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Sunday August 12, 2018
7:30 PM EDT

  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Roman from Ontario, Canada. HS Teacher/Student Success Leader/Agent of Transformation. Favourite hobby: reading, watching movies, creating surprises. Happy to be with #teachpos tonight!
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Hello. My name is Susan, and I am a 1st year teacher from IL. My favorite hobby is singing. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:31 PM EDT
    Craig - HPE teacher of high school. Favorite hobby is strength training. #Teachpos
  • Teachintjay Aug 12 @ 7:32 PM EDT
    Hi! I'm Terry from Alabama where I teach 4th grade My hobby is home improvement and reading #Teachpos
  • colby_colbyt Aug 12 @ 7:32 PM EDT
    Hi. I'm Tiffany. I'm a 3rd grade teacher. My favorite hobby is spending time with my children. #teachpos
  • saschnit Aug 12 @ 7:32 PM EDT
    Hello everyone! Scott from Michigan. I’m a middle school dean. My favorite hobby is going camping and being outdoors. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Aug 12 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    #teachpos - Ray, 7th Grade Math Teacher from Rhode Island here! Favorite hobby - cycling. Come to #edChatRI right after this. We will be discussing fostering a #growthmindset at the beginning of the year.
  • ChristineBemis2 Aug 12 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    Hi #Teachpos ... Christine, tchr, and I ❤️ to pickup free #curbside finds & repurpose them ...#ifitsfreeitsforme
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:33 PM EDT
    Hi #teachpos! Wendy Hankins, 2nd grade, HouTX, spread thoughts and positivity via #HeardItFromHankins Favorite hobby: Running & riding ♥️
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:35 PM EDT
    ... and spreading kindness to others. You are a rockstar! #hearditfromhankins #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:35 PM EDT
    Q#1 in 30 seconds. #Teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    😮 So cool! We need to be on the same team!! Another hobby for me: decorating FOR SURE! #TeachPos
    In reply to @ChristineBemis2
  • PHausTech Aug 12 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Bummed to miss #teachpos tonight. Just getting home from a PA trip to see family. Looking forward to reading up later and next week!
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Hey #teachpos! This is Michael A. from #122edchat in Chicago. #STEM Facilitator to the stars for @SmartLab_tweets from @Simmonsknights1. Favorite hobby? When I was a kid, I loved collecting baseball cards and getting autographs.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:36 PM EDT
    Here we go with Q#1 #Teachpos
  • cybraryman1 Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    Some helpful pages for #teachpos chat Mentoring page https://t.co/wUyUpG74vM See especially: @lookforsun "Everyone needs mentors" Important to help & support newbies: New Teachers page https://t.co/zQyCUxTLay #YouMatter page https://t.co/n12zMEMnOT We should all try to improve.
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    Hey #Teachpos! First timer here! Jon from Irvine CA. Hobby? Running, bodyboarding, hiking.
