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Have you ever wondered how to further encourage a mathematical mindset in your classroom? If so, join us for a four week book study of Mathematical Mindsets: Unleashing Students’ Potential Through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching, by Jo Boaler. We will explore the book’s recommendations on questioning for deep understanding, setting mathematical norms, and lesson design. Also, we will learn more about the power of brain elasticity, mistake-valuing, and student wonder for math.

Tuesday July 17, 2018
8:00 PM EDT

  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:00 PM EDT
    Q0 - @mrsjulienelson and I welcome you to tonight's chat! Please introduce yourself and what you teach. What's your favorite math concept to teach? #d25mathmindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Intro-Hi, I’m Kathy Brady, second grade teacher from Greenbrier. I’ve always enjoyed our unit on money because we set up a “store” where students can buy items, make change, etc.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:01 PM EDT
    Annalise Caudill - 4th grade at Ivy! My favorite concepts to teach are area/perimeter or data because of all the real world applications/problems that can be used. #d25MathMindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    Dina Albrecht, Math Interventionist @ Windsor. Favorite unit: Hands on Equations #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:02 PM EDT
    A0: Katie Heidrick- 5th grade. My favorite concept to teach is algebra. It feels like a puzzle and challenge each time. You feel so good once you've solved for the variable! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:03 PM EDT
    Q0 - Vicky Stella, ALF at Windsor. My favorite math concept to teach lately is the Golden Ratio / Fibonacci numbers. We did some work in @AmyPinski and @alisonberg25's math classes based on the lessons in the grade 4 Mathematical Mindsets book - it's amazing! #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:04 PM EDT
    A0: Julie Nelson, signing on from home this week! :) . Thanks for joining us! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:05 PM EDT
    Q1 - Is reading this book changing how you see math instruction? Why or why not? #d25mathmindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:06 PM EDT
    A1:This past year the Ss made up a lot of their own math story problems, that they shared with their classmates and made into a class book. It was fun for them to create and visually represent their stories.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    A1: Yes! I find myself thinking over and over again.. "Oh I hope I don't do/ say that!" It is making me reflect on my own practices and how I can be equitable in the math world! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:07 PM EDT
    Q1: Definitely! It's making me rethink how I've viewed my advanced *and* struggling students. I fear we lower the bar too much in the US. We need to raise it to reach more students. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:08 PM EDT
    Agree! I've been thinking about that whole idea of "new math" - but isn't it really just making people think more during the process, and not just crunch numbers? Maybe that's why parents find it so challenging? #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    Q2 - What strategies can you use to actively overcome inequities in your class (beyond treating everyone equally?) #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:12 PM EDT
    It's got to be a Math Mindset Revolution and I think it could take YEARS! Parents (and many teachers) are still focused on the numbers aspect of math. How do we even begin to change that?? #d25mathmindsets
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  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: By giving your Ss the chance to work together, training them to be respectful and good listeners, and creating a classroom climate of acceptance and all and freedom to make mistakes.#d25MathMindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: Offering all students high-level content, cultivating a culture of growth and as a teacher trying not to show your own math anxiety. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: Heterogeneous groupings are key! I like the idea of switching groups and group roles often so that students are consistently working with new group members and have access to new types of thinking. #d25MathMindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:13 PM EDT
    A2: Overcoming inequities using low floor, high ceiling tasks, group work. I need to change my view on prerequisite knowledge - IOW, give kids a change to figure things out in their own way. #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    You make a great point, Dina! Don't be afraid to aim high in planning your instruction. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:14 PM EDT
    A2:I really like the when Jo talks about offering all students high level content. I think it's so easy to assume that different content is appropriate for different students, but if you never have access to the content you never get a chance to try and learn! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:15 PM EDT
    I love Math Talks for developing good listening and acceptance of others' ideas/approaches! #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:17 PM EDT
    A2: Thanks, Julie! This is a challenge for me though...especially when many students struggle in many areas - language, number sense, etc. It's hard to watch the little ones struggle :-( I want to give them opportunities for success! #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:19 PM EDT
