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Tuesday February 6, 2018
8:00 PM EST

  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Welcome or welcome back if you've been here before to #5thchat! Tonight we will be talking about student engagement. I can't wait to meet you! Please take a minute to introduce yourself.
  • participatechat Feb 6 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Participate in the upcoming #5thchat by sharing resources and collaborating at https://t.co/bsl55664vz
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Hi all! Julia from Illinois 4/5 STEM teacher #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Can’t wait for this chat! Liz, 5th grade Virginia Beach! #5thchat
  • YennePaul Feb 6 @ 8:03 PM EST
    Hi, I’m Paul, first year 3rd grade teacher in Colorado Springs, crashing the 5th party! Son of @yenneam #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:04 PM EST
    #5thchat Jerry Toups, I have taught 6th grade math to Geometry and everything in between. Currently teaching Alg I & Geometry. 28th year to teach my Ss to #AlwaysBelieve What a blessed career. #ItsAllAboutTheKids
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Ann from Colorado Springs - I teach 5th. Hoping my son @YennePaul joins us too! #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Feb 6 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Paul Solarz, 5th grade teacher, Illinois. At my students’ band concert! Looking forward to the chat! #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:04 PM EST
    Hello.Todd - 5th grade teacher from Charlotte, NC. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:04 PM EST
    4th grade teacher from Missouri. Hi all!! #5thchat
  • FeasterCharter Feb 6 @ 8:05 PM EST
    One of our 5th grade #FeasterDI Ss showing his #FeasterMindlabs art project #5thchat #FeasterLearns #VAPA
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:05 PM EST
    Denise Williamson 5th Grade Gifted Pensacola FL #5thchat
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:06 PM EST
    Hi #5thchat! I'm Sara from MT. I teach 3rd grade!
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in! #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Kellie in Virginia Beach VA, 4th grade #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:08 PM EST
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:09 PM EST
    A1: Students engagement helps students connect with their learning and become part of the process rather than a passive observer. Everyone learns more when the learning is meaningful and fun. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:10 PM EST
    Hi everyone. Im a little late to the game! Im Hailie and in my third year of elementary education! #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1- Ss of today need to part of the action- they need to be active and excited about what they are doing- there are too many other cool things out there that could be far more entertaining #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:10 PM EST
    When students are engaged the learning becomes more personal. I think it brings our more creativity and problem solving when they are actively part of the lesson instead of just listening to the teacher. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A1: students want to have fun and when they have fun they remember and learn the content! #5thchat
  • T_HEB Feb 6 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A1 I see engagement connected to relevance. When the work is relevant and meaningful to students and their reality then they are engaged. Plus, learning should be fun. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:11 PM EST
    Ss like to have fun and games encourage them- and me! Teaching is more fun this way! #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A1 When students are engaged they are a part of the learning process; not a bystander. Ss tend to own lessons they are enjoying and a part of. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
    I know that when i have fun, I remember things better #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A1: Engagement means deeper understanding and Ss not even realizing that they are “doing work”! Add in fun to the mix and Ss will better remember not just the event, but the learning behind it as well! #5thchat
  • Dale_Chu Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
    HAPPENING NOW: @JuliaGalvanSTEM leading a chat on student engagement. Follow along at #5thchat!
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
    Help everyone! Jon, a 5th grade teacher from Iowa...joining a bit late tonight. #5thchat
  • YennePaul Feb 6 @ 8:12 PM EST
    Talked in PLC today about working with kids that seem to lack resourcefulness and resiliency. Engagement can make the hard part of learning more interesting and problem solving seem more relevant. Engaged Ss are more willing to take risks #5thchat.