  • Blended_Math Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    #teachpos - A1 - Sadly, I think that the teacher preparation process is broken and there is little to no structured support for new teachers, that is why mentoring is so important. I wrote about a possible solution on @edu_post: https://t.co/dEwPCjtYQH
  • MrMarshsClass Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1 Mentoring is so important because it keeps teachers in the profession! We want to be teachers to change lives, but unlike a lot of people believe it is hard! New teachers need support and encouragement #kidsdeserveit #teachpos
  • colby_colbyt Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    Q1: It is important for one thing so that they have someone to have a connection with. Someone to help guide the professionally. And also to bounce ideas off of. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1 - We all need help. Listening and watching others is a great way to improve our craft and reflect on how our jobs influence others. #Teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:38 PM EDT
    A1: I just launched a virtual mentoring program today. Mentoring is so important because it provides much support to a new teacher and makes the new teacher feel like he/she is not alone. Remember that it takes a village. I have been mentored by so many Ts on Twitter. #teachpos
  • tjggmueller Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    Tammi from Iowa here. I like to watch movies or TV when I am not reading. #teachpos
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1: We all need someone who will help us make our decisions and that does so with our interests in mind, not theirs. #Teachpos
  • JoyceJamerson Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    Joyce Jamerson, Literacy Specialist here ♥️ Favorite hobby is reading 📖 #Teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS, @_on11, @CristinaDajero, @MrPStrunk, @StephDill92, @khoggardGRT, @MrsHankinsClass, @NowakRo, @ChristineBemis2, @LevineWrites, @PHausTech
  • Teachintjay Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1: Mentoring is crucial for new Ts There's so many facets to Tching Mentors help ensure success for the T and SS #Teachpos
  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1 We all need mentors. It is crucial to have a sounding board, someone to turn to with questions, for guidance, for reassurance. We grow together. We go further as a team. Every teacher should have access to a mentor to become better, to learn, to share. #teachpos
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:39 PM EDT
    A1: Mentors provide the ongoing support that we all need in order to stay fresh as teachers. We all need someone that will be a sounding board for our ideas and our struggles. #teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    A1: I feel like mentoring other teachers is so important because you can give new teachers insight, advice, and encouragement like only one who has been a teacher can. If you’ve never been a teacher, it’s difficult to do so. #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:40 PM EDT
    You guys and gals ROCK⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #Teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Aug 12 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    A1~ Supports teamwork Empowers new & vetran teachers to share what works/what doesn’t Builds a relationship that is so necessary in this mission of serving others ❤️ #teachpos
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    A1.2: Mentoring makes both the mentor and mentee better. We are #bettertogether. Iron sharpens iron. #teachpos
  • PaulCombsCFISD Aug 12 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    Hi #Teachpos ! PAUL Combs CCIS Social Studies and my hobby is fishing!
  • saschnit Aug 12 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    A1: Mentoring for Ts allows collaboration time, opportunities to experience a mentors class, a time for “openness” to bring concerns and questions to an experienced T for extra help. It provides growth opportunities for those wanting to grow and expand their craft. #teachpos
  • colby_colbyt Aug 12 @ 7:41 PM EDT
    A1: I feel that mentoring is also an incredibly valuable experience for the mentor as well! #teachpos
  • tjggmueller Aug 12 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    A1: There are many things that our college education don't teach new teachers. The things that veteran teachers say "If I only knew then what I know now..." New teachers could benefit from this knowledge. #teachpos
  • ItsAMrY Aug 12 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    #teachpos Mentoring, like good teaching....is a conversation. It accounts for the individual, their experience and emotions as well as their thoughts. Ts who receive good mentoring, it seems natural, will pass that on to their Ss. What about schools with ZERO mentoring?? Hmmm
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    @MrsHankinsClass has been an amazing mentor for me via Twitter. She always offers encouragement and advice while inspiring me to teach from the heart. We need more teachers like her... ones who give their all and care so much about others. #teachpos
    • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:40 PM EDT
      A1: I feel like mentoring other teachers is so important because you can give new teachers insight, advice, and encouragement like only one who has been a teacher can. If you’ve never been a teacher, it’s difficult to do so. #TeachPos
  • JoyceJamerson Aug 12 @ 7:42 PM EDT
    #Teachpos Mentoring is important for the growth of teachers because it provides an opportunity for collaborative conversation, reflection, accountable goal setting, and celebration.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    Q#2 coming up. Love your answers. They are inspiring. #Teachpos
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    Hey @btcostello05...talking mentoring in #teachpos.
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:43 PM EDT
    Hey Jon! Welcome! I’m a runner too—but this is what I’d look like if I went body boarding. 😝 #TeachPos
    In reply to @Mrjonresendez
  • tjggmueller Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    A1 apology: Oops just reread my answer-sorry for the terrible grammar. I'm trying to eat pizza and type-obviously need some practice. #teachpos
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    I love how you included celebration in the mentoring relationship. Such an essential component. #teachpos
    In reply to @JoyceJamerson
  • gdorn1 Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Hi, Gretchen from KY joining in.STEM. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Thank you so much! #teachpos
    • saschnit Aug 12 @ 7:43 PM EDT
      Awesome! Go Susan!! That is terrific. I just launched a mentoring program for students in our building, connecting new students and returning students. So excited to hear about your journeys!
