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Tuesday January 15, 2019
8:00 PM EST

  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:01 PM EST
    Happy Tuesday and welcome to #5thchat! Tonight we'll be chatting about personalized learning. Please introduce yourself #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:02 PM EST
    Hi, I am Katelyn, a college student in Southern California. Not a teacher yet but excited to be here! #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:04 PM EST
    I'm Julia from Illinois and I teach 4/5 stem and absolutely love it! #5thchat
  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:05 PM EST
    Barb Anderson 5th grade teacher from Rib Lake, WI Looking forward to this chat on personalized learning #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:07 PM EST
    I’m Paul Solarz - a 4th grade teacher in Arlington Heights, IL. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:07 PM EST
    Let's get started! Q1: What does personalized learning mean to you? #5thChat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:09 PM EST
    A1 - "Personalized Learning" is what our district calls "Passion Time" or "Genus Hour." I try to "personalize learning" by meeting the specific needs & connecting with the personal interests of each of my students. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:09 PM EST
    I have a hard time summing personalized learning up so I'll just say, to me, it's learning based on strengths, needs, interests, and readiness with goals that are different for each student. #5thChat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:09 PM EST
    Hello #5thchat! My name is Tika, and I currently serve 27 amazing 2nd graders,and I mentor new teachers😊
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:09 PM EST
    A1: To me, personalized learning is being able to make the learning meaningful to the student based on his/her experiences and needs. #5thchat
  • T_HEB Jan 15 @ 8:10 PM EST
    A1 Personalized learning means connecting with Ss on a personal level. Matching curriculum to their interests and growth edges. It also means letting Ss have some control of their learning experience, choice, voice, and reflection. #5thchat
  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:11 PM EST
    A1 Personalized learning is student centered learning. It’s meeting kids where they are at and helping them learn using their strength and interests #5thchat
  • Mrs_C_Kurtz Jan 15 @ 8:12 PM EST
    Hi! I’m Casey, and I’m a reading specialist in Round Lake working with first and second graders #5thChat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:12 PM EST
    A1 Personalized learning is having the choice on how you can show your learning. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:14 PM EST
    Q2: Personalized learning is different. How do you help students “unlearn” or see school in a different way? #5thChat
  • EdCampNEWARK Jan 15 @ 8:15 PM EST
    Hey #5thchat Join us for our next @EdCampNEWARK SATURDAY 4/6/19 Best teacher led collaborative #PD in town. Hurry, there’s still time to register and bring ur #teacher friends! https://t.co/4oM1TmLLHH Pls #RT
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:16 PM EST
    A2 I believe building relationships and modeling a #GrowthMindset would help Ss see school in a different way. #5thchat
    • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:14 PM EST
      Q2: Personalized learning is different. How do you help students “unlearn” or see school in a different way? #5thChat
  • Mrs_C_Kurtz Jan 15 @ 8:16 PM EST
    A1: personalized learning focuses on student interests while embedding curriculum and learning around it! Student focused, student choice! #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:17 PM EST
    A2: Once the proper changes are made in the classroom to make learning personal, I believe they will come to see it in a different way on their own. #5thchat
  • Mrs_C_Kurtz Jan 15 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2: students are used to learning the same thing via very similar routes. They need to learn its okay to have interests, and take different learning approaches #5thChat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:18 PM EST
    A2: I find students always want me to solve their problems/tell them what to do when they first come to my class They are frustrated at first but then really get into having so much choice and not needing me as much We go slowly and I ask questions to help them think #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:19 PM EST
    Genius Hour is an opportunity for your students to explore personal interests in school. I structure mine so everyone's successful. Here are all of my Passion Time/Genius Hour resources: https://t.co/3EWeqBeVMQ #5thchat Step-by-Step Directions, Student Projects, etc.