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A1: Student engagement is important because I want my students actively involved in their learning. They need movement and a variety of ways to share and make connections. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A2: I did a lesson on habitats and created a bunch of tubs that had natural items in them to represent that habitat! Kids loved it #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:13 PM EST
    I love the digital breakouts- I love creating them as much as the kids love solving them! #5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:13 PM EST
    A1 If we don't find ways to make learning fun, they will find other find other ways to occupy their minds and hands, and the learning will be temporary. Fun and engaging builds a platform for more. #5thchat
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A2: I love teaching Name poems. I get to hear student's stories about their names, and students get to think about their names in a new way. Both the students and I always learn during this lesson, that's why I love it. #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A1. Student engagement is very important. If they are not engaged, them can deep learning truly occur? Ts need to provide opporutnies for Ss to take charge of their learning. #5thchat
  • T_HEB Feb 6 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A1 Engaged students are connected to their learning, they are transferring understanding to new situations, they are supporting each other, and they are partners in the journey. #5thchat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:14 PM EST
    A1. When Ss are engaged, they take more ownership of their learning, deomonstrating creativity, designing, critical thinking, and problem solving and are more are to help others and teach others what they know and share their knowledge. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:15 PM EST
    A2: Most recently students took what they learned about economics and budgeting and created a school budget for next year-Can't believed they remembered the toilet paper! :-) #proud #5thchat
  • AssignmentHelpN Feb 6 @ 8:15 PM EST
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:15 PM EST
    Q2: creating Chatterpix embodying the opinions of Patriots and Loyalists during the Revolution. Remembering and embracing that our 5th graders are still kids and silt makes learning meaningful and fun! #5thchat
  • T_HEB Feb 6 @ 8:16 PM EST
    A2 Teams of Ss recreated the Oregon Trail in Minecraft. They were eager to create an authentic representation and dove into research. Iterative and creative building ensued with enthusiastic collaboration. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:16 PM EST
    A2 My Ss love @breakoutEDU Our school is also working on classroom transformations to engage our learners. They have been a hit! #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:17 PM EST
    Q2: creating Chatterpix embodying the opinions of Patriots and Loyalists during the Revolution. Remembering and embracing that our 5th graders are still kids and love to be silly makes learning meaningful and fun! #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:17 PM EST
    A2: I did book clubs where students had a choice of 5 novels. Ss loved the choice and freedom of the discussions. This was the best reading activity I have done so far. Some of the best discussions the students had in class. #5thchat
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2: A lesson that I have enjoyed doing is the the water cycle. They do a scavenger hunt and then act out theaters of the cycle. They love it!#5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2 I love teaching persuasive writing, and letting them find their voices in a debate is lots of fun. That's my favorite . . . I wonder what they would say? #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2 I also have to give a shout out to @Flipgrid for creating a tool that engages my students. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:19 PM EST
  • YennePaul Feb 6 @ 8:19 PM EST
    A2: Created a couple @breakoutEDU boxes with the kids in my student teaching classroom last semester. Helping facilitate the problem solving and debriefing on how the process worked was a cool experience. #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:19 PM EST
    My Ss enjoy any activity where they are learning through a cooperative activity. Also activities that are no longer than 15 minutes. They slowly lose interest after this amount of time. #5thchat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:19 PM EST
    A2. My Ss enjoyed their lesson about doing chromotography with nature such as flowers and leaves of various types in STEM. Realizing they can apply the technique to test other materials as well. #5thchat
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:20 PM EST
    A3: I give choices about the topics students write about, the books they read, and where students learn best in the classroom. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:21 PM EST
    A3: I am all about giving my students choice! I gave mine book, writing and specific assignment choice! #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A3: I try to give them choice in practice and assessment when possible. When they are doing something they choose they are more engaged in the learning. #5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A3 I ask 3 questions often: how would you best learn this, practice, and then demonstrate mastery? Then we talk about what worked and what didn't. I learn lots from listening. #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:22 PM EST
    With math, I give them a choice of which problems to compete. Do students need to complete a whole page of math problems? IMO, no. I can see what they understand in a math skill in just a few examples. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A3 I let my students choose how they want to share their learning. They can use @Flipgrid, blog on @KidblogDotOrg , create a video, or even show in traditional method. All learning also goes in their @Seesaw portfolio. I love seeing their creativity! #5thchat
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:22 PM EST
    A3: They are always given choices of what to do when work is complete (listed on the board). Ss can choose elements of projects to complete, class job choices, etc. #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:23 PM EST
    #5thchat A1 #engaged Ss REMEMBER what is taught. Great Trs hook their Ss into loving what topic they are teaching about.