      In reply to @MsJachymiak
  • lethajhenry Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Hi everyone-Letha from Quebec jumping in late to #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:44 PM EDT
    Q#2 below. #Teachpos
  • PaulCombsCFISD Aug 12 @ 7:45 PM EDT
    A1) Mentoring provides support, guidance and a)simply a friend to lean on when times get tough! #teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:45 PM EDT
    A1.1: Let’s add—that while mentoring new teachers, veteran teachers, too, can learn from novice teachers who have fresh ideas. 💡 #TeachPos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: I feel like, as a new teacher, I, at times, am afraid of asking questions, but I got into the mindset this summer that I need to push myself to ask because that is the only way I will get better. I think transparency is key. #teachpos
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:46 PM EDT
    A2: Don’t swoop in trying to solve their problem. Chat’Em up, learn their views, offer tales of your similar experiences and be patient. #Teachpos
  • saschnit Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2: I use mentoring and coaching as a way of collaboration. Part of my coaching goes into team teaching and working side by side with the Ts. I do not want to do all of the work, but working with Ts side by side gives them confidence in what they do and how to do it! #teachpos
  • colby_colbyt Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2: Stay positive and encouraging regardless of their resistance. Start conversations. Ask questions. Be supportive no matter what. #teachpos
  • gdorn1 Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A1. It's provides an opportunity for collaboration, growth, sharing ideas, working together, goal setting, accountability, direction, and follow-through with plans. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2 - I try to always stay positive and also provide data that supports the need for help. #Teachpos
  • PaulCombsCFISD Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2) Showing them that I will always be there, staying constant and available #Teachpos
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:47 PM EDT
    A2: We need to ask the right questions. Queries that lead to thoughtful answers. Give them time to speak and process what is going on. Sometimes, just being present is also helpful. Letting people know that you are there for them goes a long way. #teachpos
  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    A2 I try to model risk taking & putting myself out there. I try to lead by example to show that it isn’t scary to try & fail. I also offer help, co-teach and even go into a colleague’s class so they have an example or never feel alone. I try to be their cheerleader. #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    This is a perfect topic for me as I am just embarking on this first part of this new journey. I am so excited to be a 1st year teacher, and I cannot thank my #PLN enough for supporting me. I am inspired beyond belief. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Aug 12 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    #teachpos - A2 - If someone is resistant in accepting help, share your own stories about how reaching out for help changed your practice for the better. Remember to always center conversations about making our teaching/schools better for the students that we serve.
  • ItsAMrY Aug 12 @ 7:48 PM EDT
    #teachpos Ts who are resistant to mentoring.....put them in position of mentor. Ask them Qs. Let them see how generous and helpful they can be on one side of that relationship. Show them that you can be vulnerable....and perhaps they will reciprocate.
  • ChristineBemis2 Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2~ Simply keep showing up to chat w/them, teach w/door open 24/7 so the welcome mat is always out & make every attempt to listen, listen, listen & sometimes just LISTEN ❤️ Lastly~ always pointing out the good in others as “ glows” and modeling my own “grows” #teachpos
  • Teachintjay Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2: I pull Jedi mind tricks on those who are resistant by asking Have you heard of so and so? read this or that? Tried x? Etc #Teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2: Asking for help can be difficult. I’ll admit—I’ve been guilty of not asking others for help. However, I’ve learned when you do, you open yourself up to growth. Not to mention— build deeper relationships w/whomever is helping you. That’s the advice I’d give to others.#TeachPos
  • gdorn1 Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2. Encouraging others, through small steps, talk about similiar experiences, listen to their problems and questions. #teachpos
  • btcostello05 Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    Hi #teachpos just got in. I’m Brian from NJ, teacher of people, doer of all the things, and Author of The Teacher’s Journey, a book about career and professional growth with a heavy focus on mentoring
  • MrMarshsClass Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    A2 To inspire other teacher to ask for help I tell them the story of my 1st year. I am still teaching today because of the great mentors I had! We all need help, there’s no shame in that! #teachpos
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:49 PM EDT
    I find that those who are resistant are that way because they are afraid to be vulnerable. If you are vulnerable first and humble in your work, you may inspire them to reach out to you. #Teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • JoyceJamerson Aug 12 @ 7:50 PM EDT
    #Teachpos The best way for me to inspire others is to just do what I know works best for kids. I go all in with those wanting support. Eventually resistors want to join the party. I also keep sending invitations and make the support I’m offering flexible and personalized.
