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Sunday November 18, 2018
7:30 PM EST

  • khoggardGRT Nov 18 @ 7:31 PM EST
    Good evening #teachpos. Thankful to be here with you all tonight!!! Kelly from Virginia Beach. Gifted Resource T and founder of #champforkids
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:31 PM EST
    I’m Craig from Pa. HPE and creator of #TeachPos I will tag @ChristineBemis2 and @khoggardGRT who are always positive and supportive.
  • StephDill92 Nov 18 @ 7:32 PM EST
    Hi #teachpos fam. Steph Dill, elementary SPED T in Colorado. Today was a great day made it out for a walk with my puppy.
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Hello everyone! Scott from Michigan, middle school dean. #TeachPos
  • Mr_ESievert Nov 18 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Thankful for the positive feedback I get from @_on11 & @PegGrafwallner #Teachpos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 18 @ 7:33 PM EST
    I am Lisa, speech language pathologist from Minnesota. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 18 @ 7:33 PM EST
    #teachpos - Ray, K-8 Math Instructional Coach from Rhode Island. Join us for #edChatRI right after this. We will be talking about teacher preparation and readiness.
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 18 @ 7:33 PM EST
    Hi #teachpos Linda Edwards toro Toronto 🇨🇦
  • Mr_Meals Nov 18 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Hello everyone! Anthony here from the windy and chilly Flint Hills of Kansas! Pumped for the chat tonight! #TeachPos
  • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Good evening. Elyse from North Texas. Social Emotional teacher #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:34 PM EST
    Q1 is up in a minute. Thx for all that you do! #teachpos
  • iluveducating Nov 18 @ 7:34 PM EST
    • amynicolebettis Nov 18 @ 7:34 PM EST
      Hello @teachpos friends! In transit from #NCTE18 to Keystone, CO to meet up with my family for Thanksgiving trip - It my first time chatting from an airport!
  • KristenSevinsky Nov 18 @ 7:35 PM EST
    Hi! I’m Kristen from PA! I teach 6th grade physical science. #teachpos
  • iluveducating Nov 18 @ 7:35 PM EST
    Hey #teachpos - I missed y'all last week! Alicia from NC, Lead Dig Learning & Media Innovation Facilitator at an incredible STEM magnet middle school in NC. Excited to get this thankful fest going!
  • ThirstyBeesNY Nov 18 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Hi, everyone! Sherri with @ThirstyBeesNY, educator in the Catskills. So thankful for @kruevans and @ChouinardJahant (and SO many more!!!!!) #teachpos
  • amynicolebettis Nov 18 @ 7:36 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos friends! In transit from #NCTE18 to Colorado to join my family for a Thanksgiving trip - this is my first time chatting from an airport!!
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Here we go with Q1. Remember to be thankful and RT. #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 18 @ 7:37 PM EST
    Hi #teachpos folks, Christine from Massachusetts ~ ele tchr 😊
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:37 PM EST
    #teachpos A1 - I’m thankful for the following: 1. Amazing students 2. Colleagues that inspire me 3. A beautiful school 4. A PLN that is always positive and supportive 5. Friends and family who are special.
  • Blended_Math Nov 18 @ 7:37 PM EST
    #teachpos - A1 - Thankful for many great colleagues supporting me in my new role in my district this year.