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:23 PM EST
    A3: I really like to have my students involved in the assessment process. For example, we would create a rubric together! #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:24 PM EST
    I know. They are disappointed when we don't do it on a particular day and when the novels are finished they ask when we are doing it again. #5thchat
    In reply to @msweisenbeck
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A3:My “station time” is choice oriented for stdrds. I try to hit several learning styles with digital choice boards,they pick the activity each day, there are 3 required activities for the week and the rest are “free choice” but they all revolve around the same standard #5thchat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A3. With the topics we were workig on, the Ss had a choice of doing 1:3 projects in classroom when we finished and cleaned up they were given more choices of tangems or designing or creating something with materials. #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:25 PM EST
    #5thchat A2 one of my favorite lessons is teaching the Pythagorean TM. My son and I made this commercial in 2008. https://t.co/iO5rGwgO3C
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:26 PM EST
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:26 PM EST
    A3:My “station time” is choice oriented for standards. I try to hit several learning styles with digital choice boards,they pick their activity each day. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:27 PM EST
    A4: One book my students LOVED was “I am not a number.” They had so many questions and were so engaged in it! #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:27 PM EST
    A4- #flipgid is a biggie! #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:28 PM EST
    Yes, I will say that out of the five you do... two have to be story problems. I try set it up so they are selecting a representative of the problems on a page. #5thchat
    In reply to @SaraKiffe, @JuliaGalvanSTEM
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:29 PM EST
    A4: #TLAP #LearnLAP #shiftthis @joykirr #launch genius hour @spencerideas @gcouros @ajjuliani @jmattmiller and other great people out there willing to share! #5thchat
  • jmattmiller Feb 6 @ 8:29 PM EST
    Thanks Julia! #5thchat
    In reply to @JuliaGalvanSTEM, @JoyKirr, @spencerideas, @gcouros, @ajjuliani
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:29 PM EST
    A4: Our school has been trained in Whole Brain teaching, Kagan, and Thinking Maps. We are also in a book study for Shift This. Great resources!!!, #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:30 PM EST
    A4 The Ron Clark Academy @ronclarkacademy and Hope King @hopekingteach have been an inspiration for classroom transformations for our building. If you have not looked into @breakoutEDU , I highly encourage you to.#5thchat
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:30 PM EST
    A4: Feedback that Moves Writers Forward by @pmgmcgee, The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, Learn like a Pirate @PaulSolarz are all fabulous for thinking about how to positively engage and empower students. #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:30 PM EST
    #5thchat I have my learning objectives posted on my wall. Let you Ss read the objective so they can figure out what verb they need to be doing to demonstrate mastery.
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:31 PM EST
    A4 @edpuzzle @Flipgrid @educreations @Schoology are just a few that give me lots of options for reaching different students. All are so flexible because they're not content driven and have multiple entry points for Ss. #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:31 PM EST
    A4: Ts follow #tlap and #learnLAP!! For the Ss: FlipGrid, Padlet, and Today’s Meet are all great engagement tools in my classroom. Ss lead the discussions and ask great Qs #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:31 PM EST
    In reply to @HollyClarkEdu, @TanyaAvrith
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:31 PM EST
    A4. When working with circuitry, Delta Education through Foss materials has good laboratory equipment and books for Ss learning about Energy! Great hands on learning! #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:32 PM EST
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:33 PM EST
  • Flipgrid Feb 6 @ 8:35 PM EST
    #5thchat is having an awesome convo tonight! Thanks for all the Flipgrid love 💚 You all ROCK!