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    Amazing stuff! Q3 coming up. Thanks for all you do. #Teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    Thank you so much! I appreciate the support. #teachpos
  • btcostello05 Aug 12 @ 7:51 PM EDT
    Mentoring is what allows us to move beyond where we already are. It allows us to draw on the experiences of others and use their knowledge to make more informed decisions in our careers and in life. #Teachpos
  • tjggmueller Aug 12 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    A2: I usually just keep offering to help if I see something that I can help with. I also really liked the answer from @ItsAMrY about being open to receiving help. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:52 PM EDT
    Q#3 is below. Let’s finish strong. #Teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A3 - I’ve learned that R’s matter most of all. #Teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    @MrsHankinsClass has become one of my mentors. I know I mentioned this before, but when you meet a teacher who is that open, kind-hearted, amazing (the list could go on), it becomes easy to form a positive relationship. Her students are so blessed. #teachpos
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A3: In education, it’s not enough to be right. You have to be able to bring others with you. Without others, you are just yelling in the wind. #Teachpos
  • saschnit Aug 12 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A3: Be you and don’t be afraid to fail. I think this has gotten me through the first part of my teaching career! When I first started teaching, I was concerned with evaluations and doing everything “right”. My dean came in and looked at me and said Be you and don’t fear.#teachpos
  • PaulCombsCFISD Aug 12 @ 7:53 PM EDT
    A3) Don't be afraid to fail! Failure is the stepping stones that lead to success and achievement ! #Teachpos
  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3 It is important to support and encourage one another. We must stop working in silos and be there to work together & collaborate more. Our mission is to uplift kids together, therefore be there to uplift others. Lead with your heart. Be kind. Always. #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3b - by building those relationships we teach more effectively and also enjoy the path of learning. #Teachpos
  • colby_colbyt Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    The message that I have learned from others is to remember why we are there and that of course is for the students. It helps me remember that some of the other stuff that goes on, aside from the students, is not worth the stress that it often causes. #teachpos
  • stevielove2323 Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3" One of the most powerful messages I received was a self-reflective questions. It was would you want your son/daugher in a classroom at your school. #everychilddeservesaqualityeducation #teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3: As a new teacher, I am lucky to have learned from former teachers, my parents, CTs, my #PLN, etc. I learned to never give up. I was born pre-mature, and I keep pushing myself to do better. I hope that this will inspire my students. #teachpos
  • MrMarshsClass Aug 12 @ 7:54 PM EDT
    A3 STUFF HAPPENINGS! Lessons will go bad, things won’t always be great at home, hard times happen! But through all of this the best advice is that #kidsdeserveit they deserve a space where they are encouraged and loved! We have to be the brightness! #teachpos
  • lethajhenry Aug 12 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    A3- It's been to always follow my own teaching heart. In the beginning, I would see what others were doing and think it would work for me too. I've learned that I truly have to believe in it, let it come from within and then kids will see the authenticity and passion. #TeachPos
  • Blended_Math Aug 12 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    #TeachPos - A3 - Not a mentor, but the most important message was from Todd Rose in his keynote speech - The End of Average: https://t.co/yRwO4BvPly The message is - EVERY student learns differently. This blew the doors off of my previous conceptions of teaching.