  • iluveducating Nov 18 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1: I am thankful for my family, the Ts and Ss I serve (my extended family), and my #PLN! This year has been one to remember, for sure! #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Nov 18 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1: I’ve been thankful for the growth of my Diversity Club and the awareness it’s bringing to our school #teachpos
  • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1 I’m in a new district/position, with a fabulous administration team. I’ve got a handful of close friends and a loving family. Very blessed. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 18 @ 7:38 PM EST
    A1 I have been thankful for the many amazing people in my PLN and all the learning/opportunities I’ve been given this year #teachpos
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1: my friends and family. Daughter was born this year. New position in a new school district. Graduated with my Leadership degree. Being more focused on me and my personal life than the professional life. #TeachPos
  • khoggardGRT Nov 18 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1 Grateful for my #champforkids family and all of the connections and opportunities that it has opened up for myself and so many others #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Nov 18 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1: I'm thankful for my wonderful vurtual family here on Twitter. I have made some wonderful connections. The past couple of weeks have been difficult, and I have had a great amount of support here. Thanks everyone! #teachpos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 18 @ 7:39 PM EST
    A1: I am thankful for my students, co-workers, my PLN that I love learning from, and all of my friends and family. Always so much to be thankful for . #teachpos
  • _on11 Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    This is Michael A. from #122edchat in Chicago. @SmartLab_tweets #STEM Facilitator. Just got home from the hockey game. #teachpos #bookcamppd
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    A1~ ~my newest crew of littles ❤️ ~Learning to let go & move on when negativity inevitably creeps in ~#teachpos folks ~❤️you guys #teachpos
  • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    How could I forget my virtual family? 🤭 Very grateful too. #teachpos
    In reply to @StephDill92
  • therequisos Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    A1: Thankful for a team willing to try new things & is always in a collaborative mood. #teachpos
  • Ruby_SneakersRT Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    Hello #teachpos #pln! Reyna here from NY! I’m a Co-Teach Interventionist & Mindfulness Coach. I’m thankful for my creative teammates @AnnPiesco @AllysonConrad10 & @kfelicello_15!
  • GeorgeHistory Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    Tyler from MI! Just found this chat, so here I am! APUSH, WHAP, APHUGE, and Teacher Ed. #TeachPos
  • brpage12 Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    A1: Thankful for: 1: my family 2: My Ss 3: My health 4: My education 5: My colleagues/team #teachPOS
  • Teachintjay Nov 18 @ 7:40 PM EST
    Terry dropping in from AL where I teach 4th I'm thankful for each SS and wonderful coworkers and admin #teachpos
  • GeorgeHistory Nov 18 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: Family, health, my awesome student teacher, and all of my students. It really has been an awesome year! #TeachPos
  • KristenSevinsky Nov 18 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: That I am able to be thankful for all the little things when life doesn’t go as planned. That I have things that I can intentionally be thankful for. For the ability to laugh instead of cry. Oh, and chocolate cake, egg nog, shenanigans, peppermint stick ice cream. #teachpos
  • ThirstyBeesNY Nov 18 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: So much! Buying my cabin in the woods, starting @ThirstyBeesNY, making a difference in student's lives, substituting at a local school, attending professional conferences, and connecting with my Twitter #PLN friends! #teachpos
  • amynicolebettis Nov 18 @ 7:41 PM EST
    A1: I’m thankful for the connections, learning, and support I’ve found on Twitter this year!! I’ve had an acct for a few years, but it wasn’t until this year that I truly began to understand what a vital resource Twitter is for educators and the power of connecting! #teachpos
  • Mr_Meals Nov 18 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A1: Grace! This year it has felt like a lot more responsibility has landed on my shoulders. Parents, Ss, & administrators have been so understanding and willing to help where they can; but especially my wife who is a constant source of support even when its hard! #teachpos
  • brpage12 Nov 18 @ 7:42 PM EST
    Barbara Page, teacher and EdD student in Waco, TX! Thankful for everyone in my PLN! #teachPOS
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:42 PM EST
    I can’t keep up. Too many great comments. Thankful!!!! Q2 in a minute. #TeachPos
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:42 PM EST
    A1: a challenging job, an incredibly supportive wife and two boys that make me smile from ear to ear and beam with pride #TeachPos
  • therequisos Nov 18 @ 7:43 PM EST
    This is exactly how I feel about my #PLN on @Twitter. Thankful to have discovered it the way you did. #teachpos
    In reply to @amynicolebettis, @Twitter
  • khoggardGRT Nov 18 @ 7:43 PM EST
    Welcome! It's a great way to get ready for the week! #teachpos
    In reply to @GeorgeHistory
  • Ruby_SneakersRT Nov 18 @ 7:44 PM EST
    A1: I am thankful for the ongoing support of my amazing administrators @whesmesposito & @KFelicello as we create a new and innovative program for our children this year. They encourage our team to put kids first and think outside the box! #teachpos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:44 PM EST
    Here is Q2 - let’s keep it going. #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:45 PM EST
    A2 - #teachpos - I think my students know I care for them, want them to succeed and hopefully are inspired by my positive view of teaching and learning.