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:36 PM EST
    Q5. Scaffold. 1st- explicitly teach. Share your thinking, complete a task. Make a mistake and share your thinking on how your figured it out. 2nd- Practice. Practice in groups, partners where they have to talk and communicate. 3rd- Independent practice. #5thchat
  • SaraKiffe Feb 6 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A5: The key for student engagement is relationships. I try to notice, listen, and talk to my students every day about their passions and interests. This knowledge helps me incorporate things I know will motivate them into my lessons. #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A4: @LearnLAP, #tlap, Renegade Leadership by @GustafsonBrad I've also been focusing a lot on ELA this year and used Literature Circles - Voice and Choice in Book Clubs and Reading Groups by Harvey Daniels. #5thchat
  • KateNarita Feb 6 @ 8:36 PM EST
    Book Trailer #37: Her Right Foot - Kate Narita: Children's Book Author https://t.co/chX2JyjT2e Not only do @5hawnHarri5 illustratiions make a powerful statement about inclusion, they highlight physical weathering as well. #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat #STEM #kidlit #tlem
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A5: I try to do hands on activities and really build those relationships with my students. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A5 It can get a bit loud when every student is active and engaged. I have procedures in place and well practiced before we begin a new transformation or breakout. Kids know the expectations. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A4- other great resources are podcasts! @kellycroy @WiredEducator, #Gttribe and @coolcatteacher are just a few #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A5: my classroom structure is “self-structured”. Flex seating, choice boards, student empowerment, and a solid understanding of expectations let my classroom run smoothly and be engaging without being rigid. #5thchat
  • GustafsonBrad Feb 6 @ 8:38 PM EST
    Thanks, Todd! Appreciate you reading #RenLead! #5thChat
    In reply to @MrNasife, @LearnLAP
  • YennePaul Feb 6 @ 8:38 PM EST
    A5: Letting the kids know that as a first year teacher, I’m learning too has helped with engagement. They know that the student-teacher dynamic goes both directions. #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:38 PM EST
    #5thchat A4 When I started teaching @ofctimallen show "Home Improvement" was the big show. I thought, I could be Tim the Tool Man Taylor in my class. #ItWorks! I teach with #MorePower and ad lib moments in my room. The kdis LOVE IT!
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:38 PM EST
    A5- try to incorporate small group games, hand on and choice! #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:39 PM EST
    A5: I've been using PBL format more and more to create engaging lessons. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:40 PM EST
    Q5: I try to think what I would want as a students in my class. #5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:40 PM EST
    A5 Build solid, trusting relationships and then don't talk too much! #5thchat
  • Toups_J Feb 6 @ 8:40 PM EST
    #5thchat A5 Create a classroom where Ss learn to TEACH EACH OTHER! Start each class with a warm up activity where they can peer tutor. The Ss will already be engaged when the lesson begins.
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:40 PM EST
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:41 PM EST
    A5. I like doing hands on activities with the Ss. It gives us the opportunity not only to build relationships, but for the Ss to explore and create and do problem solving. #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:42 PM EST
    A6: Ss know exactly what they like/dislike. In my internship, I asked them daily for feedback on lessons and activities. #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:43 PM EST
    Have you done much with mini-lessons? I am starting to do this more and more. Currently doing a weather unit and having students teach some of the concepts. Still new to me, so I am looking for any suggestions. #5thchat
    In reply to @Toups_J
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A6 We reflect after each project....what went well, what could be better next time, etc. I learn more by walking around and listenting to my Ss interact with each other while they are engaged and learning. #5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A6 I get lots of feedback just looking at their faces and their behavior. I ask for ratings and they have open access to message me on @Schoology or send me emails. Open communication because of relationships. They take my feedback, I need to take theirs. #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A6- I ask a lot more now than I used to- when I see that one or two kids that don’t seem engaged, I spend extra time seeking their input and ideas. I want to reach them all and it really bothers me when I dont. #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:45 PM EST
    I learn more about who my Ss are as learners when they are actively engaged. We reflect each Friday with what my Ss like to call “scores (their fave lessons and snores (lessons they were not engaged in)” #mykidsnamedit #5thchat
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A6: I need to ask for more feedback from my Ss. I have after a few lessons but not enough. They always have good ideas and are encouraging. I have learned that they enjoy being engaged and being part of the lesson. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:45 PM EST