  • Teachintjay Aug 12 @ 7:55 PM EDT
    A3: My second week into my first year teaching, I remarked to a veteran T that I just wasn't connecting with my SS. She told me I had to love them and to let them know I loved them Game changer! #TeachPos
  • ItsAMrY Aug 12 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    #teachpos Most important message I've received is that every bit of teaching advice needs a context. There are few, if any, absolutes. Approach with an appropriate degree of humility. As a T, I ask my Ss for a lot of feedback compared to when I started. And adjust accordingly!
  • MrMarshsClass Aug 12 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    I was so afraid to fail in the beginning, but honestly we fail everyday! If we aren’t failing in someway how can we even imagine getting better! #Teachpos
    In reply to @PaulCombsCFISD
  • _on11 Aug 12 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    A3: Find yourself in the stories of the lives of those that you are serving. When we can identify commonalities with others, we are more likely to go above and beyond for them and operate with love. #teachpos
  • mtartaro Aug 12 @ 7:56 PM EDT
    Marc here! 5th grade teacher and my very first #Teachpos !
  • Mrjonresendez Aug 12 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    A3(2): Another mentor taught me how to ask “why?” Never make any decision in education without knowing why you are doing what you are doing. Be able to explain it to your kids in language they can relate to. #Teachpos
  • btcostello05 Aug 12 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    None of us need do this alone. No matter what is happening in your life, there is no reason we have to do this alone #Teachpos
  • tjggmueller Aug 12 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    A3: I've watched others be more willing to walk to their own beat and not try so hard to blend in .They think outside the box. Those people have helped me be more daring to try new things and be a leader in the classroom, not always a follower. #teachpos
  • JoyceJamerson Aug 12 @ 7:57 PM EDT
    #Teachpos It is essential to be true to yourself. Be the best you that you can be. In this place there is comfort, peace, joy, and satisfaction. In being yourself, remain open to continuous growth. This is done best through reflection; personal and from trusted think partners!
  • ChristineBemis2 Aug 12 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    A3~ Just to embrace all of my strengths & areas in progress & bring them all day in & day out so I can inspire others to do the same #bestversionofme #notdefinedbyothers ❤️ #teachpos
  • MrsHankinsClass Aug 12 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    Hey Marc! Welcome!! #TeachPos
    In reply to @mtartaro
  • gdorn1 Aug 12 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    A3. At times, you need to go with the flow, while other times itmay be investigating a new pathway to take! Mistakes will happen, ffailures will occur, move on and problem solve! #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Aug 12 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    #teachpos - Great chat! Join me right after this for #edChatRI. We are talking about fostering a #growthmindset at the beginning of the year. Questions - https://t.co/1COQeCLAPv
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Aug 12 @ 7:58 PM EDT
    Here is acbonus for everyone. Thank you for an amazing 30 minutes. If anyone would love to moderate or co-moderate, please let me know. #Teachpos
  • MsJachymiak Aug 12 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    Thank you for an amazing chat! #teachpos
  • btcostello05 Aug 12 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    Be available, start building the relationships, sharing about yourself and listening as well as you can. #theteachersjourney #Teachpos
  • gdorn1 Aug 12 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    Thank You! #teachpos
  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 7:59 PM EDT
    Bonus: The most exciting thing about going back this year is that I am going back to the classroom. So excited to bring the energy and see the magic happen! A privilege to be there for kids. I must say I am elated with joy and dancing. Two weeks to go! #teachpos
  • NowakRo Aug 12 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Please join us in 1 hour @ 9 pm EST/8 pm CST for #bekindEDU with @MrCoachEli & me as we learn and share about Making an Impact. You contribution is valuable & appreciated. #KidsDeserveIt #tlap #LeadLAP #sunchat #teachpos #FitLeaders #TchrWellness #edchat #newteacherjourney