I will have a meeting one on one or w/coaches. If it continues, committee of 2 kids from each grade will meet #wvhsfbchat
  • c_pitchfork Jan 1 @ 9:39 PM EST
    A4 Got to go. One cancer can destroy a program quicker than anything else. #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:41 PM EST
    Great stuff tonight guys! I got 2 more Questions, I'll give ya Q5 in just a minute or 2! #wvhsfbchat
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:45 PM EST
    "Burn Your Goals" by @JoshuaMedcalf "Energy Bus" by @JonGordon11 Are 2 of my favorite philosophy/leadership books #wvhsfbchat
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  • Mr_Tanner23 Jan 1 @ 9:45 PM EST
    A4: Refer to discipline contract and commitment program and I meet w the player immediately to address the behavior #wvhsfbchat
  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:45 PM EST
    A5: I was spoiled - got to witness Michigan coaches up close; how they talked to players and treated players at practice/games. #wvhsfbchat
  • _mikerossi_ Jan 1 @ 9:46 PM EST
    Mike Rossi, D Line Coach Elkton High School Elkton, MD #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:47 PM EST
    A5: E+R=O, Coughlin's, Carroll's & Leach's have been impactful for me. Got about 14 more coming off Amazon I'm excited for #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:47 PM EST
    I forgot that one on my list, good one!!! #wvhsfbchat
    In reply to @_mikerossi_, @WVFBCHAT
  • J_E_Rogers Jan 1 @ 9:48 PM EST
    A5) Like @PeteCarroll book Win Forever good information plus other books. Learned lot from different coaches I've worked with. #wvhsfbchat
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  • CoachBlacha Jan 1 @ 9:49 PM EST
    A5: Don James, Nick Saban, Hal Mumme, Pete Carroll just a few #wvhsfbchat
  • benglidewell Jan 1 @ 9:53 PM EST
    How good do you want to be. Saban The score takes care of itself. Walsh #wvhsfbchat
  • c_pitchfork Jan 1 @ 9:54 PM EST
    A5: Book: Energy Bus, @JonGordon11 Program: @coachkr10 & @bobbybentley. Both have been open doors in helping us. #wvhsfbchat
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  • rmacblue Jan 1 @ 9:54 PM EST
    A6: It's reciprocal. Take care of the community and students they take care of you. Get involved; be seen; do good. #wvhsfbchat
  • jwdavis13 Jan 1 @ 9:54 PM EST
    Win Forever, Pete Carroll; any Lou Holtz book, CDS by Randy Jackson, Randy Allen has written that is awesome. #wvhsfbchat
    In reply to @Skillutt28
  • Tpeck2 Jan 1 @ 9:54 PM EST
    #wvhsfbchat A6) Ideas for a small school where only about 5% of the kids are actually from the town? Parents are great, townies? Ehhhh
  • PHSvikingFball Jan 1 @ 9:55 PM EST
    A6 give back to community through service, making connections w/local businesses, Facebook/Twitter pages to put team out there #wvhsfbchat
  • c_pitchfork Jan 1 @ 9:57 PM EST
    A6:HC has done a cancer & veterans night where people in our community have bought jerseys (black & digital camo) for that game #wvhsfbchat
  • CoachBehnfeldt Jan 1 @ 9:57 PM EST
    A6: take care of community and they will take care of you. Promote your program, fire up the student body, make part of culture #wvhsfbchat
  • c_pitchfork Jan 1 @ 9:58 PM EST
    A6 (cont.) Had cookout where players ate with the people they were representing. Players gave jerseys to person after game. #wvhsfbchat
  • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:59 PM EST
    A6: we adopt a park, read to kids, coat drive in winter, canned food drive spring, & we love our school and towns #PullTheSled #wvhsfbchat
  • Skillutt28 Jan 1 @ 9:59 PM EST
    A6. Comm. service project each season. Great booster club does pregame tailgates w/ the band. "Thank" the crowd after each game #wvhsfbchat
  • coachadkisson Jan 1 @ 9:59 PM EST
    A6. We have a family atmosphere already here before I got here. Parents,booster club feed team after every game 9th,JV, & V #wvhsfbchat
  • vandyfan13 Jan 1 @ 9:59 PM EST
    A6: Honestly, this yr it was a combination of winning some & switching to 8 man. We're a very close community, so was big deal. #wvhsfbchat
    • WVFBCHAT - Moderator Jan 1 @ 9:53 PM EST
      Q6: how do you get the community and student body involved, proud, and to feel part of your program (don't say win!) #wvhsfbchat