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Sunday May 13, 2018
11:30 PM EDT

  • mhebern May 13 @ 11:30 PM EDT
    Great! Next week do it again but move it into content. #orEdChat
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  • SteinbrinkLaura May 13 @ 11:32 PM EDT
    Can't wait to let Ss discover that! Reviewing with @gimkit tomorrow and test Tuesday (finals for seniors). Will let you all know how it goes! GimKit and @quizizz were the delivery methods. #OrEdChat
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  • hmarrs24 - Moderator May 13 @ 11:33 PM EDT
    Thanks for a great chat tonight #OrEdchat crew!! Don't forget to add your reflections to our shared slide deck. It's good for us to reflect but it's even better when we share those reflections with others! #OrEdChat https://t.co/0RjEJITZi9
  • LeachTeach4 May 13 @ 11:33 PM EDT
    Thanks for getting us ready for Monday, Heather! Enjoy your week #OrEdChat :-)
  • SteinbrinkLaura May 13 @ 11:34 PM EDT
    Wow. Hard to fathom. Our Summer School ends mid-late June. #OrEdChat
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  • SteinbrinkLaura May 13 @ 11:35 PM EDT
    Thanks for a fast and furious but awesome chat, @hmarrs24 and #OrEdChat crew! Have a fab week!
  • aliciab_26 May 13 @ 11:36 PM EDT
    A1: I did an intro for Great Race and called it 1 5 20 with 3rd graders. They loved it. Then we did an animal one. Total engagement. Was modeling for another teacher-she's already making plans to use it next year. #OrEdChat #EduProtocols
  • SteinbrinkLaura May 13 @ 11:37 PM EDT
    Mid August. We go 163 days/1044 hours. State allows the 1044 hours if your state exam scores support it. So far ours do. :) #OrEdChat
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  • farship May 13 @ 11:45 PM EDT
    A2: I think being more intentional about looking at activities & learning opportunities through the lens of the 4 Cs #oredchat #EDUProtocols