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  • JasonSalhaney Jan 15 @ 8:19 PM EST
    Joining in to follow the tweets #5thchat Jason from MI
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:19 PM EST
    Today, we hunted around school for examples of the 8 forms of energy! Students took pictures on iPads, transferred them to laptops, imported them into a Keynote slide, saved it as a JPG & embedded it in our Weebly ePortfolios! #LearnLAP #4thchat #5thchat #WGLeads #d25ItsPersonal
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:20 PM EST
    Q3: Students need to know what they are working toward. How do you help them set goals? #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A3: In my Motivation & Emotion class, I learned that goals must be specific, challenging but not too hard, and most importantly there needs to be autonomy in setting goals! So let students make goals that are meaningful and personal to them! #5thchat
  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:24 PM EST
    A3 We discuss the standards and come up with ways in which we can meet these standards. We discuss different ways we can prove our learning, set goals, create a daily schedule and go for it. Afterwards we reflect to see how well we did and make improvements next time. #5thchat
  • walkingclassrm Jan 15 @ 8:25 PM EST
    #Teacher Amy Schott shares her strategies for assessing learning after her students walk and listen to #TheWalkingClassroom podcasts in the next post in her "Walk This Way" series. Share your own pre and post test strategies.  https://t.co/3a05QF4Id3 #edchat #4thchat #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:25 PM EST
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:25 PM EST
    A3: I find students set goals that are very short term and pretty nonspecific at first. We work together to create longer term goals based on where they want to be. Used an awesome activity recently from @TaraMartinEDU that was really helpful #5thChat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:27 PM EST
    Jumping in late...hi all!!! We set long term and short term goals. Sometimes it’s a daily goal, to get through our learning of the day and others it’s more of a summative goal. #5thChat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:28 PM EST
    This sounds perfect! Do you do this during a conference? And how often? #5thChat
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  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:28 PM EST
    Q4: How do you provide access to your content? #5thChat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:28 PM EST
    A3 - We create SMAARTER Goals using this template that we created: https://t.co/bfVQnOvd8m We track our goals & decided the steps we'll take to achieve our goals! Feel free to make a copy and use it as you wish! #5thchat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:30 PM EST
    A3: it usually starts with the standards and we discuss where we are at. With my Kinders we just checked in on our oral counting goal. We looked at the end of year goal and made a short term one to help feel successful along the way. #5thChat
  • internet4classr Jan 15 @ 8:31 PM EST
    Candies. Students use these skills to solve these problems: understand and describe fractions and solve ratio problems. https://t.co/859fdlPXCM #edchat #5thchat #6thchat #teachertools #worksheets #printables
  • clairecummings Jan 15 @ 8:33 PM EST
    Hello! Claire from Las Vegas. I teach 3rd grade but taught 5th for several years :) #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:34 PM EST
    A4: our team created Google Docs to share with our students for each math standard. They include worksheets, video/video lessons, hands on activities, online practice. We made centers and have games available for most. I know some use Google Classroom to share too #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:35 PM EST
    In past years, students would handle their own progress monitoring each week. I would conference only when students felt ready to "Complete" a goal or if they needed suggestions/help. This year I haven't been able to get it to that point just yet! Hopefully soon! #5thchat
    In reply to @RLvballcoach
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:35 PM EST
    A4: My online class utilizes Google Classroom too! My teachers have utilized Edmodo as well. #5thchat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A4: working with multiple grade levels, it varies. Some have google docs, others have tubs and folders. I try to mirror the classrooms as much as possible so students have consistency. #5thChat
  • clairecummings Jan 15 @ 8:36 PM EST
    A1: I’m currently at a personalized learning, competency-based school. I think personalized learning is differentiation with an emphasis on student interest and agency #5thchat
  • HowardKiyuna Jan 15 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A1: Personalized learning might take genius time to new levels in say an Inquiry Model. I'm thinking of Trevor MacKenzie's work. More comprehensive. #5thchat
  • MsMooWat Jan 15 @ 8:37 PM EST
    A3: Baldrige #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:38 PM EST
    Q 5: I love this graphic by @sylviaduckworth. Where do you think your students are on this continuum of choice? How do you know and how do you hold them accountable? #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:39 PM EST
    A4 - Depending on the subject & task, some of our content is on our classroom website, some the students search for themselves, and some might be in print resources. Examples: - Our current science unit: https://t.co/xV4ThjraDH - Last Sci unit: https://t.co/eojdazgr4a #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:41 PM EST
    A5: Not a teacher yet but I will be sure to reference that graphic when I am! thanks! #5thchat