    Q3 - What are your thoughts and feelings about math homework? #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    A3: I see the struggle that it can be for many students and the conflicts that it can cause at home. Some of the MIF trainings had tips on hw similar to Boaler such as, giving 1 problem or reflective questions, which seem more valuable. #d25MathMindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    A3: This past year was the first year I did not give any homework. At first there was questioning from a few parents, but once they understood the reasoning behind the decision, they were on board. I didn’t see any difference in student achievement. #d25MathMindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    A3: HW is not necessary. I loved Boaler's focus on preserving family relationships and spending time reflecting on math. Try asking, “What was the main idea of what you learned today?” #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:20 PM EDT
    A3: Opposed to math HW. Unless it is purposeful and can be done independently, it’s a waste of time. #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    A3: Instead of typical homework, try asking, “What is something you are struggling with or have questions about? How could the ideas from today’s lesson be used in life?” Great suggestions from Boaler! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    A3: I struggle with this question every year! I believe in setting a routine for students to be responsible (ie: I need to remember to do something at home and then come back tmrw with it done) but I try to give 5 problems or less and have it be review. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    A3 - Don't get me started on math HW. This is when it's hard to be an educator and a mom... #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:21 PM EDT
    A3: Thanks to math HW, I tutor a lot of students. Parents & students get so frustrated and confused (esp. w/ Everyday Math)...they can’t bear to fight the battle every single night. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:22 PM EDT
    A3: I'm so glad to hear they were on board!! We need to reboot how parents view HW. It’s not a right of passage. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    I hear that every year from at least a few parents...we need to rethink the purpose. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:23 PM EDT
    A3: Have you tried writing a note to your girls' teachers?!? 🤣 #d25mathmindsets
    In reply to @MrsStella
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    I loved the note that Boaler wrote back to the teacher telling her that they weren't going to do the hw that night. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:24 PM EDT
    A3: To be clear though, I do not like math homework and I believe a lot of times it causes unnecessary frustrations at home. We work very hard all math hour and then came and continue that journey each day at school! #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    Thanks for sharing the results of this year. I was wondering what the reaction and effect on achievement would be and it's great to hear your positive results. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:25 PM EDT
    A3: Yes! I liked the idea of the flipped classroom (go back to the Kristy days! @kristycsensich). Let kids use their time at home to listen to or learn a new concept then spend class time applying/discussing it. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:26 PM EDT
    Q4 - What small changed could you make in your classroom to move towards a more complex model of instruction? #d25mathmindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:27 PM EDT
    A4: I plan to find/create as many complex instructional tasks as possible for my second grade Ss. I’m looking forward to using this model more this year, and in a more structured way to help all Ss be successful in the math tasks.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:27 PM EDT
    A4: One change will be how to approach some of the problems in the MIF textbook. The instruction is so textbook heavy, so I plan to use more group problem solving, rather than just go through the examples given. #d25MathMindsets
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A4: This year I would like to get back to the basics of using more of a wrkshp model in math. Allowing students to have access to open ended tasks, offering choice in their work time, meeting with students during that time based on formative assessments.. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:29 PM EDT
    A4: This is challenging for me in the small group setting.... #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:30 PM EDT
    A4: Assigning competence is be so impactful with my students. I’ll often ask a question starting with, “Who wants to be brave and try to answer that?” It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy; if they answer it, they’re brave! Works every time ;-) #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:33 PM EDT
    Q5 - What can we do to encourage collaborative problem-solving in our students? #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:34 PM EDT
    A5: Real world problems, choice/voice, and open-ended problems! #d25mathmindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:34 PM EDT
    A5: By creating heterogeneous groups and low floor, high ceiling tasks, Tt can encourage collaboration. Also, using the group roles explained in Ch. 7 and lots of practice and modeling.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:34 PM EDT
    A5: Group norms are important to establish so that collaborative problem solving can take place. I like the idea of creating a like/don't like list with Ss before working in groups. Assigning roles also encourages all Ss to contribute to the group. #d25MathMindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:36 PM EDT