  • GeorgeHistory Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: when you think about what you are thankful for, you can’t help but smile, and when you smile...your outlook on all things change! #TeachPos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: Just like positivity being contagious, so is showing gratitude. I believe that we need to be great models for our students so they know how to show people they are thankful. #teachpos
  • khoggardGRT Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    Sounds like an awesome bunch! #champforkids #teachpos
    In reply to @Ruby_SneakersRT, @whesmesposito, @KFelicello
  • _on11 Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A1: Our team. Great conversation each day centered around making our environment an engaging and memorable experience for our students. We are a bunch of dedicated individuals trying to transform the way people do education. #teachpos
  • StephDill92 Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: My Ss are very understanding and "loving" of another. Friday was the last day for a family of 3 girls, the littles in my groups with the girls were upset and lots of hugs happening. Staying positive helps everyone work better. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    #teachpos - A2 - I don't have students, but I show thanks to the teachers that I coach by constantly reminding them of the great work that they do.
  • OwlQuestTutor Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    I'm thankful for students internalizing that they can do hard things. I am so proud to hear them use it as part of their self-talk. Many of my students have learning challenges, and this attitude will take them far. #teachpos
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: when our Ss sense we are grateful adults, they can sense the possibility in the room and catalyze it into opportunities to learn! #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2 Focussing on the positive and being grateful for all the good in our lives improves our Mindset. We all benefit 😀#teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Nov 18 @ 7:46 PM EST
    A2: The feeling of thankfulness has encouraged me to continue doing what I find to be important in improving the learning of Ss #teachpos
  • brpage12 Nov 18 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2: they know how much I love my time with them, and how thankful I am to have a job I’ve always dreamed of. They look at me and say they know they can achieve it because I have too! #teachPOS
  • KristenSevinsky Nov 18 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2: I think because I do most things with such enthusiasm, it rubs off. I think everything is funny and get pure joy out of the simplest things. They relax and let their guard down a little. When they happens, real learning occurs. #teachpos
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:47 PM EST
    A2: Through our character education/ Mora Focus, November is focused on Gratitude. We encourage our Ss to think about how being grateful allows them to live the life they live. We want them to know just how great their lives are and how much they matter. #TeachPos
  • ThirstyBeesNY Nov 18 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2: I'm intentional about letting them know I am thankful for them. I maintain a positive mindset when I'm with them, making sure to encourage them, support them, inspire them, and love them. Ain't always easy - but it's definitely worth it when I can make them smile! #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Nov 18 @ 7:48 PM EST
    It’s been great because not only are we as a club teaching the Ss but also the Ts! #Teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • therequisos Nov 18 @ 7:48 PM EST
    A2: Now, I’m thinking more about what’s best for my Ss every day, no matter the challenges. I’m always pushing for my Ss to become the best learners they could be. I’m showing them the possibilities when they put in the effort & just try. #teachpos
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:48 PM EST
    So true! That perseverance and resilience will take them to the end of the earth and back again! #TeachPos
    In reply to @OwlQuestTutor
  • Ruby_SneakersRT Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2: we have been exploring the practice of gratitude. Through guided visualizations and expressing gratitude towards those we appreciate our children have been experiencing that “an attitude of gratitude can save the day.” #teachpos
  • amynicolebettis Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2: My Ss have been impacted by my newfound Twitter passion as I’ve implemented many new ideas/fresh learning opportunities from my #PLN in my classroom - and my Twitter fam has reignited my joy/excitement for teaching which shines through me onto my Ss! #teachpos
  • kruevans Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    Hi folks. George from Japan dropping in late. I teach secondary English and blog and vlog at https://t.co/HVCqyGmhNd. I'm thankful for @AlisaPotter14 and @karenvaites for sharing great research based resources and being awesome! #teachpos
  • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2 Knowing that whatever they do, we still love them every day. Having that spot in my heart and knowing that they’re cared for every day. #teachPOS
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    Thanks to all of you for being models for excellence. Q3 up in a minute. #TeachPos
  • khoggardGRT Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2 the thankfulness has spread to the students in my building as we raised $100s of dollars in supplies in our friends in NC after hurricanes destroyed their schools and homes! We were thankful for the chance to come together as a community to help #teachpos
  • _on11 Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
    A2: Gratitude is the gift that keeps on giving. When people see your gratitude it has the power to shift the atmosphere of your community and the world. Gratitude begets gratitude. #teachpos
  • KristenSevinsky Nov 18 @ 7:50 PM EST
    Can we talk about what we’re not thankful for a moment? How about “baby” being flung from a crib and hitting me in the face numerous times by a not-so-tired sassy 2 year old... 😂😂😏 #teachpos
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 18 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A2~our classroom is built on a strong foundation of trust, ❤️ & understanding ~ simply put, they thrive, stumble, get back up and are always surrounded by peers & Ts that love them & ALWAYS put their needs above all else 😊 #teachpos
  • therequisos Nov 18 @ 7:50 PM EST
    So true! I love my daily conversations w/ my team. They point out to me things I don’t usually see. I love the different perspectives! #teachpos
    In reply to @_on11
  • Mr_Meals Nov 18 @ 7:50 PM EST
    A2: This month our #CompelledTribe has been blogging on the theme of 'Gratitude'. I've posted a few of my blogs and my students have actually read them! Which took me off guard when one brought it up in class. They wanted to talk about some of the topics I brought up! #teachpos
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:51 PM EST
    Unconditional love is so powerful and rather than being able to use it up, the more you give, the more there is to give. #TeachPos
    • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:49 PM EST
      A2 Knowing that whatever they do, we still love them every day. Having that spot in my heart and knowing that they’re cared for every day. #teachPOS
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:51 PM EST
    Here is Q3 - Finishing Strong #TeachPos
  • kruevans Nov 18 @ 7:52 PM EST
    A2: Gratitude begets gratitude. When we take time out of our day not just during this time of year, but throughout the year to let Ss know that we are grateful to be here, grateful for them, we build relationships. Once we have those, anything is possible. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 18 @ 7:52 PM EST
    #teachpos - A3 - Model finding the positive side of things. Don't always jump to the negative.
  • Ruby_SneakersRT Nov 18 @ 7:53 PM EST
    Awesome! We’re actually using November to launch our gratitude practice, but will focus on it during the month of December. All too often we focus on the things we want for the holidays instead of staying in the present moment and appreciating what we already have #teachpos
    In reply to @saschnit
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3: I feel that having that passion and being able to reflect on your own life and what you have is what drives people to the next level. In my communication to my Ts, I always let them know I appreciate them and am thankful to be on the same team. #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3 - #teachpos - This comes from spreading a sense of community and happiness. It’s easy to pick out the things that go wrong. Our goal should be a focus on growth, positive attitudes and helping to make a difference. Also modeling those actions and words that matter for kids.
  • iluveducating Nov 18 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3: Positive attitudes, like gratitude, are contagious. My friend gave me the book One Thousand Gifts by @AnnVoskamp and it was a game-changer in shifting perspectives, even about things that really drive me nuts. I found a way to be thankful for them. #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 18 @ 7:53 PM EST
    A3 We can help others feel thankful by sharing our gratitude for them and our gratitude for things we appreciate #teachpos
  • brpage12 Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: Modeling that feeling. Reminding others to stop & take a minute to reflect. Being a smiling supportive person for others. #teachPOS
  • Hahne_Elyse Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3 With my students, I Model and repeat often. When our students hear us often, they will repeat and mimic us. Often times, it becomes second nature. #teachpos
  • therequisos Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: I try my best to always shift to what’s positive. When Ts become negative, I always say, “But, you did this & your Ss did that. That was awesome!” #teachpos