  • HowardKiyuna Jan 15 @ 8:42 PM EST
    A4: I use Google Classroom to disseminate materials or direction. I use Docs or Slides for instructions. I use Sheets for Ss planning - Ss get a tab, top tab is for material requests. I make Pinterest boards for ideas. Once I learn Hyperdocs I'll rely on those. #5thchat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:42 PM EST
    A5: this is something I’m trying to move along with. Being an interventionist, I currently live in co-designer/designer world. Hoping to continue to learn more ways to move along the continuum in my role. #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:44 PM EST
    I have a few programs I’d love to recommend but not exactly a resource for an individual student. If you’d like to do it with your class, check out @EVERFIK12’s VAULT and @FirstAmericanBT’s MONEY ISLAND. #5thchat
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  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A5 Most of my Ss are at the Co-designer stage. I have a handful of Ss this year who are Designers. Would love to keep moving across the continuum. #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:44 PM EST
    A5: My students are pretty far along on this continuum. They aren't entrepreneurs yet but I have hope :-) #5thchat
  • HowardKiyuna Jan 15 @ 8:45 PM EST
    A5: I can't see the graphic, but being full inclusion we're all over the place all at once, all the time. #5thchat
  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:46 PM EST
    A5 Adding to first tweet...Conferencing with students. Challenging them to be the designers is key. Continuing to push them in their learning:) #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:46 PM EST
    Ok, I'm late with a question...Q6: How do you know students understand what they’re learning? How do they show what they know? #5thChat
  • HowardKiyuna Jan 15 @ 8:48 PM EST
    Stock Market Game! https://t.co/VltbPsTq60 Been doing it for years (took some time off). Ss teams get $100k. Buy in real time, day end transactions. #5thchat
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  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:48 PM EST
    A6: Students conference with me after they've done some practice, they also do exit slips but I'm trying for video reflections, create your own exit slip, create something to share with others/teach others as a way to show their learning #5thChat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:49 PM EST
    A5 2nd graders are at the co-design sharing their interests in how to learn. My 2017-2018 5th graders were entrepreneurs and advocates. Their #oneword and #TEDTalks sparked so much😀 #5thchat
  • RLvballcoach Jan 15 @ 8:50 PM EST
    A6 Ss prove their learning in a variety of ways. Rubrics help guide their proving. Others will go to them for understanding #5thchat
  • PaulSolarz - Moderator Jan 15 @ 8:50 PM EST
    I have my students create videos of their projects, explaining what they learned and how others can benefit from their new knowledge. Here's our first round of projects from my 4th graders this year: https://t.co/gIvYAiNi0m (Scroll down to see complete entries.) #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A6: Something I once had to do was, at the end of the day, write down in my journal what I learned that day and what I still needed help with! #5thchat
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A6: conferences, exit ornentrance slips, formative assessments, discussions, tasks, etc. lots of different ways. Depends on the day and grade 😊 #5thchat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:51 PM EST
    A6 We use a metacognitive continuum’s and explain their next steps. #5thchat
    • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:46 PM EST
      Ok, I'm late with a question...Q6: How do you know students understand what they’re learning? How do they show what they know? #5thChat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A6a My colleague shared a great way to reflect with Ss: AAA...Aha, Appreciation, and Apology. Ss choose what they share #5thchat
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:53 PM EST
    so much to check into! Ok, we're running out of time and really want to get to this one Q7: We’re better together! What resources for personalized learning would you recommend? #5thchat
  • HowardKiyuna Jan 15 @ 8:53 PM EST
    A6: How to show what you know: Flipgrid response, presentation, build a graphic (Adobe Spark, Google Draw), Video. Sometimes I make them teach me. My favorite is I interview them. Create a model #5thchat
  • tikaee Jan 15 @ 8:54 PM EST
    I would love to share! #5thchat
    In reply to @clairecummings
  • mrskochheiser Jan 15 @ 8:56 PM EST
    #tlap #learnlap #xplap #satchat #5thchat #4thchat Starting in 5 min! Get your nominations ready! Times of the questions in parenthesis! It's a fun chat! Let's talk books! :) #6thchat
    • mrskochheiser Jan 15 @ 8:46 PM EST
      Best of the Best Book Awards according to #6thchat begins in 15 minutes! We want to hear your nominations for these areas! The times of the questions and nominations is in parenthesis on the slide but this gives you a head start on the thinking!
  • ungermath Jan 15 @ 8:58 PM EST
    A7: co-workers, Twitter, the @Institute4PL #5thchat
  • teacheridea Jan 15 @ 8:59 PM EST
    Single Digit Division Game for Grades 3-5. https://t.co/qhKr4HmWU5 #edtech #edchat #3rdchat #4thchat #5thchat #mathchat #elemmathchat pls retweet
  • JuliaGalvanSTEM Jan 15 @ 8:59 PM EST
    A7: the other continuums by @sylviaduckworth they're all amazing! https://t.co/WG90dR5F9j We are utilizing the honeycomb model, book-How to Personalize Learning: Bray and McClaskey #5thchat
  • carba108 Jan 15 @ 8:59 PM EST
    A7: Check out timelinely ! #5thchat