    I ask for feedback quite often. Google Forms is also great for this so everyone has a voice when they don't always want to share. I think they don't want to hurt my feelings sometimes but I tell them that's how I get better #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A6: I learn more about who my Ss are as learners when they are actively engaged. We reflect each Friday with what my Ss like to call “scores (their fave lessons and snores (lessons they were not engaged in)” #mykidsnamedit #5thchat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A6. My Ss comment to me on every avtivity that we do. #5thchat
  • YennePaul Feb 6 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A6: I try and ask for some sort of feedback daily, even with just a quick thumbs up/thumbs down. I need to work on making the process more deliberate. #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:47 PM EST
    A6: I use Google forms a lot to get feedback from Ss, especially if we try something new. I like to do them after projects or group work to see what issues they had and how we can improve. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:48 PM EST
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A7 As far as learning/practicing activities, we use it every day for blended learning opportunities. Demonstration of mastery, the kids are the experts! @scratch is a favorite of many! #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A6. One idea I have tried is writing with my students. I will compete the same writing assignment that I have them do, and they grade me on the same rubric. If questions arise on rubric, I know something needs tweaking. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A7 Give the Ss choice on how they want to share learning. I use @KidblogDotOrg , @Seesaw , @Flipgrid , @padlet , learning trailers (like movie trailers) We also use our green screen and @DoInkTweets Technology is now a habit in our classroom. #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A7: whenever my kids can use their voice, literally and figuratively, they are more engaged in Tech time! Literal: #flipgrid where they can actually talk it out. Figuratively: discussions with each other on Google Classroom or Padlet! #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A7: I love technology in the classroom but don’t have a ton of resources yet! Anyone have any ideas? #5thchat
  • MrNasife Feb 6 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A7: I like to create small online groups and discussion posts. Students have access 24/7 and also learn lessons about etiquette and how to interact online. #5thchat
  • iowajonhuebner Feb 6 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A7. Kahoots and quizlets are great for engagement. #5thchat
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:52 PM EST
    A7: I have created digital science interactive notebooks that students use daily. We are 1:1 with chrome books. We do a lot with Google Classroom and Padlet. They love using the technology! I learn from them!#5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A7- @Flipgrid, #screencastify, #bookcreator, @seesaw- google suite is amazing for collaborative features! Love #quizizz, #kahoot, and my Ss favorite: #classcraft #5thchat
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A7: I have used chrome books and google classroom before! Ss really enjoy it! #5thchat
  • EduGladiators Feb 6 @ 8:54 PM EST
    🌈Join us SATURDAY for a POWERFUL discussion on equality in our schools as we continue our #EduGladiators series: We Shall Overcome as @nalang1 moderates! #divergEd #EmpowerMe #kaganchat #K12PRchat #Admin2b #ECOOChat #5thchat #nced #njed #TnEdChat #RuralEdChat #scichat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:54 PM EST
    A7. We share our learning through pics with parents and family. We'll do projects with technology. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:55 PM EST
  • HailieLogan Feb 6 @ 8:56 PM EST
    A8: I think one key idea is to get to know your students and use what interests them to create fun lessons! #5thchat
  • yenneam Feb 6 @ 8:57 PM EST
    @JuliaGalvanSTEM Thanks for hosting tonight! #5thchat
  • Beulah_ES_Willi Feb 6 @ 8:57 PM EST
    A8: Look on Pinterest and work with other teachers. #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:58 PM EST
    A8 Find a partner to plan with and jump in. Always reflect with your students. I am always amazed with their input! #5thchat
  • MsBazar5th Feb 6 @ 8:58 PM EST
    Q8: Don’t overthink it! Put yourself in the Ss shoes to channel your inner kid! Also, it might take a little work BUT it will not only help your Ss have fun while learning, it will make your day more fun too!! #kidsdeserveit #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:58 PM EST
    A8- don’t be afraid to try- the kids love to see you take risks as we encourage them to😀! When you see something that looks cool, try it! The worst thing that can happen is you learn from a flop! #5thchat
  • dot2teach Feb 6 @ 8:58 PM EST
    Great chat! #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Feb 6 @ 8:59 PM EST
    Thank you to everyone for the great chat You are amazing! #5thchat
  • msweisenbeck Feb 6 @ 8:59 PM EST
    How do these hours fly by so quickly??? Amazing chat @JuliaGalvanSTEM #5thchat
  • gdorn1 Feb 6 @ 8:59 PM EST
    A8. As you are building relationships in classroom, get to know what your Ss are interested in, and desgn your lessons around their interests. #5thchat