  • GeorgeHistory Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: share your passion and make sure everyone knows how much they mean to you. #TeachPos
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3b: Spreading kindness allows for others to feel important and valued and allows for them to pass it on. #PassItOn #Kindness #Appreciation #TeachPos
  • kruevans Nov 18 @ 7:54 PM EST
    A3: We can model gratitude and SHARE IT. Tell others what we are grateful for, spread the positive. YOU are the culture. Our actions have ripples, in our classrooms, schools, communities, and beyond. We have that power and responsibility! #teachpos
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:55 PM EST
    So true! In Río de Janeiro, this dating is very common and is sort of the unofficial motto of the city. #TeachPos
    In reply to @_on11
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:55 PM EST
    Repetition of modeling is a key for growth. #TeachPos
  • ChristineBemis2 Nov 18 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3~ ~purposeful conv/modeling with bigs & littles all about positivity & thankfulness..life isn’t always rosy, but their are always things to be thankful for & we talk about these things & celebrate them which seems to get us thru those rocky patches ~ the real deal ❤️ #teachpos
  • kruevans Nov 18 @ 7:55 PM EST
  • ThirstyBeesNY Nov 18 @ 7:55 PM EST
    A3: Remind them of the positives in their lives. Ask them to focus on those things and think about how they feel about them. Inspire hope, and a positive vision of the future - things may look bleak now, but they don't have to stay that way. +Be there for them & listen. #teachpos
  • Mr_ESievert Nov 18 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3: By having conversations about what is going well and what isn’t. The “what isn’t” can evolve into improvements into what the Ts truly want as an outcome to bring the “thankful” component to the forefront! #teachpos
  • KristenSevinsky Nov 18 @ 7:56 PM EST
    A3: Find ways to be thankful for others and compliment them. Sometimes being aware of our gifts is a great way to start being thankful. And it inspires people to do even better, which reinforces positivity and thanksgiving. #teachpos
  • Blended_Math Nov 18 @ 7:57 PM EST
    #teachpos - Thank you so much for a great chat tonight! Please stop by #edChatRI right after this! We are talking about teacher readiness.
  • _on11 Nov 18 @ 7:57 PM EST
    A3: Find the good in what they are doing. Sometimes, it takes someone else to recognize our good for us to see it for ourselves. I love calling out the good in others, and let them know how they have made a difference. When we fill others cup, they can give back. #teachpos
  • amynicolebettis Nov 18 @ 7:57 PM EST
    The cycle of thankfulness and good is so beautiful! #teachpos
    In reply to @KristenSevinsky
  • mexusmx Nov 18 @ 7:57 PM EST
    A3: gratitude is contagious. It may start off a bit forced, but once you get the bug, your hold worldview shifts immeasurably and irreversibly! #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:57 PM EST
    Thanks to all of you for making #TeachPos grow each week. I thankful for you. If you’d like to moderate a chat, please let me know. Bonus Q
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Bonus Q. #TeachPos
  • Ruby_SneakersRT Nov 18 @ 7:58 PM EST
    A3: The simple act of pausing to express gratitude to those you appreciate. It’s so important to highlight the human qualities you appreciate in others. Energy is contagious! Be the change that starts a trend! #teachpos
  • Mr_Meals Nov 18 @ 7:58 PM EST
    A3: By being the someone they are thankful for! Maybe that is sitting and listening to a frustration. Maybe it is being a mentor. Or maybe it is just doing dishes for my wife!! #teachpos
  • LindaEdwardsi Nov 18 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Thank you for a great chat tonight 😀 #teachpos
  • Lisa42Slp Nov 18 @ 7:58 PM EST
    Bonus: Not stress out about anything and just enjoy life! #teachpos
  • iluveducating Nov 18 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus: I will be writing, and hoping it will inspire others and make their lives better one day. #teachpos
  • saschnit Nov 18 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Thanks @Shapiro_WTHS for a great chat preparing for a new week and the holidays ahead! Enjoy your week and have a happy thanksgiving everyone!! #TeachPos
  • Shapiro_WTHS - Moderator Nov 18 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus- Work on my book and try to spread positivity to others. ❤️❤️👍👍⭐️⭐️ #teachpos
  • kruevans Nov 18 @ 7:59 PM EST
    Bonus: I will send some notes to colleages telling them I appreciate their efforts, and that they have made a positive difference in my life. #Teachpos
    In reply to @Shapiro_WTHS
  • NowakRo Nov 18 @ 8:00 PM EST
    Don't forget to join @MrCoachEli & me as we welcome guest moderator for #bekindEDU @mr_Alsheimer He will rock tonight's learning as he leads the discussion on Building a Positive School Culture! #teachpos #sunchat #tlap #LeadLAP #tchrwellness #classroomchampions