    A5: @mrsjulienelson ...you took the words out of my mouth! Making math REAL to students is the most powerful thing I can do. They need to know this isn't just work for the sake of work.#d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:36 PM EDT
    A5 - I always liked the "looks like", "sounds like" anchor charts that I did based on cooperative grouping, and see those working well for collaborating problem solving. Just tweaking the prompt a little bit can really help the Ss understand what we expect. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:37 PM EDT
    A5: Open ended problems can be uncomfortable! I love that!!!! #d25mathmindsets
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  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:38 PM EDT
    So true, Katie! You never know until you try! #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:38 PM EDT
    A5: Collaborative problem solving is a life skill!! We need to do it regularly....and not just in math. #d25mathmindsets
    In reply to @MrsStella
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:39 PM EDT
    A5: Make sure the task is open ended and challenging. It should allow for different students in the group to suggest different things. We need to be intentional with the problems we give so students are required to collaborate. It doesn't come natural always #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:39 PM EDT
    Yes, Dina! I feel like that is a skill you can only learn by doing and the sooner you can practice as a student, the better! #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:40 PM EDT
    Q6 - How do you approach teaching a heterogeneous class? What is the role of small group instruction? #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    A6: Assigning roles keeps everyone involved and engaged. Remember to think about effort over ability. MATH IS SOCIAL. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    A6: One strategy for small groups that I use is that my back table is open for anyone that needs support...Ss can work there the whole time or come and go as needed. I've never been a fan of ability groups that rotate through my back table. #d25MathMindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:41 PM EDT
    A6: I’ve been using the guided math groups(homogeneous) model for a while, but last year the class worked better with heterogeneous groupings. We did more collaborative work w/ MIF.#d25MathMindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:42 PM EDT
    A6: I plan to continue with this heterogeneous model, spending time with groups/individual students as necessary to guide them to help each other learn the concepts.#d25mathmindsets
  • MrsCaudill4 Jul 17 @ 8:42 PM EDT
    I agree - there aren't answer keys on the youcubed tasks, which is great, but uncomfortable! Kids want to know if they're "right,"...but I have to solve them myself and we all are open to many possibilities. #d25mathmindsets
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  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:43 PM EDT
    A6: It's been a while since I taught a heterogeneous group! My life has been about the those who excel or those who struggle! Small group is my thing! It's its own challenge. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsHeidrickWG Jul 17 @ 8:44 PM EDT
    A6: I've toyed with different types of small groups and ultimately it comes down to what my students needs are that day. Depending on that I form groups to meet with (it could be as small as 1 kid) to meet the needs of all students. #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:46 PM EDT
    A6: Ironically, I have groups within my groups 🤣 #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:47 PM EDT
    Q7 - What questions do you have with regard to the book, so far? #d25mathmindsets
  • mrsjulienelson - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:47 PM EDT
    I love your flexibility-you are truly modeling growth mindset! #d25mathmindsets
    In reply to @MrsHeidrickWG
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:48 PM EDT
    A7: I spoke with my own high school and college age kids about their experience with math group work. They did not like it, saying they often “didn’t get it”, but wouldn’t admit it, and couldn’t wait to go home and “figure it out on their own”.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:48 PM EDT
    A7: I’m so eager to hear how I might apply some of Boaler’s insights to the young learners...those who struggle with understanding number sense, basic concepts like more/less. These are the critical years!! #d25mathmindsets
  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:49 PM EDT
    A7: (part 2) How do you help kids get over their long-held math insecurities?#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    Q8 - Any resources to share? Share the links and tell us a little about the site! #d25mathmindsets
  • MrsAlbrecht25 Jul 17 @ 8:52 PM EDT
    A7: I think we're lucky to have the students early in their school careers. I realize some of the "damage" is already done, but if we can undo it early on, we can set them on a path with a Growth Mindset! #d25mathmindsets
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  • kbradyBrady Jul 17 @ 8:53 PM EDT
    A8: I’m looking forward to using many open ended, low floor, high ceiling math tasks. Will be looking at resources listed in our book. Some of the MIF “thinking cap” tasks worked for us last year.#d25MathMindsets
  • MrsStella - Moderator Jul 17 @ 8:56 PM EDT
    A8 - This is the obvious one, but if you haven't looked at it yet, please take a moment this week to check it out! #d25mathmindsets https://t.co/XpT0LferrW